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  1. Next thing he will be asking us for the winning lotto numbers.

  2. If by big you mean being a blue chip like ETH or BTC, then there's a few contenders such as BNB, ADA or SOL which even though they have their own issues, people still seems to flock to them.

  3. Appreciate the advice!! I think those are contenders as well. Ya never know...

  4. I think they'll make it to the Finals. I think Miami puts the Knicks away and they'll probably face the 76ers in the semis. Jimmy will have a chip on his shoulder. Honestly, this bet my hit.

  5. Dude... Danny Green was a solid starter on three different championship teams. If you don't think Fred is starter calibre, you don't know ball. His game has flaws but some of y'all are straight up delusional when it comes to Fred

  6. On a contending team, he's not a starter. Simple as that. Guys like Brogdan and White aren't even starters and they're miles better than FVV.

  7. Fred is a back up point guard. He needs to accept that reality.

  8. I’ll throw Kenny Atkinson out there. Did quite well with a young Brooklyn team and got unfairly canned.

  9. Can't wait to see them butcher re-signing at least one of our guys!

  10. 14.2 FGA this year shooting 43.3% from the field and 37% from 3. FVV had 16.1 FGA this year shooting an abysmal 39.3% from the field and 34.2% from 3. I would argue he's better/more valuable than Fred and yet he was benched and not Fred. So yeah he was treated unfairly.

  11. I don’t even like Fred and I can admit this is wrong

  12. What I'm saying is we could've had Scottie at PG, GTJ at SG, OG at SF, Pascal at PF and Poeltl at C. But instead we benched GTJ and played Fred. Defensively, we would've been a lot better.

  13. Imo no. Gary's only 24 and he's shown he's capable of creating his own shot and being a pretty good 3pt shooter. It was a mistake to bring in Poeltl and relegate him to the bench (especially since we traded away a 1st).

  14. I've always thought that as well! When I heard the Wizards traded him for Nunn I was so confused lol.

  15. Embarrassing display once again. Barely winning and holding out with dear life at the end. Should be happy with the win but absolutely livid instead.

  16. The striker isn’t there to do that right now, it’s to help play in Chiesa and Rabiot and at times Cuadrado etc.

  17. Which is why I don't understand what we're doing tactically. We could easily be playing a 4-3-3 with Chiesa-Kean-Di Maria up front. Midfield Loca-Paredes-Rabiot, back 4 of Danilo-Gatti-Bremer-Sandro(we need a new left back).

  18. Clearly we wanted to try and neutralize Sporting’s pace on the wings.

  19. None taken! I agree about Kostic (he's been tremendous). I was thinking maybe play him at left back but that's not where he's best. Could interchange him and Di Maria or Chiesa. Paredes is alright. We need Pogba back tho.

  20. Pat bev a legend. That's what Jack Armstrong gets for dissing him the whole game.

  21. I think it was a bad thing. We were just trying to hide what our weakness was. Good teams have good benches. You can't just play your starters 40 minutes a game. Our record would've been a lot worse which wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing.

  22. Personally, I think they will. They have a game in hand and they'll definitely beat Arsenal at the Etihad imo. I can also see Arsenal potentially dropping points to teams like Newcastle and Brighton.

  23. If there was any year to tank it was this year. Now we need to tank or we lose next year's pick. But it also rolls over a couple of years. I will never understand the Poeltl trade. Idk why the FO insisted on building around FVV and Siakam. They are complementary pieces not superstars.

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