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  1. You probably could have kept on going. This is dope as hell lol

  2. Lol I could tell. You did awesome though πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  3. Epic doesn't make Breakpoint, so I don't know why you would have ever done that. You should have just downloaded it from Ubisoft to begin with, because it's an Ubisoft game.

  4. Yeah dude, Optical Camo didn't ruin the game for you, your friends are ruining it for you. Sounds like you need new friends.

  5. These are EPIC shots! Very creative, I never thought to take a jumping shot before. Love it! πŸ€™πŸ»

  6. Love it. Read it and and had a nostalgic hit from bhd. Watched that film like a hundred times.

  7. Same, that was my favorite movie when it came out, would watch it like every day haha.

  8. Excellent shots! This game is perfect for that!

  9. Minimal imput lag? It's straight up dog doodoo without a decent connection.

  10. 100 percent garbage. Barely usuable unless u have the best internet in the world

  11. Haha, yeah it works fine, at my house with gigabit fiber, but over any type of cellular it's garbage unless you have UltraWideband 5G.

  12. Why are you comparing remote play with cloud streaming? Of course, remote play isn't going to work as good as cloud streaming. Not sure what you're trying to prove here. Are you even aware that Xbox has Xcloud, which would be a better comparison to Stadia.

  13. For you, I will do a comparison between remote play and Xcloud. XCloud is the exact same. There is no reason why Xbox shouldn't be able to reach out to my Xbox, like it's a server in a Data Center. My house is set up like a Data Center because that's what I do for a living. The only thing different is my Xbox One X's computing power, compared to the Microsoft servers. But I'm telling you, I have the same experience with XCloud.

  14. Dope outfit! You know the game has a photo mode right?

  15. I wish there was someone on the internet that had a better compiled list, that isn't 2 years old.

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