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  1. Prohibition is only for the plebs

  2. Even plebs can source alcohol very very easily. Prohibition just in name so the cops and politicians can benefit from liquor off paper.

  3. Only in terms of overall vote. BJP's seats are gonna improve.

  4. Likely. But in the long terms, its the vote share that counts. If BJP's vote share falls by 5%+, it will be a huge win for AAP.

  5. That's pretty much the entire modus operandi of right wing Hindu nationalists in India(current political party in power in India). Anyone who isn't aligned with them politically are thoroughly maligned as being aligned with Muslim extremists.

  6. OP is a Hindu fruitcake. This sub is pretty much a hub for extremists of one religion to shit on other religions.

  7. Have my free award, Seer.

  8. The hype mode is great, but giving ads in between the games without any warning is stupid. I mean this is not cricket, I got one ad during yesterday’s game between Spain and Germany at 90mins, when Sane was running with ball. I was so frustrated, I would’ve personally killed Ambani if it went in and I missed it.

  9. Yeah, they will likely bring an ad-free paid plan. An ad in football game is jarring.

  10. I hope AAP is looking at Rajashtan. Congress is imploding there as usual.

  11. Oh so is it like, only the people who use less than or equal to 300 units of electricity get it for free?

  12. Yes. You pay for everything if you cross 300. That's why I think AAP's schemes are genius.

  13. Honestly, AAP is the only decent party that's true to the political ideology out here. Otherwise, all the other ones only want to get votes by whatever votebank politics they can exploit, with little regards for actual politics.

  14. I think AAP is also doing a bit of Hindu pandering, but I'm totally fine with it. As long as they don't go for "hate the minority" narrative. Their politics is still cleaner than alternatives. And their governance definitely is.


  16. If you're interested in other characters than Superman then I'd recomment watching Arrow and Flash. The first few seasons of those shows are incredible, IMO. The quality fluctuates a lot in latter seasons though.

  17. I would love it. The plot of Mahabharat is incredible. If someone made A GoT-esque show based on the fictional story of Maharashtra , I would watch the shit out of it.

  18. If you see the trend from 2002, BJP has been losing seats. This time it will gain due to the entry of AAP aka B-team of BJP. BJP is gifting Delhi MCD in return.

  19. The delusion of Congressis is something else. If AAP contests against BJP in any state where Congress has a shot, AAP is the B Team. When Congress contested in Delhi, UP, Kerala, WB, despite having no shot of winning it and only cutting anti BJP votes, they go mute.

  20. It's not like people's lives are getting improved just because of Congress losing elections.

  21. No one is saying that. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of Congress supporters.

  22. I have an injustice scan perfect for this topic.

  23. Huh, not a single comment about AAP's response to this. According to AAP, he has had two spinal surgeries in past and is receiving physiotherapy.

  24. How will this sub survive without these velied attacks on North India by people from south India and vice versa?

  25. I joined this group thinking it will be a moderate place but lately i have been observing its just turning into a lighter version of india subreddit.. i usually dont get active in this sub but lately almost all the posts on this sub are selected in way to create continuous criticism of either the current dispensation or the right wing in india.. also rather than having a sound discussion on different discourse if u just assume that everyone else who doesn't think the way u do is dumb then i don't think u guys r any different from the one who posted this photo in indiabspeaks or those guys on india or united states of india

  26. I'm baffled that you think speaks is 'lighter' than official subreddit. The official subreddit is biased and pushes certain narratives. Speaks is downright hateful.

  27. Depends on which state you're from. Check if AAP has winnability on your seat. If they have a shot at winning, vote AAP. Otherwise, vote for a local party candidate if they have winnability.

  28. Ew, we don't want entire India like Delhi rn, being a gas chamber that is.

  29. True, which is why we should kick out BJP who straight up refused to okay the scheme for preventing fodder burning.

  30. Yeah, I usually agree with him.

  31. They have wings and they make me fly.

  32. Nah, I just watched Black Panther, lol.

  33. Those GTA Sanandreas hand movements.

  34. BJP has turned ED/CBI into jokers.

  35. Honestly, if they want to hurt themselves, go for it.

  36. Something fake thumb something.

  37. Satyendra Jain has been in jail for months for nothing. They are pushing for life imprisoment for Amanatullah. But yeah, BJP is going easy on them.

  38. Different kind of skidding

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