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  1. My brain sped red this as “Zach Wilson will throw Kitties…” and was like well thats not very nice of him

  2. Depends. How accurate is he when throwing kitties? Can he throw a kitten with a tight spiral? Can he complete kitten passes into small windows where only his receivers can grab that pussy?

  3. At least he got you guys a 4th rounder mutters angrily about Rick Spielman

  4. I STILL can't believe that. A clear mid-round disappointment, traded more or less for the same value as he was drafted. Joe Douglas can't step into the state of Minnesota ever again, he'll be arrested for robbery.

  5. I never thought Geno would get a legitimate shot at starting again, but here we are.

  6. That 23 was the best I've seen for the team since it's inception (outside of plate races). It was weird seeing his number crawl up the boards slowly but SURELY, and watching him make runs easily past competition that recognized "Oh, he's way faster than me. I need to concede here, I can't hold him all race."

  7. Both the 23 and 45 were absolutely insane on long runs at Darlington. They were arguably the two fastest cars and just couldn’t get the pit crew to comply for them.

  8. This team has officially found speed on intermediates, along with JGR, and it's a sight to behold. They were hardly ever this fast last year, usually just good enough for a mid-teens finish or something.

  9. Holy shit, I thought this was a Big Finish announcement! We're really getting these two back on the screen again for a one off, that's AMAZING. Who else could be coming back? I think Smith would be a good bet.

  10. "I'm so proud of my son that's inexplicably two years older than me! ;_;"


  12. Well that was fucking clutch... maybe literally, just wow, way to save it Larson.

  13. I think if they can get to the point where they are playing in front of their own hometown crowds in stead of only the Stallions having home field advantage, it might get better.

  14. I wonder how much they're saving from not having to travel vs how much they'd make from higher gates for 8 local teams?

  15. From Quarterback to "One-Damn-Whole and a Quarter"-back

  16. Does that mean we’re first? Holy shit, after 3 straight losses. Thanks for Mihailovich and Johnston.

  17. Yup. That could've been us if we held onto that lead against y'all at RBA. DAMN. Oh well, congrats. But, be wary, the East in massive flux right now, I think. Gonna be a lot of leader changes...

  18. So long, farewell to that road winning streak, I will take that lonely point, holy shit.

  19. Having someone qualify for you is odd enough, but why Bubba in particular? Did he volunteer?

  20. Pockrass makes it sound like it's at least partly because Bubba and Friesen are about the same size. That's a consideration in most last minute drive substitutions.

  21. The Daleks just go back to Skaro feeling like a disappointment.

  22. Oh, so THAT'S why his "family members" looked to similar!

  23. Damn, we're just getting the AFC North over with real quick, huh?

  24. That arrangement of primary colors is so satisfying to look at.

  25. FINALLY. This is the kind of scheme we've been waiting for since Jordan got into the sport! It's out there, but a grand recreation of the elephant print.

  26. QB's should have their own award. Every position group should, really. The sport isn't like Basketball, there's too many different assignments with different measurements of impact to judge them all on the same scale. An offensive lineman, no matter how good they are at their job, will never win the award over a breakout QB.

  27. Yeah, maybe just that instead of pretending like a top player anywhere else has a chance.

  28. Man, we've really had to "make due" at WR too many times over the years. In fact we've been doing that for basically every spot outside of the D-line, but point still stands.

  29. Our man's about to be SO marketable. I can't wait for the ads and endorsements.

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