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  1. what she got permission for wasnt the same as what was in the song, so yes she did get permission but they withheld the actual lyrics so technically no.

  2. am i the only one kinda tired of talking about how much weight she lost. its been months atp we get it

  3. Losing weight is making her look older in my opinion.

  4. yea thats what it does to you once you hit her age group, unless youre going from being objectively bigger to losing weight. she went from already pretty small to even smaller

  5. kylies a better model than kendall. her print work is really good and her face was alot more unique looking than kendalls before she took the lips and filler too far.

  6. The thing is...these makeup and wig vending machines never really took off like businesses thought they would. There's entirely too much room for error with them. I don't understand positioning them in airports either because I can see people rushing to make a flight and not having the time it may take to find and choose what suits them.

  7. what is the science behind how this brand is still in business? i genuinely want to know

  8. Years ago I was at an event where Kim was present amongst a-listers and not one a-lister approached her or said a word to her. It was so awkward and obvious they were avoiding her. I almost felt sad for her.

  9. Put her in a vacation cabin with sugar cookies and let’s see

  10. I think it’s about the style of interviewing. For example, they’ve been asked about setting unrealistic expectations for women but then they respond with such high level fluff.

  11. they would still find a way to make the issue not involve them lmfao. id want to see this tho

  12. if i were khloe i wouldn’t be having another child with a chronic cheater who publicly humiliates me

  13. I have to ask. Was she ever really “plus sized”? Yes she was not designer sample size 2 before but I don’t think I ever saw her plus sized even in heavier days.

  14. if you think abt it the only one who was technically “small” was kourtney, kim was never skinny either she was just short. i dont think khloe was really any bigger than kim maybe a TEENSY bit but if you think abt it nah

  15. I wonder if he’s genuinely attracted to her… did he date a lot of light skinned white girls in his past?

  16. Can somebody list what they did to "bully" her online? I see this often and yet all I can remember was the tweet khloe sent out about ruining her family?

  17. khloe was tweeting like crazy, kim was tweeting like crazy, kim posted a instagram story of her in the car w malika and someone else singing “dont mess w my man” by nivea…i dont really remember but it was excessive

  18. if ur one paycheck away from where u started ur not rich.

  19. i definitely would not over indulge in the way they do. but i would be living luxury

  20. please let's stop act as if women after 25 don't look young 😭😭 if you're taking care of yourself, you're gonna look young up till 35 before you start looking your age...

  21. please, shes been known for looking extremely young for her age and not like “29 but looks 21”, more like “29 looking 14”, its her aesthetic and idk if its intentional but. i dont come across many 30 year olds who could pass as a 14 year old.

  22. It looks ill fitting and terrible quality. That waistband looks tight and the rest looks loose... would make my lower tummy look terrible??

  23. yea i dont like these leggings at all. my friend said they arent tight enough and fit weird af. baggy leggings is one of my biggest pet peeve

  24. I got downvoted a lot somewhere else for commenting that Kim is someone who looks better with some weight on her. Idk why that’s a bad thing??!? She just does. It makes her look younger, healthier, plus she’s known for her curves. The ultra thin look does not suit her, she looks like she’s withering away 😫

  25. literally. some people who arent naturally skinny look good when they lose substantial weight, but she looks sick. her fuller body was so much more suited for her

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