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  1. Nothing that bad, as long as you have internet connection, hold Cmd+R at startup, and it will guide you installing the OS

  2. The cat using a cardboard piece as a bridge is the brightest thing I’ve seen today.

  3. I use my pros primarily for the noise cancellation, at the gym, the train, or whenever I go outdoor ( Safe as long as I can hear cars passing ), I don’t really listen to music so, no from my perspective this is completely normal.

  4. A redneck being a Joey Logano’s fan ? Nah this meme is so inaccurate…

  5. We can represent the weight by vectors following a vertical direction. As we are in a stable system, and we got two scales, assuming equally apart from each other, the displayed weight should be half the total amount of weight on the bar.

  6. This pic has a 18th century dramatic painting vibe.

  7. “Hi I’m baby Knoxville welcome to Jackass”

  8. As the other comments stated, dead Video card, relatively easy to replace.

  9. Would love to see Sébastien Loeb, Sébastien Bourdais, Romain Grosjean or Simon Pagenaud !

  10. Does this Mac boot from “OS X Housecat” ?

  11. I understand 100 %, using a 2014 5K iMac, which sometimes makes me want to commit a murder against Apple. A 5400 rpm mechanical drive, in a machine this such ? like seriously ?

  12. Not trying to be a dick but why would Corey LaJoie, a 31 year old with 5 top 10s in over 200 Cup races(4 of which came at super speedways) currently driving for a Chevy team, be in line for an open spot at 23XI?

  13. Because he’s pretty talented, and tries to get full potential out of the shitbox used as car.

  14. Pretty talented? I mean he really hasn't outperformed what others have done in those same teams.

  15. I kinda agree with you, especially on Matt DiBenedetto who does a great job in Trucks, he’d in my opinion deserve to be brought back to the 21, instead of the Burton kid who always finds a way to shunt into the wall.

  16. When you smell a snack with a weird ass device*

  17. No way, the 2026 grid has been leaked

  18. I've never worked on this model of MacBook, but these look like standard WiFi/Bluetooth antennas, so maybe searching for that will give you some information. I think I see three antenna's on the left, but 2 on the middle part, so that's a bit confusing. They go on small, circular gold colored connectors, usually next to each other.

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