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Saw this kitten be thrown out of a moving car. Hoping to take it to a shelter tomorrow and possibly foster/keep it after being looked at.Walking and moving fine. What can I feed it or should I? First time ‘owning’ a cat as I’ve mainly only had dogs. No broken legs or visible injuries luckily!

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  1. neither did your mother but you don’t see me complaining

  2. Well, obviously not. She's dead. Just like you likem

  3. Oh I love this comment from less than a year ago:

  4. Hey Swazi, imagine digging through comments made a year ago just to produce enough dopamine to not kys fuckin weirdo

  5. Nah actually nothing about it is hip… it was hip back in the 90s and early 2000s but what it is , it’s something special I grew up on that I get to still witness as an adult and get my mind blown due to how amazing these guys are still playing

  6. I like that reason for black/white! Thanks!

  7. why would they make it blue and red for crash when it’s not on crash

  8. I could watch #7 for like 4 days straight on a treadmill

  9. Central Park and listener supported are just both too good. In leagues of their own.

  10. sister, she, where are you going, can’t stop

  11. listener supported, me my pops and brother listen to it top to bottom along with btcs every road trip to see the guys, made it do Dayton today ready for nutter center tomorrow !!

  12. literally have no idea what you are saying I played this game when it was the real cp so take it for what I said … I’m glad this game is still out there and people are able to enjoy it because there’s never been a computer game like it

  13. they mean the "cp" part lol club penguin isnt the only thing that acronym stands for

  14. yeah I know but obviously I mean club penguin

  15. i don’t believe there is a problem with trading tickets , it’s when people sell them for double or triple face value, this they don’t want

  16. If cj could just do that like 3-4 times a game even it would make a huge difference , he needs to take those free yards when they are given to him

  17. Most stores are currently closed rn and it’s like 10pm. Anything I can give it from home until tomorrow?

  18. 7/11 gas stations carry cat canned food

  19. maybe she was gonna eat the spider to make up for the candy she could’ve gotten

  20. pig opener at deer creek was awesome

  21. is there any type of warm air draft that could be hitting that spot ? Only thing I can think of lol my cat loves heat and finds it in weird places like my Xbox and the back of my tv lol

  22. seek up epic wailing is the best jam I’ve ever heard from anybody ever

  23. Ugh I wish I read this far down a couple days ago, I also clicked “private information “ because I was scared to hit honor code, but they denied my request so I just resent another one and I chose honor code I’m scared

  24. Did you use your real name and email when you filled out the privacy portal form?

  25. I could get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bulls ass, but I’d rather take the butchers word for it

  26. drunken soldier 100% , songs a trip itself.

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