1. Wait until after estimated delivery. You’re being difficult.

  2. The estimated delivery date can’t change. You’ll have to wait.

  3. I now the issues on the 450, I’d do an ecu tune/new ecu on either of the bikes. SD powerhouse has a stage 2 kit that includes a vortex and bumps the power up by 19hp.

  4. Also way pricier than $149 for a 550 Performance tune

  5. Yeah but you’re definitely getting more from the vortex than the 550P for their respective bikes. But yes I’ve decided to get the 450RL.

  6. You are 15 times more likely to be killed by a coconut than you are a shark.

  7. Did it yesterday again. I know the sound of drive chsin slap and this is not the case really.

  8. If you think it's detonation drain the tank and fill completely with premium.

  9. Same, took the opportunity to order some warp9s going to slap on some battlax s22 should get better life out of them.

  10. Buy a Thai ECU for $110 instead of paying for the 550 Performance core charge.

  11. I haven't seen anyone mention the guy smoking a cigarette inside

  12. Ah yeah why don’t you thank her, after hard work while she keeps your spouse busy, what a caring ‘mother’. Doesn’t even apologize

  13. I have hit 93mph but I was going downhill and tucked in

  14. I’m 240 and I want to know if the bike can handle the weight on the highway.

  15. I weigh 260lbs and was able to pass my Jeep buddies at 85mph

  16. Can you do it this way or does it need to be upright with a center stand?

  17. Tusk Adventure handguards with Zeta Triple Clamp Mounts

  18. You can’t really smoke the stuff fresh from the plant. It has to be dried and cured

  19. I mean, you can, but you won't really like it.

  20. Yep I mean I live in Bossier City just across the river but Kristine the same woman in the picture texted me when that bike came in and I told her I already bought one lol.

  21. Man I got so impatient that I went next door to Shreveport cycles and almost spent $13,000 on a KTM 350. So glad I didn’t.

  22. Does the Thai ECU even fit? Possibly different pin count

  23. I'm giving the Thailand version of the ECU a try to alleviate this.

  24. Just chiming in here, have put around 1,800 miles on my 300LRA and ABS has come in handy two times already with drivers making sudden stops in front.

  25. I'd reach out to bike shops in Thailand and ask.

  26. It was 127$ u can get the Thai ecu off bikerbitz for 100, but not sure if it will plug in someone said the pins are different.

  27. How did this turn out? Just ordered the same ECU.

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