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  1. Απορώ ποιοι (εκτός από τους fans του) τον υποστηρίζουν...

  2. Isn’t this the story where they supposedly retire the trio?

  3. So you think 700k people from russia is the reason why Netflix stock price is going down? Yeah those 700k people really puts a dent in the 221.6 million already subscribed.

  4. Charisma had a miscarriage at the beginning of S3 and she needed some rest

  5. Really? This the first time I’m hearing this. Did she say it in a con or something?

  6. It's weird that Mark is never mentioned again in P&R. It was weird that Doyle never gets mentioned again in Angel. If a character has a significant role and they are written out it is strange the characters never mention them again

  7. Doyle is a good example, but he was only in for 10 episodes.

  8. Honestly I thought Cordelias presence in Angel never made any sense and was a completely forced attempt to further attach Angel to the Buffyverse. They also immediately ignore the fact she's meant to be an 18 year old girl from the get go probably because Charisma was pushing 30 at that point.

  9. No. I’m not sure why some think it is creepy? Did he stalk her? Did he make unwanted advances toward her that she denied and he continued to make? No I don’t believe so.

  10. Um, he did kiss her while she was in a relationship after she repeatedly told him she was with Gunn.

  11. "All the promotion for things I don't like are paid shills, all the promotion for things I like are organic and just how everybody feels. Fact."

  12. That’s exactly what op said and you agreed with him because it was about Apple TV lmfao

  13. What? Are you mixing me up with somebody else? I was making a joke that agrees with your point.

  14. Don't try to make sense out of nonsense. Security would be out the wazoo for a meeting like that.

  15. They were going to meet at the MI6 cafe prior… security was only gonna draw attention to them. There’s a reason the meeting was held on the boat during a wedding.

  16. Even if they had to change location, do you think this kind of organization can be protected with only 4 or 5 people? They were everywhere :D and this was their big meeting. Sorry but no sense. Another point about that meeting is if Helene is invited, how could she not know Lars and the others?

  17. Because we have no information that this meeting isn’t the current generations first one.

  18. Well, we’ll see. It’s not as much of a foregone conclusion, the vast majority of people were at least expecting 900M+ from this one (

  19. The last theatrically released movie featuring Batman was Justice League 2017. So your point about Batman and Robin doesn’t stand.

  20. Amy Acker. Rewatching Person of Interest and her journey as Root throughout the whole show is just amazing to watch. I was hoping Jonathan Nolan would cast her again on his other scifi shows.

  21. Ah you must have been listening to the Amber echo chamber junk media stories

  22. The fact that you think a billion dollar movie cares about Amber Heards relationship to Depp is extremely hilarious.

  23. Maybe they shouldn't have fired Johnny Depp.

  24. Lmfao, the path to doom started with the second movie which starred Depp.

  25. It's not good serialized storytelling though. If you actually stop and look at the whole season, the plot makes no sense. Questions are brought up but never adequately followed up on. Our protagonists are incredibly incompetent to the point that The Beast ends up being defeated not by any of them, but by Angelus. Similarly, it takes two outsiders, Faith and Willow, to defeat Angelus. Not to mention the fact that the Angelus plot really went nowhere. It was teased that Angelus had knowledge to defeat the Beast, but that never actually was followed up on. Not to mention, the team just heard a rumor that Angelus had knowledge to defeat the Beast and brought him back with no real plan of how to extract that knowledge from him.

  26. Eh, I enjoy Angel more because the group is more focused, they are actually friends for most of the time and I like every single character. The 2 best character development arcs are from Angel(Wesley and Cordelia). Also, it becomes batshit crazy sometimes which is also a plus( season 4, Cordelia ascending, Illyria).

  27. Orphan Black is literally on my Top 10 best shows I've ever watched. That was just a joke because she is half of the main cast. You're the dramatic one lol.

  28. Lol KJ Apa is gonna look ridiculous with that haircut…

  29. We realize that they are cowards just because Killing Eve had story for many more seasons. Just dismantle the twelve and delve into the history of each character, each intelligence agency. It seemed like the twelve were powerful politicians from major countries, what did we get? A bunch of kids who don't even have proper security. You can tell in these last two terrible seasons how cowardly, unimaginative they are, it was all very rushed and pointless. I think they can't defend their supposed perfect ending, because the writing of the whole season is a complete disaster.

  30. I mean, I agree with most of these but the scene when Villanelle kills them is pretty good imo, despite the buildup and what comes after not being good.

  31. Lmfao, it wasn’t Netflix’s decision to cancel the marvel shows. They are literally not part of their library right now. You are not clever, you are just an ass trying to complain about a streaming service.

  32. Yes I know they're no longer a part of their library. Im just giving more examples of shows they cancelled. It's my right as a former Netflix subscriber to complain about the mistakes they made. I suppose you never complain about anything?

  33. They didn’t cancel those shows. Disney forced them to because of D+.

  34. I can’t find the tweet again, but someone emailed them to ask for confirmation regarding a 9th episode and they responded saying in no uncertain terms that S4 only has 8 episodes.

  35. There is like a 1% chance this episode exists. I don’t think a random somebody from the support team of ABC (not even bbc America or amc+) would be the one to say this episode existed if it did.

  36. Connor is 18 in season 4. Cordelia states it to Angel as a fact.

  37. I recall Holtz saying very pointedly they had been in the hell dimension for ‘sixteen years’. Since Connor wasn’t even one year old at that point logic dictates he was sixteen when he left.

  38. It’s definitely in episodes 4-6 of season 4. I remember Angel asking “how’s Connor” and Cordelia replying “he’s 18, what do you think”.

  39. Wait until you have time to digest it and realize nothing they did makes any sense, like eve being hellbent on killing the 12 and instead is dancing at a wedding while Villanelle does it. Go through and read the posts on what a mess this season was!

  40. There’s a simple question that determines if that scene makes sense to you.

  41. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of eve at all. And if you could be that focused and obsessed and completely let it go and be having the time of your life while the person you love is risking their life then I question even more about eve than I already do! I get what you are saying about how she’s so happy because she has accepted and got what she wanted, but Villanelle is still in danger going after them! And it’s like she totally forgot and is dancing and having a good time, does she have the memory of a nat?

  42. It’s basically the last scene of the finale, it’s filled with symbolism.

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