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  1. If this is a repeat of 2019 then it means a year of ups and downs where both bulls and bears get wrecked over and over again. But past performance isn’t indicative of future results, but I wouldn’t bet too hard on any one rally or correction holding for too long.

  2. If you want some more interesting specifics look into the bretton woods agreement after ww2 which actually gave the dollar its global reserve status.

  3. I really think you’d enjoy this essay from Nic Carter( the co-founder of Coinmetrics, not the Backstreet Boy).

  4. It’s going to be, he said, she said, and gets dropped unless there is video evidence. Nice to see everyone does the whole guilty before proven innocence in true mob fashion.

  5. There are projects I always want to shill on here because they're actually good projects (and yeah, obviously I want to help my investments) but don't because of this, who's gonna listen anyway?! I wouldn't. That said, $POLX

  6. I think I’m more referring to the army of posters that shilled Ponzi schemes like Safemoon, Wonderland, etc… It’s one thing to promote a project, buts another to shill something that has next to no utility just to try and orchestrate a pump and dump. There is no way to gatekeep any of this here so my advice was don’t come on this sub thinking you’re going to get rich by following stuff posted here. For every decent project that gets promoted there seem to be three Ponzis shilled alongside it. It’s just hard to discern the good from the bad on this sub. It’s why the best thing you can do is educate yourself so you can start telling the meat from the scraps.

  7. Bro it’s on their official discord announcement section that this is a scam.

  8. Does anyone even know if this is possible? I thought the transaction would get rejected when sending cross chain. Which SOL wallet are you using? Do they support multiple chains?

  9. Well, I can tell you it's possible as it happened to me. And Coinbase have said there's no way of getting it back, so, here I am.

  10. But which wallet are you using? Does it support ERC-20 tokens?

  11. It’s literally going to be integrated with the current banking. It’s not going to be a new fad or a totally new form of payment. It’ll be a smooth transition that society won’t even notice, just like tap-to-pay.

  12. Again they can’t ban cash without serious uproar at least not in America. It would cause a riots over here. I will never touch a system like this unless it’s just to cash out and put into crypto or cash.

  13. CDBC isn’t to ban cash, it’s to track wireless funds more efficiently. Plus if it succeeds it can be used towards social security and identity theft.

  14. “to track funds more efficiently”. Think on that for a second. That is the definition of a police state. The ability to see what everyone is doing with their money. That’s surveillance of your population at a level never seen before. You are proving the point of just how disastrous this would be for individual liberty.

  15. This is the most likely solution. If the battery is let to fully discharge then it will give you this message. Plug it in and disregard this message. Let it charge for at least 30 minutes and it should be good.

  16. UX and UI. Plain and simple. Defi is still incredibly complex to use. We may only think it’s simple because crypto natives tend to be incredibly tech savvy.

  17. The biggest thing I've been reading about lately which will be on Cosmos is interchain NFTs, basically NFT that will be able to be sent between blockchains without the need for a bridge. This means that you can have one marketplace that can only needs to support one of the cosmos chains but you will be able to list any NFT minted on all other cosmos blockchains.

  18. Interesting, how do gas fees get paid on something like this? Are they subject to the chains you are transferring between I would assume? That does sound like a very promising solution. I know Stargate is a multi chain Dex using Layer Zero. I’ve been messing around with that a little, but you still need individual chain tokens to use the different pools. Will it be a marketplace where you can pay ETH for like a AVAX NFT and it automatically converts the ETH to Avax for you in the smart contract? That may need to be a multiple step contract then. But something like that would be very cool. Having the swap function built into the contract. But then it would probably also need to be a DEX to provide the liquidity for the swaps. I’m curious if Uniswap has plans like that in the future for their NFT marketplace.

  19. The crypto advice currently in the lead worries me. I rarely see good advice on this sub besides the not your keys, not your crypto mantra. Often it’s people shilling a project or maxis waging war against another religion, I mean crypto. But the camaraderie and entertainment are the two biggest things I get. Moon farming is cool but unless you get a post that’s goes viral it doesn’t add up to much. It would probably be easy to buy moons on sushiswap than accruing them here if you are seriously bullish about any future price action they may have.

  20. I don’t think we abandon AMMs just yet but if CLMMs live up to the hype then I think they eventually take over. Too soon to really tell. But as always the markets will decide the winner and then everyone will have to switch or be made obsolete.

  21. What the hell is he even talking about? Calling FTT a stablecoin lol

  22. This is what I’m thinking. Does this man even understand what the heck he is saying? This is the frustrating thing in getting good legislation passed when half the legislators don’t even understand basic ideas in the space.

  23. Is the StepN wallet compromised? Has their team said anything? So private keys don’t just comprise themselves. Something happened. If you didn’t have any passwords or seed phrases stored on any devices that connect to the internet then something else caused it.

  24. I don't fully understand how this could have happened because I only use Stepn and the Stepn wallet on my phone and don't really do any other crypto things on that device. I did recently click on some nft thing that I realized was a scam, so I didn't proceed, (but maybe it was too late) on my laptop. But that was on some other wallet that has never connected to Stepn or my Stepn wallet. My Stepn wallet only transfers funds in from Stepn and then out to Kucoin. People online talking about this particular hacker are saying they don't currently know how it's being done.

  25. It could be an exploit in the StepN wallet itself then. It’s rare, but not unheard of.

  26. TLDR: Two degen projects you always kind of suspected of being sus turned out to be unsustainable Ponzis. Shocked Pikachu face. Anyway, moving on.

  27. If a long term holder, any price is a good price 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. This, if you are long term holder then you believe Solana reaches new ATHs so really anything sub$100 is prime buying opportunity.

  29. So much nonsense in this comment section. According to this poll half of

  30. Twitter and Reddit are filled with bots and fake accounts. It seems to be notably worse on Twitter though. Like it’s gotten absolutely ridiculous the level of scam bots on Twitter as opposed to other social media apps. If only they didn’t fire half their staff maybe they’d have enough people to fix this.

  31. Scam. Burn it. Anything free that randomly shows up in your wallet is 99.999999% chance of being a scam. Airdrops show up, but you should have a general idea they are coming from official announcements from the project.

  32. Also disable dms on Reddit. You’re about to get hit up with dms offering to “help” because you posted this.

  33. Tl:dr: Solana is far from dead. Despite the hit it took from the FTX collapse the ecosystem remains resilient.

  34. Did a 12 year old who hates crypto write this article? This article is blatantly misleading as well is the title for this post. OP must work for the Gary Gensler. This only applies to Binance users and only users with US dollar denominated bank accounts. Binance is looking for another bank to provide services for them, and it’s not clear if they will be able to find another before the February deadline.

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