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  1. I wouldn't say I refuse to support, but it really hurts my feel goods that CBell drives for JGR

  2. William Byron seems like an okay guy, but FUUUCK liberty university so I wish misfortune on the 24 car every Sunday.

  3. I have a hard time rooting for him because of that sponsorship, yeah. Nothing else about him really pluses or minuses with me, he's just kind of a boring kid with a famous number. But every time I see LU colors, I'm like "bleh."

  4. Excellent. Do we know for sure that he's starting at Right? I'd be very glad to see him there, the more experience he gets the better. It'd be nice to have options and depth at this spot next offseason.

  5. Oh shit, it's the Ghost of Backup's Past versus the Ghost of Backup's Present!

  6. Unfortunately these are the types of games we lose.

  7. The culture is changing! We've got a winning mentality now, ya gotta believe!

  8. Dude is excellent. I'm so happy to have him on the team, he's one of the reasons the secondary is so elite.

  9. Salem knew she had to take down the TRUE hero of Atlas/Mantle before she could put her plans into action.

  10. Given the whole "Head of the Table" thing I'm surprised they didn't try this themselves. I guess it isn't a fit for War Games though, lol.

  11. She had the chops to pull off being a quirky peppy superheroine. The gimmick wasn't a total wash, she won a TITLE in it for crying out loud.

  12. Whoa, that's not safe for work! She's not wearing a top, I can't see one! Mods!

  13. Make madcap moss not look like the template for “create a wrestler” in the WWE games and give him non generic music.

  14. He's starting to get a gimmick beyond being Corbin's unfunny friend. They're leaning into his relationship with Emma. Hopefully that will provide some much needed change in look and music with time.

  15. Get a new musical composer, too many songs are generic as hell.

  16. It was a bend don't break choice from Oz. He knows a good anime protagonist when he sees one, and he knew he couldn't keep the girls from playing the role over there one way or another. So he chose a way under HIS terms.

  17. His 2 picks in the Bengals games were tipped. 3 of his 4 picks in the Bills game were when we were down big and he was bombing it downfield. He can’t be worse than Zach. He can at least complete screens and hit open receivers.

  18. He really COULD be worse than Zach. I hate that phrase, the backup can ALWAYS be worse, there's a reason why he's been a journeymen and on the bench.

  19. Maddeningly inconsistent, we're rolling out a fresh starter against the worst defense in the league?

  20. Also, jesus, how FUCKED is this season? Are we really trusting Mike "one good game" White with the reins from here on? Or is this just a one off? That seems like a terrible thing to do to a young players development.

  21. What the hell are we NOT seeing that this could happen? I saw a bad start, yeah. But this feels WAY more than performance based. If it were just that they'd let him TRY to rebound next week. Something else has happened.

  22. Christ, you got downvoted for just saying you liked the show? What is wrong with people. I don't like Enterprise much, but I'm not gonna downvote randos for saying that they do. Just like what you like. shit.

  23. Wait, what? Saleh's been talking about stability this whole time, about how Zach won't be benched because he needs to learn to overcome bad starts, and NOW and he's flaking after a bad performance?

  24. Wilson has no answers for Bill, yet. None at all. He looks like the worst QB in the league against him every time. Can't handle the coverage, and with a broken O-line and horrible wind he had no chance today. NEEDS to find a way to break through with that NE defense.

  25. And I'm not on the Zach is done takes, I'm sorry. Bill. Fucking. Belichick. Gets this team's goat EVERY TIME. Came out with new bullshit that a young QB can't cope with, not in that wind.

  26. You are delusional may man. Bill isn’t some futuristic alien inventing plays that have never been heard of. He even made a ton of mistakes today that we couldn’t capitalize on, Zach looks horrible and should foster all of the blame until proven otherwise.

  27. It feels a little jarring. But one has to consider the circumstances from her perspective. She doesn't know what Adam has planned for Blake, could be her death. This might be the last chance she'll have to make this confession to her. So she'll get her piece in and do what she has to for the cause.

  28. Absolutely. The man deserves to be a multi-time world. It's been like half a decade since the "Prizefighter" won something, he's long overdue for some gold.

  29. An accident? She took a final, cowardly parting shot from one of her greatest enemies after his plan was foiled, fairly similar to what happened to 4. Not every death is an act of heroism. 1 and War just got old. 5 accidentally touched a toxic cobweb. 7 wandered into a gang shoot-out.

  30. Yeah, not every Doctor has to die for a spectacular reason. I think we could afford to see a sudden and anti-climactic death or two in the modern era to emphasize this.

  31. Thirteen learned the consequences of ignoring her past for too long. She spent all of Series 11 ignoring her history even the good parts to the point that her incarnation would fall battling her three worst enemies and brutally dying.

  32. It's exhaustion related to the length of her title run. Fans get very finicky with long term title runs these days. Someone's there for more than 6 months and winning almost all the time and in comes the "Oh, great, so now THIS wrestler gets "fed" to the super champ!" takes. See Bianca Belair for another example.

  33. It's been the course correction she's needed since joining Raw. None of this wishy washy, "I'm a face with heel tendencies" crap. Full blown heel, a powerful woman with influence and intellgence.

  34. I don't even dislike Jax, I was really happy for her when she won the title after Mania 34. But I feel like she's done just about all that she can in WWE. What's left for her, you know? Even being a big gal gatekeeper can be delegated to Piper Niven.

  35. Glad to see he's found his groove as pro baller. Wish it worked out for him here.

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