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  1. The price one pays for the right to stay. Even for a team flush with cash they must not have been happy to pony up "the most ever" for one of these things.

  2. Haven’t read the Twitter comments but the Facebook ones are exactly what you think they’ll be lol.

  3. That is one goofy fucking title, lol. It sounds like a prequel to the world's most obscure blacksploitation franchise.

  4. The phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" has never met a more apropos example than Ryan Meara's career as a Red Bull.

  5. I had high hopes for Fabs in the spring when he was among the league leaders in assists and seemed to be some kind of facilitator. But he fell off during the summer and now I'm not all that upset that he's gone. Just another experiment that can be replaced with another...

  6. Lol reading these comments is making me love Jets fans more than I already do. You guys had the choice between a green dookie of a franchise or the NYG who have a slew of rings and you chose the green dookie. You just can't hate fans who stay loyal to a bad franchise like that, much like the Eagles fans for much of the late 1900's.

  7. NY Jets, Woody Johnson... It's broadly negative. Really the worst thing about him is his penchant for half measures done at the wrong times instead of cleaning slates at the right time.

  8. Not for nothing, but one of the things that struck me about NASCAR is that most of the tracks REALLY aren't that visually appealing. They're mostly very spartan, which I understand because money still doesn't grow on trees despite our attempts at genetic manipulation. But this would be a nice answer for all of that.

  9. It DOES seem like a good time to hop over to Ford for Zane. Get in good with those teams, maybe he winds up in a Penske or SHR car at the next level in a year or two? Good business.

  10. "... So anyway, during the fourth regeneration of the fifteenth secret lifetime you spent with the Division you and a rag tag group of rebels prevented the forces of the void from consuming the universe through a complicated series of red tape paper work filing and auditing that grew so tall it eventually surmounted the growing void itself. Good ole Doctor number 184, you know they say he was a real whiz at accounting, almost as good as Doctor number 129 who, as you already know, spent an entire lifetime calculating the distance between each galaxy before she keeled over and regenerated-"

  11. I went to an ice hockey game when I visited Canada, and the fact they basically stop the sport so they can run adverts is utter fucking madness.

  12. This is basically an ingrained part of North American sports. I think sports with a lot of time in between action like Baseball encourage the behavior.

  13. I've got a theory, one I've had for a few years now, but I think it's the perfect time for it to come to pass.

  14. Of all the enemies of the Doctor we've seen return during this series, "Chibnall's most annoying tendencies as Who writer" has to be the most diabolical one yet! The Doctor will never be able to overcome that! Thoughts, scattered like Tecteun's atoms or whatever:

  15. Not impressed with Wilson today, made some boneheaded moves (wtf was that shovel pass?), and has the touch of the Hulk when he needs a Bruce Banner kind of pass.

  16. The Doctor(probably): "You're not the only one, mate!"

  17. I would love nothing more than for the Doc to call a Dalek a jabroni and then deliver a Rock Bottom to a Cyberman.

  18. I got major Fifth Doctor vibes coming off a Burton casting. Can't see him playing a mean Doc, he'd be a real congenial and cool Doctor.

  19. The 60th is still two whole years away. It's still super early, everything's probably still being planned out.

  20. Wilson: Oh. Oh, now its time? As in now now? OOOooohhhhh! Oh, okay, okay- see, I've been playing like a rookie adjusting to the league this whole time. I just assumed that I wasn't supposed to be a franchise QB until, like, week 3 of next year, maybe?

  21. I mean... it's usually on during the Lions game, so... not a terrible call?

  22. The Sonic is basically a tricorder at this point, scan's everything under the sun.

  23. Denny has always been pretty vocal with regards to the cars, he's the guy who got fined in 2013 for saying the gen 6 needed some work. Being a team owner has definitely turned that up to 11 though.

  24. I really like pack racing, but it's the kind of thing that's best if it's not all that often. Four Superspeedway races, maybe another track similar enough to one (new banking at ATL?), sure.

  25. RPM hasn't had a sponsor that consistent since Almirola left, right? It's an interesting scheme if nothing else

  26. I bought a Vera-Tucker jersey. He's played well, isn't likely to be going anywhere anytime soon, felt like a safe pick.

  27. The Trackhouse aesthetic is so cool. The Logo, the blue/white/chrome colors. Even the numbers are neat; the font with the slash across, and the actual digits of 1 and 99 (100!), so far apart yet they fit so neatly next to each other.

  28. BTW, am I the only one who tries not to blink whenever the characters are forced to do so? Like, as soon as they see an Angel I try to keep my eyes open as long as possible, as if I was curious to see how long I would last in that situation.

  29. To give some credit to the B-Story I like that we actually see the people affected by the Flux. Makes it feel more real and also it helps to keep the flow of the season going. I was pretty surprised Vinder wasn't in the episode at all though.

  30. I say it often, demons in punjab is one of the best episodes of the whole show.

  31. The fact that it focuses on one particular family's reaction to the event rather than trying to cover the whole event itself is a HUGE part of why it worked. The fact that they managed to pull back on that and look at the big picture with one of the last scenes, where the life we've seen end was added to a swarm of others we hadn't, really gives it depth.

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