News from PxN13

  1. Pho Hong is already really good and a new dim sum place that is not super popular like Star so won't be as big of a shit show trying to get table for more than 2 people lol

  2. You're selling your gf clothes.... To buy drugs... Are you for real?

  3. YTA right here. Sounds like you have more problem with him dressing in a non gender conforming way. It's 2023 Hugo.

  4. Seagal: Fat, obnoxious egotistical, jerk and liar.

  5. Not sure if you can even qualify him as one

  6. If done right, no can defense

  7. If I did I would sound more like "gargle gargle garg"

  8. I think that's a dog lol

  9. Someone's abou to mysterious slip and fall down a flight of stairs

  10. I can preform my own abortions in the kitchen?? Is it extra? And how gay is the gay room? I’m more Freddie than Elton.

  11. Today is my birthday. I'd gladly eat this.

  12. Would you like it with a pint of warm hotdog water?

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