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  1. yeah, and the new art work for it looks really cool. ahead of its time and not recycled.

  2. Yeah that would make sense considering its not recycled lmao new art work for the new character is also new would you believe

  3. weird, those items in the in inventory look awfully familiar.... must be my eyes.

  4. Well yeah the druid is a human, all human armour will look relatively similar no?

  5. If you highlight the lights you are using and go into the property of that object there is a setting for dynamic shadows with should help! Switch those to on!

  6. I tend to make all my lights spot lights as I’ve only created dark environments! How do you do it if it’s point?!

  7. I have also made dark maps, spot light is too unwieldy for things like candlelight

  8. I’d argue certainly not prettier and thatsnot really an argument you can make because almost all assets were reused

  9. Not a bad concept, but needs a waitlist type of implementation instead of the menu waiting we got

  10. I would argue he is definitely the best hero. If we’re looking at specific game modes tho finn comes out on top in GA

  11. Dps is everything and boba is top for it. Vader is great for CC and survivability but he isn’t going to be able to pick off the enemy team nearly as effectively as boba can. Boba fett is also literally unbeatable against saber heroes and can easily wipe out all the blaster heroes including chewie.

  12. The outside sure, but lubrication certainly has a unique taste so after a while that will become apparent

  13. I mean, the outside is what you’re using your mouth on, no? To my knowledge it doesn’t do a whole lot to lap at the entrance rather than the bean

  14. Sure, but do you absolutely never briefly lick it?

  15. Yeah but the competitive play that mordhau has now is not good at all

  16. Oh ok, are the wait times for a normal game of galactic assault or heroes vs villains long or short?

  17. Usually pretty short theres almost always a GA game running and HvV constantly has lobbies

  18. No one wants to endure shader compliation stutter.

  19. Basically every UE4 and 5 game on PC suffers from it. It is truly an awful experience. The fact people want games to switch to UE is insane. Frostbite does not have this issue. Unreal Engine 5.1 was meant to fix it and it still has not been solved in Fortnite running 5.1. Given how slow it takes for an engine version to make it out into new games, this is going be an issue for at least another year or two.

  20. Oh thats pretty bad, huge shame because the accessibility of the engine makes it so appealing

  21. Holy fucking shit. That’s a universally bad experience any way you look at it. Even pro pit bull people should even see having a dog all up on you while you’re eating or getting ready to eat is nasty, unsettling, gross, uncomfortable, and especially a pit bull. Would never set foot in it again

  22. Pro pit people let their pits clean their mouths out

  23. Toxic masculinity, won’t change for decades. Only thing they can do is surround ourselves with better people.

  24. People who say 2017 game are the kids born after the 2000's that don't have the nostalgia of the PS2 times after school. It's a generational thing

  25. It’s entirely nostalgia based, i love battlefront 2015 because i was a kid when i played the beta and it was the coolest thing in existence

  26. Yes but really dice and EA only needed to modernize the originals. You could jump in and out of vehicles or fly straight to the Star destroyer etc. so I get why people could be like why can't they make it happen on the next gen consoles? I love the game etc but really dice and EA did shoot them selves in the foot with the loot boxes and vehicle stuff that I understand the anger. Also why not carry over the fantastic maps from battlefront 1 and build off of it. So many strange decisions.

  27. Its a mode hardly touched by the majority of players in the game, ofc the people who do play it are likely to know eachother and have formed a little group

  28. Tbh I just straight up dislike the EA flying. Even in squadrons it’s still, meh. Not to mention the micro transactions that constantly appear when you’re fighting someone. 😒

  29. I don’t think we will kill her tbh. Could be wrong but this being an MMO/live service game, it would be weird to kill the main enemy that’s the source of the games evil right out of the gate.

  30. She actually is much more of a "grey" villain than what diablo was. We will slowly discover what her actual goals are and will be able to join her towards the last act and will have to fight the "good guys" and angel forces.

  31. A decent path they could take is having inarius leading a cult that your player begins to oppose, eventually aligning with lilith?

  32. Don't recommend supermarkets. Too many gross cunts coughing up their lungs and not even trying to cover their mouths. I was the only one wearing a mask just an hour ago at my local.

  33. Its fucking awful to work in one, geriatrics specifically make it incredibly miserable

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