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  1. What the fuck does this have to do with anarco capitalism you stupid trump loving, Christian extremist morons? Can you please already fuck off to

  2. If you're a parent and aren't already monitoring what your kids are watching on TV, your doing it wrong.

  3. Yes, but you can't monitor every single thing your kid does and watches. There's youtube, facebook, advertising in public places, events where free samples of products can be given out. A parent can't possibly watch their kids every single move. How will an ancap society deal with the potential of sellers trying to lure children into addictions to substances like say heroin?

  4. From the way you speak you seem like an angry and very bitter, depressed individual who isn't capable of engaging in rational discussions but prefers to resort to insults whenever your position is criticised. I pray for you, I hope one day you find peace and get rid of the hate in your heart. I hope one day you will be able to feel actual love. You seem to have serious emotional problems, but there is always hope.

  5. You do understand that if there's rules and laws there needs to be someone to enforce them, right? Who's gonna enforce rules and laws in an ancap society and who establishes rules and laws in the first place? That's basically a government you are proposing, so you're not an actual ancap.

  6. You seem to be a deep thinker with a strong ability to articulate thoughts and arguments. I am just afraid it may fall on deaf ears here. I think there's certain types of people, some people buy into an ideology that is very black and white and will than rationalise it against any outside criticism as they have made that ideology a big part of their identity. And then there's people who are willing to think more critically and realise nothing is ever as black and white as it seems, there is no point buying into one particular idelogy because there won't ever be any perfect system.

  7. Why would a mine owner employ a child when an adult gets more done and can be bought for the same slave price?

  8. Why did mine owners in the past employ children? They are not as strong as adults but they are effective for certain tasks and they paid them a lot less than they did adults. By 1900 around 1 in 5 children were employed in some sort of capacity.

  9. What exactly are you referring to? In an ancap society it's about survival of the fittest by the way, there aren't any inherent rights or laws. If you can't pay your bills there aren't any laws that prohibit you from renting out your 5-year old to a local mine or selling your 8-year old daughter into prositution. As an ancap that's what you sign up for, otherwise you're not an ancap, that's exactly what anarchism means.

  10. So you've just completely bought into every half baked reddit post about cops. Get back to us when you grow up a little and learn to think for yourself.

  11. But the truth is still the truth, you guys arrest people for a drug that is proven to be less dangerous than alcohol and put people in prison for it, you also kick the homeless of the streets because the government tells you that's what you should do.

  12. No one is going to prison for weed anymore outside of Trafficking bulk amounts. Fuck you are stupid.

  13. Ok, but if you ever had to arrest someone for smoking weed, did you feel shame for it, did you feel sad you had to do it, did you feel angry towards those who told you to arrest weed smokers, how did it make you feel?

  14. Isn't the US the country that killed millions of native Americans on their own land and then enslaved millions of Africans and built their economy on slavery? Bold of you to be talking about illegal immigrants....

  15. Fuck England. Glad we went to war for independence so we could have freedom of speech, among a multitude of other things.

  16. You’re joking right? England is not great but the US has literally less freedom than any European country. The US literally has the highest incarceration rate of any country on earth. Sorry to burst your bubble but America is truly a shithole country, highest incarceration rate world wide, highest murder rate of any wealthy industrialised country, lowest life expectancy among Western countries, highest percentage of people with bankruptcies due to medical debt in the entire world. I’m half American and lived in both Europe and the US and I can tell you life in Europe is vastly better. I bet you have never lived outside the US.

  17. They don't even pretend to have free speech in the UK.

  18. What's wrong with being a Christian? Thought AnCaps are all for freedom of religion?

  19. You have the freedom to be religious just as you have the freedom to be an Alex Jones loving conspiracy theorist nutjob or a Trump fanatic. That still doesn’t mean that any of your ramblings belong on this subreddit.

  20. I haven't seen many to any "religious" ramblings on this sub, perhaps I haven't looked around enough though.

  21. Have you seen what’s on the Hunter Biden laptop ro the Ashley Biden diary??? Trump shouldn’t even be getting talked about

  22. Yes, there's some horrible stuff on Hunter Biden's latop and Joe Biden is a digusting pedophile. But Trump will also be running again in 2024. Biden will be 82 years old then, and Trump will be 78.

  23. I said consequences, not laws, guy. There was already laws against it when Trump did it - did that stop him?

  24. Consequences or laws, the distinction doesn't matter, basically you're saying if you could get away with it you'd commit sexual assault and massively violate another human being.

  25. That’s f***ed up. Also, in the US around 1.2 million families spend 40% of their disposable income (after rent) on insulin for diabetes.

  26. The answer is simple, if you want to reach those retirement goals you should eat less avocado toast. You have to be financially responsible.

  27. I used to live in the UK and have around £2,000 in unsettled payday loan debt still. I moved abroad 6 years ago though and the UK isn’t even part of the European Union anymore, making it pretty much impossible for those companies to collect their debt.

  28. Yeah, im aware of what verses you were referring to. Hard does not = straight up going to hell

  29. Oh yes, maybe not straight up going to hell, but ask yourself how hard is it really for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle? Pretty difficult, right?

  30. So does the child. You gonna bring the child to work with you?

  31. What if there is no father, what if they rely on two incomes?

  32. ….said no one ever about ancaps. Maybe in your dreams but anarcho capitalism is a religion as non-sensical as communism. Both communism and anarcho capitalism are fanatical ideologies completely removed from reality, they both operate on extreme black and white thinking. I know you hate the commies but actually in terms of psychological makeup commies and ancaps are incredibly similar. Among other things commies and ancaps are totally immune to logic and both ancaps and commies have often strong narcissistic tendencies.

  33. Yeah the world has been made soooo bad my lazy capitalists sitting on their hands not doing anything to improve the world and make it better. It's not like capitalists have connected the entire world via technology. It's not like capitalists have put tons of effort and money into curing diseases and improving overall health. Its not like most capitalists have some sort of philanthropic mission.

  34. Sorry but you should really look into this further before making any claims.

  35. The US does have social programs to help people who qualify. But qualifying for those programs is difficult sometimes, and can end up trapping you in poverty. You may have to turn down promotions because it’ll push you over the threshold to qualify for those programs, but isn’t actually enough of a promotion to fully cover what those programs cover. We need to redo how we distribute social programs and stop having such a hard cutoff, but that’s a story for another day.

  36. Thansk for your detailed response, definitely very informative from a European perspective. I actually grew up with a lot of American culture like movies, tv series, talk shows, music, news outlets etc., but it's the first time I heard that people in the US would literally forgo health insurance for financial reasons.

  37. Do you think the housing market in the US is less regulated than in Europe?

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