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  1. Ganun sila kasi ka defensive sa feeling ng "nanalo" seriously bat ba ang kapit ng pinoy pagdating sa konsepto ng winner at loser?

  2. Not a fan of twitter space debates. I'd rather that they have a debate on a digital media channel like ANC or one of the local news networks (not SMNI or any religion-affiliated one pls)

  3. Jihyo never fails to bring that special cheerleader sort of energy anywhere, i love it!

  4. incredibly cool tree-topper there. how'd you for-- i mean, made that? awesome!

  5. Same, Wonderful Day! Followed by Merry and Happy. And of course Heart Shaker. It's a holiday song to me hehe

  6. This. It makes whole lot more sense using that quote from Rousseau

  7. It is very good! Even the height at which the top is tucked in. I hope you have a coffee mug too for extra meme points haha

  8. I agree with the shift going to and after he closes his eyes. Very nicely done, this part. Attention to detail was clearly maintained by the vfx team!

  9. Is this a feeler survey? No. No one really. I want them to come forward and prove their mettle. I'm done wishing for saviors.

  10. Agree. The way that they're pushing for that right now na parang ay naisip ko 'to kagabi, tara invest natin yang pera---just feels incredibly wrong. A fuckin red flag. "Utos ng pangulo" pa. Haysh. Yung ganyang decisions inaaral ng husto. And for fuck's sake, matagal na pag-aaral.

  11. Inaral nila yan, pero para sa sariling interes... Kung gusto nila mag succeed talaga yung project, ang iinvest nila e kunin sa sweldo at allowances at assets ng mga pulitiko at pamilya nila at assets ng top 10 richest filipino families.

  12. Concert, for many: once in a lifetime opportunity madalas Sibuyas, for many: eaten almost every day

  13. It's reality baby I'm even saying it in the colonizer's tongue hehe. Pero siguro may panahon noon na kahit papaano may angking kabaitan sa kapwa mga tao lalo sa mga di pinagpala na nakasalubong nila sa daan, halimbawa. Ngayon ewan ko. Hirap na kasi magtiwala

  14. Happy birthday! Quite a ...fancy... cake there too 😉

  15. I need an actual explainer for this proposal tbh. I am skeotical sure but I am just curious with how they'd present this to the public. or would they just rely that the public will immediately eat it up because it “sounds good"?

  16. There's prolly a reason why they had OCTA publish a public approval survey right before this thing ehehe

  17. The whole Philippines is a scam. For example you pay for 30 days unlimited data with smart. Out of those 30 days 15 of them the signal dies or is low. What was the point in paying for 30 days when you can't get 30 days?

  18. Aah yes indeed. Another scam is buying transport fare in a special card so u dont have to worry about being pennliess to go around, but IT EXPIRES! And it cant be used for any other function outside of transpo and cant be converted back to cash so you're forced to use it lol

  19. The Twice school meal club are slaying so hard here. Just beautiful. Excellent styling too. Glad the girls are getting into more fashion trips these days, nice.

  20. sa film classes ko, na-discuss nung prof namen about Dolphy's affinity with slapstick comedy and how he shaped the local scene for that genre. One of the highlights nung dedication nya to comedy is that before sila magpalabas ng film sa cinehan, Dolphy has a group of friends consisting of a maid, a jeepney driver, and a barker who he would have a pre-showing to, and kapag hindi silang tatlo yung natawa sa mga "points" kung saan expected nyang tumawa sila, he would go as far as re-shooting those scenes to capture it OR omit it entirely. This was in a time na film pa ang gamit nila ah, so re-shooting would literally cost you to retake a scene.

  21. Yung comedy movies ngayon IMO mas panget pa nga kesa sa mga dati... And di talaga nawawala yung mga elemento ng sexism, classism, etc... Ewan ko pero pagdating sa comedy i'd prefer shorts or clips na lang. Manonood lang ako ng pelikula for other types of stories

  22. Mabuti winarningan ka ng gf mo bago pa dumating yung guy. They clearly want you out. Kahit magkatuluyan kayo ng gf mo, sa unang problema pa lang sasabihin na nila "simula pa lang ayaw na namin sa lalakeng yan"

  23. Why do I feel China vibes with this "National Culture of Peace"? At bakit yung "toothbrush drill" parang napaka disjointed na topic to the point na sinabi lang para may mai-ambag sa discussion.

  24. "culture of peace" does sound like somethjng from a CCP handbook lol

  25. What a combo.. peacebuilding and mandatory toothbrushing

  26. Question to everyone: How can such insurgencies be eliminated? Like in what actually pragmatic approaches?

  27. Ttrying to eliminate insurgencies is like fighting a pandemic by militarization. The better way is to solve the issues that generate insurgencies. Even people who harm others do things for a reason, most of the time.

  28. They dont look like they wanna be there or do what they're doing

  29. Here I was thinking Metrocity has run out of Mina material to post given they've said their farewell and EOC, but it seems they really can't help but show more of her.

  30. To answer the q, yes I have. Well it didn't work out for me in the usual sense of having a relationship because I found out that she was married. Yet where it did succeed was forming a kind of loving friendship that's warm and accepting. Retired na siya from sex work ngayon, we sometimes get to see each other pa din. She was the best potential wife I couldn't have, but also one of the closest friends I have right now. Magaan sa loob, looking back on the heartaches and eventual peace we found. It was a growth journey.

  31. It was Zangief. He isn't villian in game but because he is from Soviet Union, American Adaptations tended to portray him as bad guy.

  32. Ahah yeah that was in Wreck It Ralph I think. In that open forum scene

  33. kapag tinaas mo yung minimum wage, mas konti yung iha-hire ng employers, so imbes na mag hire ng 10, 5 na lang (2). at dahil mas mataas ang bayad sa empleyado, mas magiging mapili ang employer (3). at dahil mahal na ang per hour, babawasan ang working hours nila (1). at dahil mas konti ang bibigyan ng trabaho dahil mas mataas na ang pa sweldo, mas kumokonti ang bread winners ng isang pamilya (4). kung dati si nanay, si tatay, si ate, si kuya ay may trabaho, pwedeng ngayon si tatay na lang. may knock-on effects ito sa ekonomiya. mas konting bread winners, less consumption. less consumption, less income for businesses -> less profit -> less hiring, rinse, repeat.

  34. First, maraming salamat sa pasensyoso at detalyadong pagpapaliwanag. Medyo nakuha ko na yung flow ng "chain reaction" ika nga. Upvoted for sharing insight, much appreciated po.

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