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  1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s a long season and you never know how the play-in results will make or break a team.

  2. Where are you going where nose bleeds are $100?

  3. Nice! For $100 you can park at Chase Center for a couple hours and stand outside.

  4. My mom bought a juicer one time and was bragging to me about she made some carrot juice. I asked her how many carrots she had to put into the machine and it was like 10 full ass carrots.

  5. “There were no teams in the market, free agency-wise. I’m just being frank. There was nowhere else for me to go where I can be like, ‘Oh, I can go win.’”

  6. He's a warriors fan he just watches highlights and box scores

  7. These Wolves don’t care at all about defense. Do they need a coaching change at this point?

  8. I wish he was able to play long enough to become the teams all time leading scorer. He's a little over a 3rd of the way there. I doubt he plays that long unfortunately

  9. We'll see in 3 years what KD and Steph are by then but I feel like LeBron still being good at age 37 is going to be closer to the norm with superstars these days because of modern medicine

  10. Yeah that’s a good point. Also, KD and Steph may lose a step in terms of athleticism but they’re arguably two of the greatest pure shooters to ever play the game. They’ll never not be a threat offensively. Them just being on the court allows everyone else so much more opportunities offensively.

  11. The whole replacing Tatum with Luka take is ridiculous (not just the answers in this thread but the general mindset); they’re two totally different players, and Luka wouldn’t be utilized the same way on the Celtics. The lack of defense would be an issue as well. Furthermore strange take to replace one elite talent with another on a team that’s already in first and has a finals appearance…

  12. Yeah agreed. It's weird because I think they are better offensively with Luka but Tatum brings defense, like... a lot of defense. The Celtics need a 2 way superstar like Tatum more than they need Luka.

  13. LeFuck you reaction game to everyone talking about he needs to step back on offense after last game

  14. It still blows my mind some fans actually think that picking Wiseman over LaMelo wasn't a colossal mistake. They always say that Poole would still suck or LaMelo would somehow be way worse lol

  15. It is what it is. I always thought it was funny because he ran a fastbreak once and people, not just Warriors fans, said its unfair that the Warriors got their own Giannis. I have no faith in Wiseman or Kuminga. I think we’re better off sticking to Moody who is a better role player than both and is all we need.

  16. Lmao the only people who would know the difference between A4 and S4 would be the people who would recognize this bs. So dumb.

  17. It clearly says S - Line. He isn’t claiming to be an S4.

  18. Draymond plays against Gobert like it's game 7 of the finals.

  19. If the Wolves waited a few weeks, they could have traded the same package for Kevin Durant.

  20. I’m realizing more and more that I care more about Steph than the team. I guess that’s what happens when you have a top 10 player OF ALL TIME on your roster.

  21. How can you call it a "slow start" for RJ when these are literally his career numbers over 3 years.

  22. I think the talent is there, I don’t think Thibs is maximizing their offense.

  23. If you by any chance happen to be Bob Myers, what could be the harm in picking up the phone?

  24. I think Steph holds a lot of sway in the organization and doesn’t want Klay, Draymond, Wiggins, Loon, or Poole moved (I think most sane Dubs fans feel the same). So our tradeable players are not enticing to the Knicks or most other teams. There’s not much, trade wise, the Warriors can do right now.

  25. As a warriors fan, I always felt like his disrespectfulness was always bullshit. He calls out any player cuz he thinks he’s on that level, and at this point I think he’s entitled to believe that. Just cuz he calls out players and trolls on them doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect the ability. No one can sit there for an entire series, gameplan to stop another man, and be thinking the whole time “wow that dude is fckin terrible at basketball”

  26. Yeah I know a lot of Dubs fans don’t like him but I don’t really have a negative thought about him. He’s a baller and, being as great as he is, it’s hard to not have a mega-ego.

  27. Deodorant probably doesn’t do anything for anyone on the court anyways. They’re 100% drenched in sweat.

  28. Surprised no one said it yet but it has to do with how many possessions does it take for you to put up X points.

  29. Thank you for the constant updates Hooli. The community appreciates it, even if they act a little salty about it lol

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