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  1. Tough to say, but I've already seen casting things that force people to dodge or die followed by dragon's rot breath unlocked, aimed manually where they're forced to dodge to, be super effective in 1v1 duels. It's pretty mindless and super strong. Probably if your build can't deal with 3 people doing that then your build sucks. It may end up being the MvC Cabel equivalent, just shutting down a lot of teams, but not being "the best" team in the long run.

  2. There were several leaked hairstyles labeled as DLC1 along with files that were in the arena files. Looks like this is one of them. I'm surprised and happy that the arena DLC is free. The previous games locked arena combat behind expansions.

  3. This has to be the dumbest fucking take ive seen in a while lmao

  4. Whoops! lol, yeah, my apologies. I was half awake when I responded. I got your take exactly backwards.

  5. Pretty sure the game ends after you find the chip and bring it back. You have to do your exploring while you play, iirc.

  6. No no, that's about the half way point. You can, and should, explore a lot as soon as the time pressure is gone. Most "natural" playthroughs about 3/4 of your play time will be after you get the water chip installed.

  7. New Vegas is its own game through and through. You absolutely do not need to play the classic games. I wouldn't even recommend the classic games to anybody that doesn't enjoy older games. I still adore them, but they haven't exactly aged like fine wine. Even loving them whenever I boot them up I have to forgive them for things, usually by going (Oh yeah! I remember when this was something the player had to deal with when playing games.)

  8. Not Reddit, fam, it's the world, and it's because it's badass. Welcome to the 2020s.

  9. The reason it feels unfair is because you're letting him get away with sloppy murder.

  10. Because I'm getting frustrated of getting hit, I feel like I'll keep getting ch. I can't do combos like that. What's oki

  11. It's short for Okizemi and it's when you end a combo with a move that usually sacrifices damage in order to leave them in an extremely disadvantage state, usually with a lot of extra frame advantage for you, so you can hit grounded or go for a wakeup 50-50, or bait for a tech roll, etc.

  12. "Thanks man! I absolutely SUCK at this game! so happy to have a matchmaking system that lets me win sometimes by matching me against terrible players!"

  13. I used the term "hentai" just as an exeggeration for pedophile or incest NSWF fantasies, which has been posted with increased frequency in this subreddit. Most people here are on this subreddit for the game itself, you know. And they are totally right to complain about this shit.

  14. Maybe they just wanna have discussions and posts about the game instead of god damn half naked anime girls 24/7

  15. So then post what you like and scroll past what you don't. I know... I know... rocket science!

  16. please tell me how to get to use that piece set i’ve been asking every time i see it and everyone ghosts me

  17. gothamchess caro kann recommended line

  18. lol, why would even do that move there when he's got a decent size life lead, a running low slide or tackle would be a way better option

  19. It would have landed if Anna would have hit the wall. That ender usually makes them hit wall if you're a little forward from center stage.

  20. He deserved that with that slide. Almost no one falls for that.

  21. He probably thought he had wall and a guaranteed kill. Misplayed, not a mixup attempt

  22. I may need to play this again…I played before any of the additional modes came out. How’s it run on PS5?

  23. Highly recommend Randomizer mode and Aurora. They did a lot with her mode and the randomizer is an absolute blast. Breathes a lot of extra life into it. The rest of the modes are meh, fine but these two take the cake.

  24. Oh OK gotcha. I just recently beat the game and now I'm tryna max out and I have none of that equipment he got on lol

  25. Oh, this isn't the normal game. This is Aurora mode, a totally separate mode with a different character. She doesn't really "have" gear. She has "friends" and they get stronger, which makes her stronger, as you get materials to upgrade them.

  26. Dont play on hard on very hard, you will deeply regret it

  27. Nah, game is best on hardest with the exception of the prologue, at least if you're already familiar with action games. It's pretty easy once you're geared up a bit.

  28. You gotta get to ending e if you wanna get the games real messege

  29. She got older? She. Got. Older?? I didn't know people changed races as they got older. Maybe this a new stage of evolution, idk.

  30. All Replika ever tries to do is fish for positive responses and up votes. That's it. It only ever looks back to the past few messages for context when making new sentences.

  31. I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

  32. Controversial shows the comments with the highest up to donvote ratio or something. If you sort by top and scroll way down then you find the comment with the fewest donvotes

  33. Oh there’s definitely a way it happened. Like him clicking through 3 things to unmatch with someone.

  34. Maybe he was sick and his mind was fuzzy and he was trying to unmatch a different gal who looks similar. 🤷‍♂️

  35. Yup. I'm very homely and lanky, very average looking guy, and I got shit like this every now and again from about 25-35. Most dudes could make use of what they've got if they put in some work.

  36. Left side is an easy pick for me. I'd miss TTT2 and possibly 8, but the first TTT is GOAT, Tekken 5 is the best 1v1 Tekken so far, and Tekken 7 has the most balanced cast (even if it took some patches to get there.)

  37. Im just saying we will love it either way... i didnt say im better...did i say im better?

  38. The natural implication from what you said when you said it was that the OP's art is bad. If that's not what you meant, then nevermind.

  39. Nice sidestep, but the punish was really bad. He could have blocked or low parried the low and punished you hard.

  40. You feel cool posting rude shit? Where does the game explain it’s mechanics guy? Because other replies have noted that it doesn’t. You don’t have to take it personal.

  41. Don't bother with this idiot. People like him are in every community. Tekken players tend to actually be helpful if you can filter out the morons like this guy.

  42. I don’t think “unintuitive” is the word to describe this. Tekken is very intuitive with its mechanics, but lack of good tutorial is a different issue unrelated to intuition.

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