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Goodliar speaks to NRA president in most EPIC troll

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AITA for kicking my husband out of the delivery room?

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  1. It’s a living space. You are entitled to everything in your living space so far as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s living space. I get it we all play music but blasting it with bass while knowing your neighbors work from home is a complete dick move.

  2. Your living space doesn't include dictating to what other people can do inside THEIR living spaces which they pay good money for.

  3. You obviously were that neighbor. Again, it’s a LIVING space. We have the right to peace and quiet and also leisure so long as it doesn’t disturb other people. Same rules apply to homes and other living spaces.

  4. Yes because you are special, nobody else is entitled to a life because you are more important than everyone else.

  5. You're telling me I need to have a judge give me permission to choose to break the law. Because I literally said people can choose to do anything legal or not. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. How about not leaving things at other people's houses, novel concept? Eh?

  7. As opposed to the racist actions of BURN LOOT MURDER domestic terrorists as well as PANTYFA losers and the worthless people who support both.

  8. Considering the only people who could vote were white land owners, I think the forefathers knew exactly what they were doing. The biggest issue is we decided the constitution is completely infallible and cannot be changed under any circumstances, even though one of the first things the forefathers did was amend it with the bill of rights lol.

  9. So move to some country without a constitution....or are you afraid your right to say whatever comes to mind might fall victim first?

  10. I wish it were true that they only cared about making Dems angry. I can deal with angry. I’ve been angry my whole life. The truth is they want to spread as much ignorance, death, disease, and poverty as they possibly can. They want to destroy the environment, education, healthcare, social programs, safety nets of any kind. They want people to suffer and die. That’s why there’s all this misinformation around school shootings. They love school shootings and want to promote and expand them as much as possible. In their mind it puts us closer to Judgment Day, when they’ll be raptured up home to Jesus. This is the problem with telling people that life in earth is suffering and when you die you’ll get a holy place in heaven where everything is perfect and you can have everything you’ve ever wanted.

  11. Medication and therapy can cure those delusions you are having. And they are delusions. 100% of your comment is utter bullshit.. seriously, you actually believe that crap?

  12. Trespassing is a crime...if it's posted the trespassers can be charged...

  13. How did we get this far down without the most crucial step: Profit

  14. Democrats aka Liberals are the people committing all the school about we take away their rights......

  15. Private company means not part of the government you idiot! You're thinking of the difference between privately held versus publicly held. Unless it's a business operated by the US government it's a private business, run by private citizens.

  16. Private is a business owned by an individual or a family that does NOT issue stock in that business.

  17. Does the transfer have to happen on the premise? Could the father have paid an employee of the restaurant a few hundred dollars to either drive it to the friend’s house or meet her at the airport?

  18. I doubt it .. teenagers her age rarely have the capacity to think about more than what they believe they are entitled to right now.

  19. I rate Condominiums as better than apartments, but worse than townhouses... everything is better than renting a room ....

  20. Do you buy a three way $1 switch or a single pole $1 switch?

  21. Is there any other switch that turns the same light on or off? If there is another it's a 3 Way, if there are two others it's a 4 way. .if there are no others it's a regular switch.

  22. I mean, they are a pretty bad nuisance but I'm not trying to ruin their lives. Like I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm trying to find contact info for their landlord first before we go for any law enforcement/animal control

  23. Property ownership is public record, it's online most places or at courthouse if it's not.

  24. You report them...if the town doesn't do anything or the police do nothing about the barking all hours of the night then your only choice is move...or put up with it until they move. Sorry I don't see any other options that don't get you in legal trouble.

  25. YTA....this is the kids father..if you think this isn't going to cause problems here on out you are can't be made up for, it can't ever be stole the memory of his being at his child's birth..

  26. Absolutely not...he isn't any brighter or more successful than Biden... Bernie didn't earn his money....he married into it.

  27. For the man. get a tiny speedo or thong... Wear that out to your pool, get a tan on your back with your cheeks facing them...

  28. Did they refund your other deposit? Like others stated, something off with needing a second deposit.

  29. Share holders OWN the company and assume all the yeah they have something to say.

  30. Given they both have teeth, they didn't die at birth. Assuming it's real.

  31. Tap water is safe to drink where I frog infestation in recent history.

  32. Unless there is an undisturbed space time anomaly in the box as long as it remains closed ...

  33. The tide's definitely turning in that regard as far as social acceptance goes, although obviously your mileage may vary

  34. Not wearing one was fairly common when I was growing up on the 60s, 70s and early 80s....

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