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  1. My new 4 month old dachshund who has never slept on a bed before is currently just obsessed with laying on me. It’s been hours and he still refuses to leave my lap.

  2. REMINDER: If you are creating a post, please use the spoiler tag and do not include anything in the post title that may be spoilers.

  3. You should put an index of per-episode discussion threads here

  4. Season 3 is on another level of production value. Studio said “take my money!” And damn if they didn’t spend it wisely.

  5. That scene was awesome on my oled tv. Don't remember it being that red though.

  6. I cut out the shots that had their faces for the gif to avoid a spoiler. There was also more focus on the blue beings under them. It was overall pretty red though.

  7. Finally a leaf blower that can blow wet leaves off of grass!

  8. "You've been useful sober man, you may go now."

  9. I feel like any kind of adaptation of Gaimans work is a godsend, especially considering the atmosphere of todays cinema and television, which is by and large gleaned from comics of the late 90s - 2000s. He is a masterful orator and narrator at all times, for me second only to Clive barker

  10. What did you think of Good Omens? For me, it was so scattered and hard to follow. Even though I had read the book. Crowley was really well done, but it wasn’t as good as the book. I have similar sentiments about The Sandman, but Gaiman is such a talented writer (as was Terry Pratchett), it’s hard to do better.

  11. Watched 3 episodes tonight. I like it, though I think the voice for Matthew (raven) was miscast.

  12. The lines he was given were less snarky and more supportive than I remember from the comics. If they didn’t change that, someone else may have been better, but I loved him as Matthew and I know he is a big fan of the comics as well.

  13. I don’t think I could stand being in the same building, but these guys always get away with funny pranks like this

  14. Depending on your local library, you may be able to borrow The Orville comics and novel for free!

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