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  1. If anyone has seen Dante’s Peak… Ruth. The scene before her death had me nearly throw up due to the image on display. And then her death hit me when I was in a very weakened spot, as I thought if she was going to die, she’d have been left right there

  2. Holy fuck, now that it has been translated I now understand that Choko blocked Kamiizumi's final blow with his horn. This was a good fight, Kamiizumi really is the father of Choko... Those big titty maidens tho, they were cute when they were crying

  3. My mother was quite happy to help me learn how to cook on my own. My sister apparently can’t even boil and egg. She boils the water, turns the stove off and just puts the eggs in the water

  4. Honestly I don’t have a problem with bugs (It was just released and they can continuously update it) nor the frame rate. I’m more just overwhelmed in general by the massive scope of freedom

  5. Yeah, places are starting to allow non-binary options and stuff, as they should!

  6. How would that be labeled in the passport? And aren’t passports usually based on the sex of the person rather than the represented gender?

  7. I’m not too knowledgeable about how gender is represented in passports but things are staring to change recently! Even in the game, you only question a person’s gender if they don’t look like they match it. So it makes sense anyways that a person’s gender should be what gender they feel most closely represents them, instead of their genitals. As humans we assume people’s gender based on looks 99% of the time, not genitals.

  8. No no, you judge them on their sex and what they look like. Sex is what the body is biologically, penis or vagina. Gender is what you yourself present as, which can be anywhere from cis of either sex, trans of either or anything in between like non-binary or genderfluid as examples.

  9. Honestly, this time I don’t care as much about the Pokémon. The massive scenery is what got me in, it’s basically Xenoblade Chronicles with Pokémon

  10. Well, if one is the dm one is above the rules as long as the players agree with said change. Rules in games are just guidelines if everyone agrees

  11. Excuse me, why is psycho mister Doflamingo in the top?!

  12. So you’re an absolutely adorable unit of a creature?

  13. This is incorrect. Denmark does. However the reason for most countries having you pay for public restrooms is that the pay goes to the people that take care of and clean the restrooms. I can 100% confirm that Danish public restrooms are likely the nastiest of the European countries due to not charging people

  14. Remember when all mythical creatures where known as “Fairies” by the dear Shakespeare? Good times

  15. Having made a horror based CYOA story, I can confirm that people will almost always try to eat the steak being cooked on a pan in an empty decrepit house

  16. But Russia has nukes and is getting their ass kicked by Ukraine which itself doesn’t have Nuclear weaponry

  17. The point is not that they’re using them or not, more the fact that they’re threatening to. It isn’t exactly smart to use nuclear weapons right across their own border anyhow

  18. The issue is that this tournament has brackets. If a draw happens Yagyu wouldnt have an opponent for round 2 and the idea of adding a new fighter for that round is lame because everyone is already fighting in round 1. This new fighter would be in better condiitons for having less fights.

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