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  1. this is impressive, im a woman and I couldn’t do a french braid to save my life lol

  2. Also: If you think you’re not getting enough from pumping try a manual pump. I get like half the amount when I use an electric pump. The manual I get double in half the time. Electric pump just never cut it for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. My baby is 5 months and doctor said I can give cereal and then to start on food at 6 months. She is already definitely interested in food, she tried to grab pizza out of my hand yesterday. At 4 months I personally wouldn’t have thought she was ready yet but every baby is different. If you don’t want to start food at 4 months you don’t HAVE to.

  4. My baby was exactly like this until about 8 weeks she started sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night in her bassinet. By 3 months she was sleeping 10-12 hours (I would dreamfeed in the middle and she didnt wake up) Still at 5 months sleeping 10-12 hours.

  5. A lot of babies that young don’t go to sleep “for the night” until like 11pm. Maybe try putting her to bed later.

  6. Go ahead and send a message to doc to ask but at 6 weeks my baby used to sometimes seemingly sleep all day and night pretty much and just wake up to eat and diaper change

  7. We had it when my baby was 9 weeks. Slight fever for 2 days and she was perfectly fine

  8. If you’re concerned about safety Newton mattress is the way to go. Most cribs are the standard crib sizes (I think American and European may be slightly different) so measure just in case.

  9. It really just depends on the baby. My 5 month old likes the pacifier most of the time but doesn’t seem overly attached to it. Sometimes she spits it out but usually it does soothe her. Sometimes she chews on it like a teether if she has it when shes not sleepy or hungry. When she goes into a deep sleep it always falls out of her mouth although she doesn’t need it to fall asleep, if she starts fussing a little bit in the night I pop it in and she calms right down. In her waking hours she doesn’t really want it unless shes getting tired. My cousin was a nightmare to take the pacifier away from when he was like almost 3 years old lol

  10. Whether you’re 18 or 40 the first like 6-8 weeks are survival mode. You will sleep again I promise. If there is anyone in your circle you trust to watch the baby definitely take them up on it any time you can to catch up on sleep. My parents had me very young my mom was 18 and by 23 had 3 kids 5 or under! You can do it. Every baby is different but mine was sleeping at least 4-6 hours straight by 9 weeks.

  11. Google three month breastfeeding crisis- its totally normal. Happened to me baby would scream when I tried to nurse during the day. I would give her like an ounce in the bottle and then quickly shove the boob in her face and that usually worked. Lasted a few days like that and then gradually tapered off and by 4 months she was back to nursing normally.

  12. I wear a loose tank top and undies. Or sometimes a tank top only or sometimes undies only. Can’t bedshare because it is just too uncomfortable for me to sleep on my side all night and without a blanket covering my top half. I tried for a couple weeks and barely slept at all. Baby sleeps in footie pjs and a zipadee zip year round- I like to keep it 68 at night with a fan going in the room year round. If not for the baby I would have the temp at 65 🤣

  13. My baby at 11 weeks and still now at almost 5 months will treat any sleep before 10pm as a nap. Maybe she just naturally doesn’t want to sleep at 7:30 plus depending on where you are it may not even be dark at 7:30

  14. That happened to me- they laid me onto my side that it wasn’t working on for a few minutes and then it was fine

  15. If its working for you then its fine. My 4.5 month old wants to go to sleep for the night at 10:30-11pm and sleeps for 12 hours. I just let her, I’d rather not wake up at 7am anyway lol

  16. My almost 5 month old I basically rock/carry/bounce to sleep then my husband and I watch TV while she sleeps on me for about half hour then I put her in pack and play next to my bed and she sleeps through the night (I dreamfeed a few hours after putting her down and she doesn’t wake up during/after)

  17. I basically lived on 4 hours per day for the first 8 weeks until she started sleeping longer. 2 days per week my mom would come in the am so on those days I would get a 6 hour stretch. Basically first 8 weeks is survival mode.

  18. My cervical checks were somewhat painful. Also having an IUD in was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life before pushing out a baby. After the baby I didn’t even feel the IUD go in. I think there is a pretty good chance that this time around since you have already given birth before that the cervical checks will not be painful at all.

  19. Disagree completely. LotR in my opinion is the greatest novel of the 20th century. But if you like the movies better more power to you.

  20. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a classic. I read the shit out of these in 1-3rd grade

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