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  1. Le jaaye jaane kaha Hawaii... Hawaii...

  2. Metoo ki wajah se, Bauji ke sanskaar bhi nahi rahe

  3. Thats not what we meant when we said "You can do better Aamir", Aamir.




  7. She said hi to quite a few married men actually.

  8. Such a Virgo thing to say :)

  9. All 4 of them paired with SRK & Salman at least once. But wonder why Ash didn't work with Saif & Aamir even once?

  10. Omg I was just thinking about this guy earlier today, what a coincidence. Also property developer in a university? Samajh me Nahi aaya bhai

  11. He works at Kayson Group Holdings and studied in University of Hertfordshire.

  12. Wow, they still do that.. Thats amazing. Last time I saw this was in 2000 and it felt incredible to be part of that group.

  13. The comment above has changed so this one is no longer necessary

  14. But you got downvoted massively. Delete it.

  15. Well I guess you're the expert. Since you used to coach better teams in CL finals and still lost.

  16. He lost only once and won on 4 other occasions. He loves/owns CL competition somehow.

  17. Bro yesterday playing poker I hit 3 royal flushes in the same session. It just can't be a sign of luck if it happens 3 times. I was simply the best player at the table.

  18. Is from Real "Marca" Madrid, take it for what it is worth, not necessarily a good track record

  19. Fabrizio Romano reported about it on his YouTube channel too.

  20. I consider Henry the same tier as Ibrahimovic, Benzema, Aguero, maybe also Kane, who are slightly below Suarez or Lewy. Tbh, there are so many great player, so its hard to make a top 50 players list that pleases everyone

  21. Benzema is absolutely below both of them

  22. He's above them, he's more skilled than both those strikers. Benz is a playmaker too.

  23. so he is saying to remove scenes of hanuman from a story based on ramayana?

  24. What if makers say it was just bad VFX. ☠


  26. Commenting for a better and wider reach.

  27. IPO in UAE, be careful, very careful. Wouldn't touch it at all. Read about NMC group, another hospital group based out of Abu Dhabi, started by BR Shetty. That dude that to leg it from UAE and is holed up somewhere in India.

  28. Yes I remember him, he was owner of premium flats at Floor#100 of Burj Khalifa. Heard he borrowed a lot from the market just like Mallya & Adani.

  29. They have an IPO coming, so having a premium promo is good for the company and its investors. They want to attract buying interest from international hedge fund mangers, investment bankers and retail investors.

  30. I imagine it has to be Messi's 73 goals in 2011/12 (club only, all competitions).

  31. Haaland has a good chance of beating it. He could win the Ballon D'or next year.

  32. 34 I think but that was Shearer and he played more league games then Haaland will.

  33. With his goalscoring rate, he will beat it and end the season with 50-60 league goals.

  34. Yup I watched the movie yesterday and the make out scenes all looked like they were trying to wrestle the other person to the ground . I don’t know, just felt like they didn’t want to but the director made them .

  35. What? It's from a movie?? Genuinely thought it was from some web series.

  36. He ain't the chocolate boy anymore who can pull off romantic roles. He seems to have aged past that era.


  38. At this point Urvashi is giving more entertainment than many bollywood films😂😂😂


  40. Even PC plagiarized SRK's TED talk speech in one of her interviews. She mentioned quite a few lines actually.

  41. not just his ted talk, she has plagiarized whole ass random insta quotes and even 1-2 anecdotes from him.

  42. She wore the same jacket as SRK's and told that it belonged to her ex.

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