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  1. They play Rickey ball with all those walks and steals + some pop

  2. I remember two years ago Mahomes was getting crucified for this stat, but it didn't seem like anyone could even agree which passes where "turnover worthy".

  3. Idk why people expect every advanced stat to be perfect. This thread is full of it

  4. There is a big gap between perfect and even agreeing on the basic definition of what qualifies

  5. Yes, but by nature it's gonna be subjective because you have to for good eval. You won't actually learn much from box scores alone. As good as they are for recapping, they're not as good for projection/actual analysis

  6. You gotta put big guards next to Kelce, thats pretty much his one drawback. Wouldn't be shocked if they go Steen and use Jurgans a good bit to rest him/Kelce

  7. No offense my man but, to rest them? Offensive lineman do not rotate whatsoever for rest. Whoever wins the job will be on the field for the season barring injury or underperformance.

  8. Using the term loosely. Point is he's got experience at center so I'd rather see him as backup. Much more versatile considering we have other tackles on roster

  9. Honestly that sounds much better than being a role player unless you're Kerr/Horry

  10. Force of habit. I’ve known Southern Cal longer than South Carolina. Personally I think the name debate is kinda stupid, as long as you don’t call us USCjr any name is fine.

  11. SCAR is insanely cool for a football team. No idea why yall don't take that and run

  12. How is it pronounced? I read it "al-jeer" kinda like the country.

  13. Pocket presence/management is some low hanging fruit, he still bails on clean pockets and doesn’t move as well within the pocket as some of the top guys.

  14. I hope they don't nail him down, though. Front 7 guys hate playing us cause of Jalen's top-tier scrambling ability. Some forced growth might be good for him, but you don't wanna lose out on any wins during a title window

  15. I have no issues with teams over drafting a guy with absurd athletic abilities. A bad pick doesn’t seem near as detrimental as it used to with current rookie contracts - two or three seasons, your guy ain’t it, move on.

  16. Might wanna rewatch his film if you're assuming he'll be horrible

  17. Pocket presence is really weird to me. It feels like a lot of guys just come into the league with it, like it's an innate trait rather than developed over time. Guys like Brady, Burrow, Herbert, and I think Bryce Young will have it too.

  18. Of the rookies I think Richardson has the best pocket presence tbh

  19. I think it's a mix of the Packers having lots of high profile games against the Cowboys/Giants in the last decade and a half, while the Eagles biggest rivalry outside their division is probably the Vikings because of the 2017 NFCCG. Mutual "enemy of my enemy is my friend"

  20. It's absolutely Rodgers dicking down our division rivals for me

  21. The Pats made the SB in 2011 with him as OC

  22. Tbf they had a top flight OL, Brady, Gronk + Hernandez, and Welker. Hard not to wreck shit with that group

  23. You’re not wrong but their run game was underwhelming, Welker was getting old, and once Gronk got hurt they were extremely limited in the playmaker department.

  24. Really? You're a fan so I won't argue it too much, but that offense seems all time good to me. Wasn't an assortment of pro bowlers at RB but Lawfirm doesn't fumble, Woodhead and Faulk could catch at a high level, and Ridley was there, I guess. Pretty solid group considering how elite the others were.

  25. Eh, several teams passed on him when they desperately needed his talent, and made somewhat acid remarks about his character and his personality.

  26. That was Bronson Arroyo!

  27. No, it's the part where we all have to cry our eyes out over how hard a bunch of multi-millionaires have it. They have a union, they want changes then they can negotiate for them. I'm tired of this expectation to feign sympathy for a group of people who have it better than 99% of the country.

  28. Still risking their lives/well-being in exchange for money. I'm siding with them over the much richer and less hard working owners

  29. Absolute legend. He tore Keenum up in the NFCCG

  30. Didn't he cause the PatRob pick 6 by hitting his arm on the throw?

  31. Let’s see if haason can still cook without Hargrave dominating from the interior lol

  32. No one's ever had a successful career after college legal troubles I forgot. We're fucked

  33. I always preferred "it" anyway. "He's not it" and "he's that guy/dude".

  34. At least you will have prayer circles in the locker room 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Didn't cut it in Minnesota, who else would want him? And with all the hires over the last couple years, what's really gonna be available? It's gonna take a dumpster fire to get a coach fired, then are you really gonna toss this guy the keys after proving he can't do it? Awesome coordinator, don't quit your day job

  36. AJ Brown Devonta Smith And Nuk would be unfair.

  37. Don't forget top 3 TE Dallas Goedert, or else he'll take a screen for 20

  38. Which one of Kelce, Kittle, or Andrew’s do you think Goedert is better than

  39. IMO it's Kelce, large gap, then Kittle, then dealers' choice on our guys. Depends on how much you value Goedert as a better weapon or Andrews as a more well-rounded type. My bias and love for explosive plays says Goedert

  40. Nowadays, the correct move would be to slow down and intentionally let the defender run into you, hopefully drawing a Pass Interference flag. infuriating, when you see passes like this, that couldn't be caught unless your player had a 20-foot vertical.

  41. I think that’s because most people hate Stroman unless he’s on your team. I used to love the guy; then he left the Mets and called us all racists.

  42. This thread is proof. CGSO against one of the best teams in the league and he's unmentioned until the 6th highest comment

  43. He was awful for his limited time on the Panthers last year

  44. What’s the umpire’s version of a “No Hitter”? Because though this wasn’t a perfect game, that much seems out of the ump’s control

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