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  1. Didn’t see any of those tough guys go into that school

  2. Damn that's bad. The worst ride share experience I've had just involved a woman who wouldn't stop singing along to the radio (she was not a good singer).

  3. I had one try to drive away while I was halfway in the car. Key West is a different place.

  4. In Highlander Sean Connery plays an Egyptian, dressed as a Spaniard, with a Scottish accent.

  5. You may also want to look into what insurance is required. When I did this on my own the event venue made me get my own personal insurance for the day.

  6. I’ve never walked out on a job but that would be the day.

  7. If only the thing they were trying to load was on wheels. They could have pulled off the road and gotten out of everyone’s way.

  8. I wonder how many hours I watched walking up and down stairs:

  9. Unskippable cutscenes and conversations. I’m looking at you Nintendo.

  10. Never have I ever served an intoxicated person who ordered vodka soda, just soda so I didn’t have to deal with cutting them off.

  11. I thought about reporting this but people should know it’s out there.

  12. Looks nice and clean. I don’t think I would enjoy your drink menu though based on this setup.

  13. That’s “we’re going to do drugs in the back. You comin?”

  14. We nod down when we greet someone. We nod up when we meet someone we know.

  15. Also the up nod, nod in the direction you want them to look, then glance back to confirm.

  16. I enjoyed it. If you can’t appreciate the nuances of the sub plots and character progression that’s fine.

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