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  1. When people compliment me in public I feel ugly. I feel like a joke is being played on me. Makes me more insecure. Lately when I’ve been going out I’ve been getting 3 to 5 compliments a night. It makes me wonder if people are just complimenting me because I actually look bad and they feel bad for me.

  2. At least once a day. Usually he sends me like a meme at minimum

  3. Obvious answer is to pay them off in full then stop using credit cards

  4. It’s not. Don’t really want to be found on social media

  5. Why don’t you buy a house with an fha loan instead? Also get first time home buyer grants

  6. I’m only bad at responding to people I don’t care to talk to. If I like you I’m really good at responding

  7. You’re not married, take the free house. If you and your bf get married later on you can still get a house together and you rent out this one. Don’t let a potentially temporary guy stop you from an amazing deal

  8. So many red flags here I didn’t even bother to finish reading the entire post, stop wasting your time on this guy

  9. He’s literally telling you he’s going to cheat on you. Breakup

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