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  1. It's many orders of magnitude better than The Originals. And I say this as a huge fan of that universe.

  2. Oof. Many magnitudes? Idk about that. Both are great shows but I struggle to compare them.

  3. Between this and "Lifeboat", season 3 will have everyone needing hospitalization lolol

  4. I've seen ep 5 and am stopping watching from now on. Will read on it a bit to not lose track and hope that season 5 will be more inventive and less BS again.

  5. I strongly recommend you don't do that if you're planning on watching s5.

  6. Curious, why is that? If I don't enjoy the show atm, reading recap is much quicker and I do not spend time watching hours something I don't find good.

  7. If this show is something you've committed to watching until the end, just watch it. There might be things you really enjoy that you'll never get to experience if you read a recap. And there are things that are part of the show that won't be included in a recap. Like little moments. Moments between characters that make you like the show more. Or moments that could be call backs to earlier seasons, or could be referenced next season.

  8. I wish they could’ve sorted it out tho and came together roan had too much potential

  9. Every answered question raises 10 more questions. We won't know how it wraps up until the last block of episodes come out but I expect things to tie together somehow. I quite like this show :)

  10. Max should have stayed dead and Eddie's death ment nothing

  11. Yes to the first, no to the second. He wanted to distract the bats for as long as possible so they wouldn't go back to home base and attack Nancy, Steve, and Robin before they got the job done

  12. Gave enough time for the molotovs and the shotgun. They wouldn't have had the time to get out of the vines and attack VH1 I don't think. Bc the bats would have gone right back to the house and evicerated all 3 of them. Idk. I can be talked out of this but I think that was the point. Just time.

  13. that’s what the prequel was for but it was never picked up :/ shame we never got it I will always be salty about it

  14. If everyone who didn't like the last season was less vocal about it, we'd probably have a season 1 of that prequel now

  15. It wouldn’t be out of the blue because tv is obsessed with straight people. That’s about it. Because men and women can’t be friends and have deep love for each other without wanting to have sex, right?

  16. wouldn't be out of the blue because it's been brought up a few times before......which I said.........but okay......

  17. Only once, and it wasn't a confession of deep romantic feelings or anything like that. But I do agree that it makes her bi or pansexual, rather than a lesbian. She also didn't sound opposed to Troy asking her out in S2 (she seemed quite happy about it in her therapy session), but ultimately never felt anything more than friendship for him.

  18. I just wanna know why El & Max didn’t seem to be in communication at all. Was it just Max’s depression or did El just let her go? It just seemed weird that there wasn’t even a mention of their friendship.

  19. Well when El was looking for her friends, she looked for Max which tells me El is closer to Max than anyone else in the group. Max also had the Byer's number memorized which is unlikely if they were never in contact. I assume they kept in touch to some degree, I just wish the writers had told us about it.

  20. Right...? Did everyone forget this? Did we make it up....??? Lol

  21. lol in Faith they got rid of the Dont Fear the Reaper for the reaper reveal scene and replaced it with some lame song

  22. I mean the idea is kinda cool, but I feel like it’s out of place for the story the 100 had been telling up to that point, and it was so horrendously executed that it kind of just annoys me to think about. They gloss over all the horrifying implications of the aliens and the concept of transcendence as they presented it, they gloss over the pretty big parallels to the city of light, and they basically introduce the concept in like, an episode or two, so it all feels horribly rushed. I wish they had never gone this direction at all, but if they were going to it needed another full season or two for sure

  23. I feel like it works because the whole series is about bending and pushing humanity and morality for the benefit of survival. Deserving to survive, fighting to survive. And finally we have a representation of humanity that isn't about fighting and conflict, it's about unity. It's about moving beyond all the crap that people do to each other. It's an extension of exactly what the City of Light tried to be. The parallels to that are exactly why it fits into the show.

  24. I would argue the transcendence aliens arent about unity and are about war and conflict the same way humanity is. Assimilate or die, that sounds a lot like basically every other villainous group in the show. They just present it like a "gift" rather than the domination that it is. Assimilate you into the hive mind castrating those who refuse, or genocide you, the flora and fauna, and everyone who ever discovers your planet in the future because they didn't like your vibes. When those are your options there isn't really a lot of free will to the choice, they just put a pretty coat of paint on the choice they want you to choose because it makes them more powerful. All they did was perfect what mt weather, allie, bloodreina, shiedheda, and sanctum tried to do. They aren't any different though, they just made conquest look appealing, but its still just conquest

  25. You know what, you're right. You're totally right. Which kind of makes it fit in perfectly to the 100 then lol

  26. You can disagree with someone about television without attacking their personality. Have a conversation ffs. Build an argument, provide evidence, use the spoiler thing if you must. Smh.

  27. If you hadn't said this, I would have continued to assume it was something to make her float...but it's the opposite lol

  28. There is definitely a group of people on this sub who hate Ben.

  29. Except they don’t. One of Steve’s dreams was taking the family on the road and living in an RV. Nancy can’t hold down a career doing that…

  30. I don't think he wanted to live in it, I think he said he wanted to do a family trip every she can absolutely have a career and also go on vacation.

  31. If people of color are guaranteed to be different then with this logic is there not a superior color? This is why what you're saying is bad and ignorant. Color doesn't change personality or ability. You're environment and upbringing shapes you. Color had nothing to do with it.

  32. I never ever said or implied that poc are fundamentally different on the inside than white people. I said poc have different lived experiences than white people.

  33. I never said he had to use specific words for him to be racist I just asked for proof and provided suggestions.

  34. He doesnt have to use certain words? So what do you consider proof then? How do you prove racism.

  35. Psychologists know that collecting is actually the opposite of weird as it reduces stress. This isn’t an obsession, it’s a hobby. I collect funko pops of series/movies that I enjoy(so do millions of other people). My husband plays golf, I collect funko pops. Barb is a very cool character in my opinion, so she gets her own shelf and it looks fucking sick 😍

  36. I'm over here like "damn what a beautiful collection" and they think you have a problem lolol

  37. You can tick on the left to "show errors" and go through each letter individually, or you can click to "show answers" to toggle a completed view.

  38. I'm going to work on it for a few days lol will definitely have to Google a few things but I don't want to take too many shortcuts - I have to earn the win :) thanks for the effort!

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