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  1. This is a byproduct of conventional non-emergency calls being completely ineffective and useless, so this is on them.

  2. I got into an argument with some dickhead SGT at the South Precinct. I lived three blocks away from it and there was the crazy outside our building losing his mind. I called the precinct directly and the SGT picked up. She told me that I needed to call 911. I told her, “its not an emergency, it shouldn’t go through that channel. I live right down the street from you. Just send a car down here to help this guy.” She told me no, and to not call the precinct ever again. Called 911, when I told her it wasn’t an emergency, they said, “we will send someone out”. No one came.

  3. My dad was an elevator / escalator man for 30 years. Grew up going on jobs with him all of the time. I have never seen such a shitty state these things are in. And not just Sound transit, but all over the downtown core. I don’t get it.

  4. From my experience, elevator/ escalator guys hate escalators. One escalator maintenance guy told me the safest place in a building is in elevator, the most dangerous is on an escalator.

  5. You are 100% correct. And what they hate even more; those escalators for your shopping cart in some Targets and grocery stores.

  6. The only one saying stop in a fight is the one with the red hurt ass. Even your mom was yelling don't stop.

  7. Ooooo, yea daddy. Give me that incel bedroom speech.

  8. I used to clean up a park nearby our apartment that was completely littered with cigarette butts. Those fuckin things don’t go anywhere. So many smokers kept asking me why I don’t just let them degrade into the ground. So fuckin stupid

  9. Same reason you don’t put carseats in the front, or a grown human should wear a seatbelt— if/when you get hit, your dog will become a missile inside your car. My buddy is a paramedic and has responded to many accidents with dead dogs in the front seat.

  10. Jesus. I always let my dog ride up front at my side. Sorry bud but it’s the back for you for now.

  11. I used to also. I love having my pup next to me when I drive. But I also love having my pup. He now sits in the back with a dog harness.

  12. I only vape when I travel. I try not to use that stuff more than I have to.

  13. Yes. True separation of church and state. We don’t need religious leaders passing legislation.

  14. Can we discuss why he was going to decapitate a female manikin and not something more normal, like, a watermelon?

  15. Feels like this guy should be monitored for the next 30 years.

  16. Sadly this is also what white supremacists want. They want black people to arm themselves and even lash out. They want black communities to get angry finally, and react for constantly being targeted. Because that will in turn feed their white supremacist bullshit. “See! We were right! They are violent! They do want to kill us!” This is always their secondary intentions with their bullshit. They are truly evil pieces of dogshit.

  17. That’s their game. They want the people they hate to feel powerless. But does that mean you don’t arm yourself? Absolutely not. Because what they want more is for you not to be able to defend yourself at all. And if it comes down to it, I will be right there next to you facing them down. White supremacists don’t get to dictate our lives. Their time is over. They’re just too stupid to see it.

  18. Yeah, So many democrats own gas companies

  19. I specifically bought Shell to do this. Why you giving up our game, man?

  20. LPT if you are unable to have your ideologies, beliefs and values challenged without having an emotional breakdown you shouldn’t be on the internet and you most definitely lack emotional intelligence.

  21. Tell that to the sub that blocks everyone the moment they are challenged.

  22. Of course because those anti abortion animals aren’t pro life. They are pro getting in other peoples fucking business with their virtue signaling. They don’t value life.

  23. I’ll never get why interracial dating gets clowned so much. They look great together. Love who you love and leave others alone.

  24. "Time and time again, we have seen the real-world devastation that is borne of these dangerous and hateful platforms, and we are doing everything in our power to shine a spotlight on this alarming behavior and take action to ensure it never happens again.”

  25. Yea, I feel like Twitch and Discord got unfairly lumped in with 4chan.

  26. And this is based on? What exactly? I use both discord and twitch all of the time and last I checked no incels or nazis anywhere I go.

  27. I hate it when people thank me for my service. You don’t even know what we do, and I definitely didn’t join out of any sense of patriotism or national pride. I needed housing and college money.

  28. I did join for patriotism but still dont like being thanked, its just to make themselves feel better.

  29. This. And I have plenty of observational evidence to support this theory. Summer of 2020 there were protests all over Seattle. Including one that went by my apartment every day in South Seattle. No trouble. No violence. No riots. But up by the east precinct in capitol hill, riots and violence every night. The difference? Cops responded in riot gear at the east precinct. Cops from the south precinct just observed and let the protestors march and then go home.

  30. Im still probably going to end up watching it on my phone when it eventually hits streaming.

  31. What convinced me that god doesn’t exist? When I kept interacting with christians and they turn out to be some of the ugliest people I have ever met. If there was a god, Im pretty sure they would have murdered half their flock by now. At least according to their god from the bible.

  32. “Your generation is insane” from the generation that could afford a single family home, car, raise a family, and retire all from one fucking income. Eat shit, grandma.

  33. No. This is why building anything in the US takes forever and costs 10x what it does in Spain.

  34. Its not just a super market, it’s a communities hotspot. A community of color’s hotspot. And steamrolling over them is what has always been “acceptable”. It doesn’t matter how hard it is. Giving a shit about the people who will be effected by growth is not bad. We always need to find a way to grow without disruption. And if it is going to disrupt s community, we should do everything we can to make sure they are supported.


  36. I don’t know if holding up evidence of historically displacing non white communities multiple times is the….point?, that you want to make.

  37. I love theae hot takes from people who would short circuit if they realized musk has never before voted Republican

  38. No one is talking about how he votes. Careful your brain doesn’t short circuit, but its about what he publicly says. Because as you may have seen in Buffalo, words have impact. Especially from douchbags who support republicans.

  39. There's a theory that he's embracing the right so openly because he's trying to get more support for Tesla and electric cars in red states.

  40. Makes sense. Everything he does is either a troll or an attempt to increase his wealth. No surprise if this is true.

  41. It’s bad, but civil war Tony in the iron man suit in broad daylight hurts my head.

  42. That whole sequence was probably the ugliest looking set piece in the MCU. But yea, that was pretty bad.

  43. Good. If the dipshit kid is under 18, or they got a hold of a weapon that belongs to the parents, it should be their ass on the line. This fucking kid was your responsibility. You pay for your fuckup.

  44. I never like these memes. The millisecond Kamala Harris was announced as Bidens running mate, we got “Joe and the Hoe.” Lets not stoop to their level with memes like this. The point is that we are better than them.

  45. Which seems really unfair. No one cares about mens soccer. /s

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