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  1. Can you briefly explain what went wrong? Whether you didn't have the right exam temperament or you just marked the wrong options

  2. would say over confidence..bhai I thought I would go about it easily like a piece of cake but god fucked me in the ass....because of less days I just simply read through theories and did less practice also not to forget exam stress. I couldn't do first physics q itself which defo put my ass on reality

  3. Lol nobody said Adami is not a success story and only Bezos/Jobs are. All Hindenberg said was that Adani manipulated the market. For which Adani group doesn't have evidence to deny the allegations. Did you read their report first of all? Did you research? Do you have points to deny the allegations? Hi den erg is a research company and they have targeted some other high profile companies too. Support your arguments by facts. IMHO your argument intertwining this and slave mentality seems pretty stupid to me. NOM

  4. and don't forget it's not like the west adores bezos too...literally everybody and their mums know that bezos is a fucking douche bag when it came to amazon's monopoly and it's poor working conditions

  5. Sorry, cant take anyone seriously who starts every comment with "lol"

  6. Maths fucked chem easy physics harder than last two shifts, 11th ka zyada weightage in physics but still manageable

  7. yeah bc I thought they will ask qs from good chaps like em waves, emi, current electricity but fucking asked qs from solid mechanics and fluid mechanics

  8. Bhai poisson ratio one I couldnt evn do lmfao because I forgot the formula

  9. Can't do much from behind the stumps. He does this a lot. He just looks innocent but is a mean shit lol

  10. He called him a fucking knobhead. Philander just stared daggers through him

  11. ik this mofo is stupid af with the comments but dr lewin gotta really chill. I know u got a phd and u were a former proff and all but u don't have to get so emotionally damaged that u go off on high schoolers.

  12. no way u called him overrated lmao...imo he is one of the best SA has to offer ryt now

  13. Oh my god...this has so much propaganda bs I don't even know where to start from

  14. omfg..u legit didn't address any of my points lmao. At this point u are just a clown wasting time

  15. All this just for Italy and Spain to rule the Europe lmfao🤣

  16. lmao can't see it happening again this season....I predict a new is fucking on fire

  17. but also trashed tottenham and beat arsenal so ur point makes no sense

  18. Worked with Indian and Pakistani engineers here in the US. While they pretty much hated the English Raj, they did say the English left two useful things: a train system and a common language. Multiple languages and dialects abound and English at least offered a common language.

  19. common language is correct....I mean isn't that way english is used most often almost everywhere? but the train system is just bs. It's usually a cheap response from colonial apologists who will take great strides to defend their horrific actions. Regardless of the british raj, the train system would have arrived in the subcontinent just like every invention did before that. And the train system wasn't introduced in India for the indians to use it but to exploit india and carry resources. Racism was prevalent and indians were often not allowed to use it. It was the Indians themselves who adopted the system after independence. And the british raj was always gonna be a net negative for India regardless of which invention was introduced.

  20. bro did goi just cancel all exams today for modiji to ans questions like this? 💀 bro this country is hella tweaking

  21. and the disgusting part about his followers is that they always respond with the "every politician has blood on their hands" bitch u voted for this guy...fuck the other people, modi is the PM currently and we only focus on him so don't fucking cry when he get's criticized and memed about

  22. no shit i’m saying do you know why they broke up and why the got back together and shi

  23. I rmr jj once told in a video that they both just needed break or something I think it was at the same time when he explained why he didn't have his hamsters

  24. He said the motive in the documentary tho. Its just because he felt that he didn't have time for a relationship because he was doing too much.

  25. I can smell a tinge of racism in the way better not go to english or aussie crowds especially in test matches when they have cups and cups of beers

  26. That's the thing in India governments build stadiums. In the US and Europe it's the clubs and their owners who do. I'd prefer if the BCCI eventually asks the franchises to build their own stadiums instead of leasing out government owned stadiums for them. Clubs like Bayern also get sponsors to build stadiums for them.

  27. true and this is not only for stadiums..would love to see the same with airports too. One main reason why indian airlines are mostly low cost operation airlines and aren't able to grow in terms of service quality is because unlike other airlines indian airlines don't have a hub. Let's say air india buys delhi airport and is in control of it. It would bring in more revenue for air india than how it is ryt now

  28. true especially teens..maybe that's why these financial gurus are so popular now...nobody is thinking of the usual 30 year investment and retirement funds..everyone wants the private jet life in their early 20s itself which is unrealistic. You gotta be mad lucky to get that far that quick

  29. then according to the timeline, jj wouldn't have fought swarmz, pineda therefore the goats of boxing wouldn't have come to relevance. Alex wassabi would have completely fell off. Tbf jj and sidemen would have still grown but not the way they do ryt now with the whole jj vs jake beef and hype

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