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  1. So, how about that Terravore Oath deck? That is a hell of a list. Look at it. Like REALLY look at .

  2. Very good list indeed. How does it handle swords though? Even if you blow up their lands it only costs 1 mana.

  3. The fact that it does only have four major threats is a little concerning. But it does still have 8 manlands(4 Mishar's Factories+4 Treetop Village) which are legitimate threats on their own. I'd be tempted to have something big you can Oath up, but that you can still cast. Maybe a Multani?

  4. Not a bad idea. Maybe a baloth as well that can support the manland plan. On the other side you miss the terravore sometimes

  5. I too play MTG with my girlfriend and I find the games going too long (maybe it is because she is still learning). I would suggest battle box (

  6. Wow thank you so much! This sounds much more like how we would want to play.

  7. You should avoid card drawing because it is overpowered, since you draw only useful cards and no lands. You can even start with 7 cards if you want the games to last longer and not run out of cards.

  8. I don't necessarily think that a game has to be fiddly to be thematic. Take Food Chain Magnate for example.

  9. Sweepers are so valuable as removal in my cube and give me a lot of different ways to play with the board.

  10. Parallax wave is very flexible card. You can protect your own creatures from removal or you can destroy only theirs using an enchantment removal.

  11. My BattleBox is all cmc 3 or less, and I include as many sweepers as possible.

  12. Thanks! I have done the same but several years ago so I don't remember if they are for good or bad.

  13. My favourite is Maskmen, and I also enjoy Modern Art and Scout. A Fake Artist Goes to New York and Startups seem well-reputed and I hope to try those soon.

  14. I can only guess it's due to the poor rules description which makes the game seem far more complicated than it is when you're learning it. Fortunately, there are some very useful graphics out there including a small flow chart on BGG which makes it crystal clear, but not everyone will go looking for it. Some player aid cards in a future printing would go a long way.

  15. Yes, I was aware of that thought the beginning so I learned from a video instead of the rulebook.

  16. As someone that has played MTG for 30 years, honestly it’s a terrible game. It has never had balance and the iterations upon sets today are garbage with little playtesting or balance. It is however highly addictive. So it’s a drug more than a game?

  17. I used to think that it is an outdated game but I was so wrong. I came back to mtg recently after 15 years of absence and I still think it is a very good game. My favourite dueling games are neuroshima hex, shards of infinity and exceed but I don't think that any of them is better than mtg. You have so many modes and an infinate card pool to choose.

  18. gush, daze and elvish spirit guides are all high recommendations from me.

  19. Interesting idea with the elvish spirit guide. I am trying to make it work myself. Currently I am on 1 spirit guide in a madness/survival deck.

  20. Surprised I haven't seen Neuroshima Hex! here. One of my favourite games and works best for 2 players

  21. I came here to say the same. I think it goes under the radar these days and it is actually a very good and unique game.

  22. Yeah, exactly! I'm lucky enough to live in Poland, where we have tournaments every once in a while, which is pretty cool but I haven't heard of such events anywhere else

  23. It's definitely a game that can be played in a tournament. I used to play since the 2nd edition and I even have some factions only in polish.

  24. Argothian enchantress since you can build a deck around her. It helps also that I love enchantments:)

  25. GW Enchantress is definitely well supported in the cube.

  26. Nice! I also play these two cards and Dreampod Druid on top of that. Here is my cube to get some ideas of you want

  27. I wouldn't consider the art of Scythe as ugly. The exact opposite...

  28. Guards of Atlantis: one of the best moba adaptations as well as an excellent team game.

  29. Totally agree. One of a kind. The second edition is probably my #1. But not 100% sure yet.

  30. When I first played the 1st edition I didn't like how punishing death was and the fact that it took very long to play. In the second edition both these issues are resolved making it a top 10 game, given that you can find the right group.

  31. Although I like card driven games with lots of cards I too not like ark nova and wingspan. On the other hand innovation and race for the galaxy are among my favourite games.

  32. I too used to love the old version of libertalia and now that I got the new version I don't like it anymore. For me the worst part is the "take that" moments (especially due to the scimitars), which can totally ruin your plan. I wouldn't mind losing some points but I can't stand losing your "combo".

  33. There aren’t many engine-builders that feature direct interaction between players. I’m actually having a hard time thinking if any. They definitely fall into the euro-style “peaceful competition” category.

  34. Luck is present in almost all board games basically anytime you need to draw a card or roll a dice that is a luck element. For Kemet the DI cards are luck. TI4 does have a lot of luck elements certainly more than Eclipse. It is more challenging though and more strategy is involved to win. Imperium the contention sound fun my group isn't big on deck building games so we usually avoid them.

  35. Some people tolerate some form of luck others don't. Apparently my friends didn't like rolling dice for combat resolution. Their main complain is that only a few combats occur so luck cannot even out.

  36. I'll have to take a closer look at that Imperium the Contention game. Also sweet name love the Dragon Lance books.

  37. I think the best weight in this category is around 3-3.5, with kemet, inis, blood rage etc

  38. Of course they are acceptable. Some games like cosmic encounter have been designed with a shared win in mind.

  39. I remember liking a lot the original when I started playing board games back in 2014. Therefore, I purchased the new version with anticipation recently but I didn't like it that much, although the gameplay has been improved.

  40. You can buy also the print and play files from the arcade website

  41. Assuming Opalescence is in play, making Wave a creature:

  42. What happens if the opponent plays Disenchant and destroy your Opalescence before resolving the Wave?

  43. Maybe No Thanks or Six Nimmt. Good for making new friends.

  44. You can play no thanks using the cards from 6 nimmt! And other games as well: the game, the mind etc

  45. Oh, so you're still buying new board games?

  46. I have bought 2 so far and planning to get another two during the rest of the year.

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