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Please be thoughtful of movie theatre employees when you see No Way Home.

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  1. And be thoughtful to those around you when you leave your movie.

  2. Its weird when people point out a feature of capitalism as if its a bug.

  3. I hope the dad has to stand trial in his sons place. This is how we should treat irresponsible parents and gun owners.

  4. Nah. Its a classic. Just watched it the other day and its definitely still a top of all time for my wife and I.

  5. I moved from LA to Seattle and we have had a mask mandate since the vaccines have been available. I think its fine. Its whatever at this point. I usually get a cold four times a year but since covid not one. So I’ll keep rockin the mask for a while anyways.

  6. Don’t use children as outlets for your sexual insecurities, world tells Pope.

  7. What if some of the immigrants are also the racists?

  8. Oh now that the Olympics are over they in a hurry to close up shop. Not like we had anything going on a month or so ago.

  9. If I think a business is corrupt, I can stop buying their stuff

  10. Tax evasion is a felony and you’ll go to prison

  11. None of it. I said you don’t have to pay taxes if you don’t want to. I never said there weren’t consequences.

  12. Ok so basically clickbait anti Fauci garbage even adding anything in quotes.

  13. Disney both saved us from the subpar tentpole film, but at the same time exacerbated the negative impact tentpole films were already having on theatre’s.

  14. Disney has pushed out serious competition and made the film landscape less diverse.

  15. And these dipshits never even consider that maybe they are the ones god is upset with.

  16. If a crab loses a leg or claw it will begin to grow back the next time they molt their exoskeletons. It will start as kind of a baby arm and grow over time.

  17. So Deadpool got his powers from a crab? Cool.

  18. I fuckin HATE the appropriation of Scandinavian and Norwegian culture by these fragile ass bitches.

  19. Same. I’m of Scandinavian descent and I display very little of my culture for fear of being associated with these jackasses.

  20. They mistakingly consider themselves vikings when really they are just decedents of people who were viking’d.

  21. I love Terminator, but I actually don’t count that as HIS movie. Its all about The Running Man for me. Fuckin love that movie

  22. Not all women want reconstruction. Not all women enjoy what you think they should.

  23. What is it do you think I think they enjoy? Self confidence? Any sense of normalcy after something traumatic like this? Things that women at breast cancer awareness meetups have literally told me to my face when we get into discussions about treatments and surgeries? Don’t make assumptions. You’re not good at it.

  24. Don’t assume that every cancer survivor feels exactly the same. They don’t. Take Tig Notaro as a famous example.

  25. I don’t assume anything. I didnt say that it should be some mandatory fucking thing. Women should always be offered the option. If they don’t want it, great. If they do, great. But it should be available to them if they want it, and in a lot of cases for women I have talked to, it wasn’t even an option. Fuck off with your self righteous bullshit.

  26. :( I have an old boy who is 14. Every day I give him kisses and treats and celebrate another day together.

  27. All the liberals who got vaccinated are ready to slap masks back on our faces in a hot minute.

  28. I think Joel Schumacher is a crazy person. I had seen his other films before this one, and I didn’t even know he had made it. But after looking up the info about it afterwards, I was like, “oh, Joel Schumacher made this. That makes sense.”

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