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'Queen of rock 'n' roll' Tina Turner dies at 83

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  1. I was a bit puzzled by the scene where the men are complaining that mother's are useless and don't make any "sacrifices" to raise their children... Was this just a poor translation or do Koreans not have sex education?

  2. The thumb one in Same Time Same Place probably was intentional. Xander wearing an eye patch (on the other eye) as part of his pirate costume a year before probably wasn't.

  3. There's also a scene in Season 3's Consequences where his eye keeps twitching when they say Faith's name and he has to cover it up

  4. The Wishverse was essentially an alternate universe. No one had to be resurrected from there. If you want to count it, then Willow and Xander were vamped, I don't recall what happened to Xander, but Willow was dusted, Buffy died as well as Cordie. One of my favorite episodes.

  5. Everyone else already belonged to the Wishverse, but Cordelia transferred there from the regular Buffyverse and was aware of everything that was wrong. It was her wish, after all!

  6. Robin had a fake out death scene but never actually died.

  7. Ah, I only remembered the fake out part, sorry... I guess there's only one clear exception then!

  8. Miller and lord were hired by Sony. They left a project under Disney (Solo) , so ya I do think we can credit Sony and criticize Disney

  9. Sony also gave Lord & Miller their big break (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs)

  10. At least at the box office, I feel like DreamWorks’ run has been better than Disney recently:

  11. Well Pixar was obviously hampered by 1 film coming out just before lockdown and the next 3 going straight to streaming.

  12. There’s a Biggs and Wedge in almost every main series Final Fantasy game

  13. I laughed out loud when I met "Gibbs and Deweg" in FFXII. It's like Square knew the plot & characters of that one were such a blatant knock-off that they just couldn't risk using those names again!

  14. They made no effort to hide it in XII, the heroes are just Luke, Princess Leia, Obi Wan, Han Solo and (female) Chewbacca, lol

  15. Some of us made huge money in the early days of the internet by registering (dot).com names like

  16. Only sometimes it doesn't work out how you planned and you're left trying to sell a jam called "Space Jam 2."

  17. A friend of mine is the cousin of Stevie Pink, the illusionist who got through to the live semis in 2013. From what I heard from her at the time (which came direct from Stevie himself) the producers do quite a lot of micromanaging, including (at least in Stevie's case) the selection of costumes, general image, staging etc..

  18. Tonight they had a little kid performing a 2004 McFly song while dressed as Marty McFly from Back To The Future... The chance a kid of his age would even know those things is pretty slim, never mind make that connection!

  19. The original 'deep and thought-provoking cinematic masterwork'.

  20. I don't think many of this generation of parents/kids really cared about Dumbo. Case in point: mine only saw it because their Grandma wanted to, lol.

  21. He's been removed from the center of posters aimed at China or only shown in full costume (no showing of face or skin) in international posters.

  22. Spider-Man is almost always marketed with his mask on... It's the US posters that are doing something unusual in that respect

  23. I agree, breaking into the top four with Newcastle is much more of an achievement than Pep winning another league.

  24. The main argument against Howe seems to be that he was helped out by Newcastle's rich owners, which only makes Pep's win more ridiculous!

  25. This was the only time I regularly heard people use reviews to justify seeing a film. "I know it looks like a little kiddies' movie about cute fish, but it's getting 5 star reviews!" (I was definitely one of those people btw)

  26. We can’t have plastic straws, but this is fine apparently?

  27. It always feels like 1 step forward and 2 back with plastic. We allegedly got rid of plastic bags but we're probably throwing away more than ever because of dog shit

  28. You are correct. There are plenty of tried and tested recipes available, it's simple, the flavouring manufacturers are heavily regulated, and it's very cheap to do.

  29. I’ll be forever adamant that Ben Mee and Tarky are brilliant CB’s that, in their peak together, could have both started for England.

  30. The lack of a call-up for Mee is particularly strange since Southgate was always saying he wanted a left-footed centreback

  31. The parts of crawling through too small openings and getting stuck was what drove me mad. I’d have rather been killed by the monsters.

  32. Aye, the cameraman switched from his awful "Only Jesus" tattoo to his slightly less awful butterfly tattoo

  33. Theatrically released films get a 2nd wind on physical media, a 3rd wind on streaming, a 4th wind on television... Netflix only has to promote a film once, and then even they act like it never existed

  34. It’s funny when they think that Disney only gets revenue from the box office, there’s toy sales (all those “The Little Mermaid” dolls selling like hot bread), clothing, theme parks, television, sports events, etc.

  35. I was convinced that they only did this race-swap because they weren't selling enough merch to black girls. I also believed this was why they made "The Princess & The Frog" and animated it in a style that fit in with the Disney Princess™ brand. Disney doesn't care about anything except $$$.

  36. I loves Ethan Raine as a villain and his backstory with Giles. I wish there could have been something deeper and darker. Some villain plot that involved Ethan.

  37. He was actually the Big Bad in the PS2 game. (Although Sid The Dummy is a playable character in it, so I very much doubt it's considered canon, lol)

  38. I loved this episode and wondered why its (freelance) writer was never brought back. Turns out the original script wasn't very good and Joss did an uncredited rewrite...

  39. 2010s was Pixar playing it safe. 7/11 Pixar films in the 2010s were sequels.

  40. 5/6 have been original (although it did feel like Lightyear started off as an original script and they just decided to tie it in to that franchise for $$$)

  41. Some beautiful choices in here. Gonna throw the head in the boat in Jaws out for consideration. The way the music and situation builds tension, then the perfect time of the scare. My personal favorite.

  42. I once watched that film from the back of a classroom where I was the only person who'd already seen it. I was so excited to see if everyone jumped from their seats at that scene - and they did!

  43. I appreciate her honestly about her grim domestic situation earlier in life. Lots of women (and at times men) are out there in similar situations right now, who need to know that it's possible to break free and escape from an abusive partner.

  44. ...Then Beyoncé & Jay-Zed went and celebrated her abuser in their big comeback single:

  45. This was a prequel done right. Pixar could afford to have a tougher ending because we already know things worked out well for them.

  46. I must apologise on behalf of poor council estate families across the country. I'm sorry that the way we mourn our dead children isn't classy enough for Reddit.

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