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  1. If you leave your tank mostly empty, you'll get water from condensation in the fuel.

  2. You could get dirt too. Happened to me once.

  3. Literal translation : •Fils de rien —> son of nothing.

  4. This reads like a Bill Engvall bit. “Here’s your sign”.

  5. Bubba Gumps had license plate type signs on the table. You could put them so the appropriate one showed.

  6. Working in hotels is such a dehumanizing experience.

  7. Another one of their downfalls was their unwillingness to change due to the younger demographic of new customers.

  8. Marshall Fields in Chicago had the same problem. They catered to their old time customers and didn’t care about the younger customers with different tastes.

  9. This reminds me of a customer when I worked at the Mart of K.

  10. I use excel to track my harvest.

  11. Good Bread, Good Meat, Good God, Let's Eat!

  12. Rub a dub dub Thanks for the grub Yay God!!

  13. Because the people who are considerate are staying home. It’s the antivaxers and conspiracy nuts who are out and about. Flu, RSV, and Covid are making the rounds now and I’m staying in. We’ve learned how to cook during the pandemic. My husband’s steaks are better than 80% of restaurants.

  14. Only once in a steakhouse have I received a steak that was cooked to a perfect Medium. It was after I sent the first one back.

  15. Just out of curiosity, how would you describe a perfect Medium steak?

  16. High school senior in Anthropology class.

  17. At a popular sub shop, I say I want "A TON of olives. Like, it makes you sick to look at it, disgusting amount of olives." So far it's worked every time. They usually chuckle as they add the ridiculous amount of olives.

  18. I make extra black olives on my sub a challenge. I tell them ‘see how many black olive you can get on there’.

  19. I lost my car keys once and looked all over the car and in my purse, then I found them in my other hand

  20. I keep losing my sunglasses. Most of the time I find them on top of my head!

  21. That’s where I got my Jays jacket. It’s a very popular potato chip brand in the Midwest.

  22. Like I said in another comment, the play here is to kill em with over the top, faux sincerity. "Ma'am, today is your lucky day! It's literally right in front of you. You absolutely could not miss it if you tried!" You get to imply that only a moron would ask, but without any of the backlash.

  23. I did that once. Looking for the reading glasses. Saw an employee stocking shelves, so I figured she’d know.

  24. I worked sporting goods at the K place. We had (and these were the item names) blow up rubber rafts. They were named one man raft, two man rafts and six man rafts.

  25. Same reasoning that an underage girl tried on me once. She came to the counter of a liquor store I worked in with a 6 pack of beer. I carded her and she responded with “but I’m married”.

  26. I was taking a train home one day not long after smart phones came out. Not many people had them at that time.

  27. Haus is German is it not? Strange name for an Italian food place. Or do they serve sauerkraut and bratwurst pizza.

  28. “Undercover under an assumed name” reminded me of a friend who had an unlisted phone number under an assumed name. Her reasoning is that “someone at the phone company knows who you are”.

  29. Ugh, this is how I wish I was able to leave my last job, but alas my boss there was better at smelling Defiance and found an excuse to fire me first

  30. If you you get fired in California, you can collect unemployment. If you quit, you can’t.

  31. I cashed in my vacation pay when I retired. I technically worked the day of my retirement and so I got my quarterly vacation allotment for “working” that day. I was on vacation for 3 weeks after my last day.

  32. You forgot her rummaging in her purse for her check book.

  33. And then more time looking for their pen.

  34. I do tip on pickup orders. Someone has to prepare that food, box it, and retrieve it, especially if it's a place they bring it to your car. I don't tip the whole 20%, but usually 10%.

  35. Yes, I also tip 10% on takeout.

  36. If you’re paying the 2% on the total bill, that’s wrong. Paying 2% on the tips is different.

  37. I've had people stop me in stores because they said I looked like I was on a mission, so I probably worked there. Of course, I was on a mission to get whatever I needed, pay for it, and get the heck back to work or home.

  38. I don’t shop, I just go to a store and buy things. Get in, get out is my MO.

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