News from ROK-2006

  1. hey so you like, write poems as a hobby

  2. The village idiots are always the smartest. They pretend to be an idiot. No one will see it coming

  3. yeah you really sound like an underdog lol

  4. Its a prompt from English class. One is about heroes, the other has to be titled 'We're something'


  6. bro, you got some creative shit oozing from your head LMAO

  7. yeah, most people who don't look good in the outside are really good in the inside

  8. i talk to them not cause i have courage but because that I don't want them to forget I exist

  9. bitches and dogs? what about lions and Lionesses

  10. ugh such a 14 year old thing to say

  11. alright bro you do you, i don't kink shame

  12. theres a first time for everything

  13. hey don't do drugs alright, pls no matter how sad you are how fucked up you are DO NOT GET INTO DRUGS AND STUFF ALRIGHT PLS

  14. i don't have time to read the full thing now, but I'm gonna until then hopes everything gets better

  15. Nobody takes you seriously on that subreddit… I tried posting about having to handle multiple people crushing on me, and the only responses I got were threesome jokes. Not one comment was legitimate advice.

  16. nope, if a girl punch me in the face I will push her away and ask "WTF dude" cause if I punched her back I'm pretty sure that I will either gonna knock her out or break her jaw and that is something i do not wanna deal with

  17. The way I stopped overthinking in a bad way was to simply remove negative stuff from my life so it would never pass my mind

  18. why not bro it's gonna damage your lungs

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