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  1. I should add that I don’t take insulin. The only medication I’m taking for my diabetes is Metformin twice a day. And my blood sugar levels are hovering around 125-130 every day right before I break my fasting.

  2. With that diet and no snacking, you're looking at about 1000 calories a day. That is a huge calorie deficit. You simply need more calories. What was your weight a year ago vs now?

  3. He had to make sure the decision was popular before doing it

  4. Usually you tell them a specific modpack you want them to setup and run for you. I don't know of any that will run a random collection of mods of your choosing.

  5. Pictures of your setup might help, but other best guess is you broke something with a radioactive chemical in it (pipes, tanks, barrels, etc) or your not storing your nuclear waste properly. As for getting rid of it, either wait it out (will take a long time) or use command to clear it.

  6. Honestly the reactor has kind of been a stopping point for me. It is super fiddly to get it setup running safely and smoothly. Add to that what I see as the grind to the end of this pack has sort of sapped my enthusiasm. I think I might just go with a new pack at this point.

  7. I played deep I to terrarfirma. The grind in that game is real. Making even a basic 2 story house feels like an accomplishment.

  8. How about she turn around and at least look at the person you are bitching at. Treat the worker like the actual human being they are and not content for your shitty channel.

  9. Filter the instruments out and straight into a trash can.

  10. I am currently looking up the building instructions, and I still don't believe you or Lego. There was never a car in this set.

  11. They released this as a stand alone set that included the car. This couch is also in the pirate ship lego movie set. That one doesn't have the car.

  12. Ray recievers work great in quantity and if you have lenses in them. The nice thing about them is the are passive. So set them down and thats it. Without kenses though it may take an entire ring around a olanet to be effective. Dyson swamps are similar. They take a ton of sails to be effective. I never used swarms because the energy return for the amount of sails seemed silly.

  13. Since you have them you might as well upgrade them to the advanced inscribed. Makes life so much easier.

  14. Ye lol, gotta be lucky with that one... maybe try to passive farm. Then a chicken might spawn and lay eggs

  15. Chickens most definitely spawn on grass. That's how I got them. I built a passive spawn area about 30 blocks from spawn and I had a bunchnof chickens inside of 20 minutes.

  16. I ditched spinning drives and ssd's years ago and only have nvme in my computer now. So much less hassle making room and cable managing now. It's great. Highly recommend.

  17. They make a cinnamon macadamia nut version of this as well. Quite tasty.

  18. I was in the same boat. I hate taking meds. I ended up relenting and going on a statin. Brought all my cholesterol right in line.

  19. Totally agreed. but the only thing which is quite surprising is, The diet worked perfectly for the last 4.5 years and the body didn't ask for any medication but just curious about what other factors might have pitched in as it now asking for Medication.

  20. Was he regularly testing for those 4 years or just going on how he felt? He could have been spiking high for quite a while and just not realized it.

  21. On mine the two ladders don't line up 100%. They are a millimeter or so off and it bothers me way more than it should.

  22. Pirates of the Caribbean. I've always wanted a UCS style set of either the black pearl or queen Anne's revenge.

  23. I forget where I read it, bit the Ballard bridge and the Fremont bridge are the most active drawbridge in the country. Maybe just the state, it's all kinda fuzzy.

  24. The galahad uses basically the same pump as everyone else uses So I would guess the failure rate is equal to just about any other aio out there. Mines been cranking away for over a year with no issues.

  25. Ah really good to hear, just really weird that so many people are reporting failures

  26. You only read about the failures. People tend not post "aio has been running problem free for the year".

  27. Really big fluffy ones with sharp claws.

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