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  1. Tyler Breeze won the NXT Tag belts?

  2. yup. breezango held them for a bit i believe during the pandemic

  3. I need to see this with the music used in all those Cyberpunk memes in the background

  4. I'm guessing your talking about the song Rebel Path

  5. It's the current WWE/universal title design, but they must have commissioned some custom mods to it. I know guys like Paul Martin Championship Belts make new straps for the replicas that add alt colors behind the logo and can restone the belts to have real stones and not the plastic ones they come with by default.

  6. Stupid question but are the actual titles made of real gold?

  7. i believe they are mostly nickel and then electroplated gold.

  8. Scrolling by I thought this was Joey Janela at first

  9. nah kid didn't light his foot on fire at the BURN IT DOWN. then it would be.

  10. I'll do a bacon pretzel bun pub cheeseburger please. Honey mustard on the side.

  11. the pretzel bacon pub is one of the best things on that damn menu. I hate its seasonal.

  12. hot take I know he is a VERY busy man, but I would adore rick ross as swerves manager when he goes singles and id even love him to be signed to his label and maybe mentored.

  13. Also, the family had a plasma screen rather than a CRT during an era where this wouldn’t have been possible in one scene I remember.

  14. the thing that also bugs me (granted I know it was kinda out of their control) but it still bothers me that they used 2017 raw graphics as well as 2015 randomly making the logos clash, and had Zelina's look for AJ lee look nowhere near close to aj's ring gear. ( in case you haven't seen the film, she comes out in a fancy bathrobe yet aj was more scene/ punk looking and yet still used graphics for her entrance that had the spiderweb heart logo and her song).

  15. A lot of "Fine. I'll do it myself." energy right here.

  16. tbf he picked punk jack of all people. if anything id expect him to pick buffa. yeah punk jack is dgp staff, but buffa's wish EVERY DGP is to KILL ALL RIDERS!

  17. yup, gambling on thr riders winning, the slot machine aspect of the last powerup and now this.

  18. The hammer if going by another post, shows it to be a repaint of Dyrandoh's Hammer from Gokaiger.

  19. they showed it in another pic. its i thibk g4's blaster or maybe one of the blasters from the train mech from gogo 5 (

  20. SO he can change between Three diferent weapons, and has two buckles.

  21. based on his rider system and identity ( which i wont say for those avoiding spoilers) i expect glare to be able to use his belt and summon any dgp weapon the main team can minus needing the buckle.

  22. Why in my brain did i think that because his contract expires in January, and if he does say go to aew to be with kenny, why did i think that he is gonna debut on valentines day dynamite so we can get a golden lovers reunion with him saving kenny from a maybe returned at this point adam cole?

  23. Yes but Kenny is a developer so Punk's ranked a 44 and the crowd chants "Fuck CM Punk" the whole time he's in the ring.

  24. they have commentary add in lines about biting and the incident ovet all but in a cheeky way

  25. They kept their Mahri forms, that’s how they’re referred to as in the extra stories outside of the comics

  26. they also show hewkii and hali still in mahri form in the art the the final battle

  27. am i the only one noticing how short one strap of the us title is? like its as small as when they shortened the womens belt for bliss

  28. 1: true, but with this revamp I wanted to preserve as many things as possible, such as the mask. Plus, another thing you can notice is that I wanted to use only existing parts, though some in new colors, so no custom maks or armor pieces. This is what Tahu COULD have been, had they tweaked a few things with parts that were easily available at the time.

  29. Had a feeling that was the reason. Great work regardless

  30. Also Hareruya Win is a pun name of Halloween. That's why his rider name is PUNKJACK

  31. Suddenly his use of Monster and this pumpkin head (and im in correct debuting in october and close to halloween) makes sense now.

  32. It turns out the entire show is just a sequel to Kamen Rider Ghost

  33. If thats the the case half the sub will explode. Like there was a point where the number of anti ghost posts was kinda high.

  34. Memorial release seems more likely. Probably around next year

  35. This and they will update magnum to have the fix built in with the barrel that was an issue with the sounds

  36. I know that I went and saw that movie back in 2007. But I can't remember a damn thing about it.

  37. all i remember is shredder wasnt the villan but they basically pulled a 13 ghosts of scooby doo and had a bunch if vague ancient monsters try and concur the world after being awoken. that and Raph had a super hero persona riding a motercycle and wearing armor or something

  38. no, she's in the live-action Micheal bay ones. this ones predates it and is all animated

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