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AITA for not wanting strangers in the background of my wedding pics?

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  1. So she wasn’t that drunk. I know that she remembers. Her “secret” isn’t a secret. She has told her coworkers and they know more than me. She thinks her husband won’t find out. She repeated that many times. She thinks she’s untouchable. She doesn’t want to repair the marriage. She wants to leave but they have many kids together. She wants her cake and she wants to eat it too.

  2. You know how he feels and her confidence on telling everyone but not leaving this relationship shows how selfish and cruel she can be. This is a woman who does not want to let her husband be happy (after a divorce) but thinks she is entitled to other people's partners.

  3. I talked to my partner about it. It actually caused me to fall back into an almost depression because of the feelings that resurfaced. I do not want to lose access to the kiddos. I love them so much. She is being so selfish and it honestly makes me hate her. Her attitude towards it of “I’m not going to get caught” I need to find a way to remain anonymous completely so it can’t come back on me.

  4. Yeah, then telling the girlfriend is the best way. Maybe a fake profile, with an untraceable email might do the work. I have never been in this situation (thank fuck), so I wouldn't know really how to help. But I'm sure the internet has a step by step on how to do this.

  5. Don't apologize. You did nothibg wrong. She should apologize to YOU. You apologizing makes you seem at fault and take the responsibility from her. She was the one who chose to make the whole vacation volatile, and was the one who chose to start the fights. I think it would be best to say nothing, just let this friendship fade away.

  6. Once again only one of the parents really regret what they did. The other just expects the child to suck up and take the "I'm sorry you feel this way but nobody is perfect" and act like what they did was not neglect.

  7. His wife cleans, cooks, take care of everything else hw doesn't, works a 9 to 5 job and you still want her to go and take care OF HIS MOM because they both don't want him to do it anymore?

  8. I don't think it's low-ley lol I think medical neglect is a form of abuse and people can be charged for that if things get really bad.

  9. YTA. Hopefully he will be ex boyfriend. He deserves better. You left him unattended, in pain, and needing medical assistance for SIX HOURS. Six. Hours. Because you didn't bother to check on him and thought he was being dramatic.

  10. Well at least he talked to them… and realized he messed up?

  11. He didn't mess up. He was kept out of the loop and the way they were acting was strange. His sister's comments were borderline creepy and he was right to think that she may have a crush on his girlfriend.

  12. many women wait until the 2nd trimester to announce.

  13. Yes, I understand that. But OOP says he and his sister are in good relations, but she has not told him she was dating or that the relationship turned abusive.

  14. "I find some fanarts really in poor taste of two dudes fucking" dude, you can't even go to the genshin main subreddit that you get bombarded with giant boobs, NSFW of female characters, and once I went on the pixiv Kaeya tag and saw a fanart of Kaeya and Klee. K L E E. NSFW, of course.

  15. Someone made it and someone approved it. To me it looks like it was very deliberate. Confusing as hell, but. Very deliberate.

  16. I was like "well, the conversion was normal at that time" and then it got worse. And worse. And then MUCH worse. Wow.

  17. YTA. Differences in "skins"? Uh, you do know that the women and men have the same skins, right? They can all have the same skin products but are marketed differently.

  18. Very much so. As of now basically 840 comments saying YTA and 10 of him digging himself deeper.

  19. No. His solution will be to find a younger girl to date. A true nice guy.

  20. Charles Dickens. Man was paid by the word and it SHOWS. I'm an English teacher so I try to keep this hot take to myself.

  21. I enjoy his books AND how he and other writers decided to just write every possible word into a chapter just to make more money. Mad respect. It is hard to read sometimes, but it's okay, I get it.

  22. H.P. Lovecraft. But I love it. It's difficult to read and verbose. The Bill-the-cat-esqueness of the ancient languages is silly at best. But I've read nearly his entire body of work so...

  23. What should I do if she asks? She wont take no for an answer.

  24. Google greyrocking. You need to give vague answers. She knows how to make you spill, so you need to learn how to not say anything until you get out of your house.

  25. I’ve tried leaving. Believe me I have but when I left, she kept calling saying stuff like she wont be like this no more, saying stuff that will make me come back which I did.

  26. Find roommates! Look for a job out of state or to another city! And when you leave, block her. You know she will not change. You know she is lying. She has done this before so you know she is manipulating you. Block her and get yourself a therapist to talk. Read books about abusive mothers and relationships of the kind. Learn about cycles of abuse. Keep your eyes open so she does not fool you again.

  27. It wouldn’t have taken more than just two hours, if someone else asked me to do that, I WOULD

  28. That's YOUR problem if you would take time off of your vacation and activities to do something like this. I doubt you would, though

  29. YTA. Congratulations on thinking you have a right to the ocean just because you had a beach wedding. The entitlement.

  30. NTA. I don't say this lightly: you need to leave. He ruined your tires so you could be taken against your will to a barbecue because he feels you should be there as his wife. This man will escalate and make things worse. You are not in a safe place.

  31. YTA. No. It was to protect YOU from having to do the basic and defend your pregnant girlfriend from sexist comments. You wanted a good time and to not have to defend the woman that is carrying your child from your family, so you asked her to be someone she isn't.

  32. I loved it! Stephen King wrote that he used to spend three hours reading and three hours writing. A good time to write what you need to write for the day! I would not be surprised if he had to stop doing both for such long times because of his age. Especially because he has admitted he is slowly going blind, which makes both writing and reading more difficult.

  33. Poe: Lost his jacket (I'm still upset they didn't give him more to do, though I guess I'm not as upset as Oscar Isaac is)

  34. When he said "Palpatine is back" you could see he was so tired of that bullshit. I felt so sorry for him.

  35. Says first line of movie checks watch ah for fuck's sake

  36. Jesus fucking Christ he wants his girlfriend miserable and anxious just so he can do things HE wants.

  37. He treated a gurl disgustingly and tried to get her to be jealous, but yeah she led him on. No, dude, you led yourself with your delusions and stupid ass lies trying to make yourself look like a player instead of a loser.

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