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Over the 24 hours since the Uvalde massacre, Fox News has proposed at least 50 "solutions" and none of them are gun control.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Parents have always cared. What difference has it made?

  2. It’s not all parents. I’m just saying that parent outrage hasn’t done shit.

  3. As a European, (Netherlands) this type of journalism baffles me. Arguing that schools are left Undefended, or that a senator is crucified for speaking up (another post on redddit) seems, and I’m struggling for words here, idiotic. Can’t find the words to describe what I see. Feel sorry for those giving credibility for so much bs.

  4. There was a study done about 12 years ago about the Iraq war and news. For every news outlet the more news a person consumed about the war, the less inaccurate beliefs they held about (like that we found wmds), with one exception—Fox News. The more a person watched Fox News, the more their false beliefs about the war increased.

  5. Since when is "being told that Trump indicated support for ..." proving any crime?

  6. Definitely click bait but ascertaining intent and state of mind is a part of criminal proceedings.

  7. Thought crimes are not real crime yet. At least if you are not at least convicted in trying to do sth. I obviously play devils advocate here, but the other side won't spare you in court.

  8. Like I said, the article is click bait. It’s a cherry picked salacious detail of three people’s recollection of what someone said but is part of a much larger investigation. However, intent is a part of criminal proceedings and this a detail that combined with others could demonstrate intent related to actual crimes that were committed. I never said thought crimes are real crimes. Stop being so dramatic.

  9. ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

  10. ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

  11. Not a stat, but factoid. Sharks existed on this planet before trees.

  12. There will be a lot of rhetoric but nothing will come of it. It’s not a matter of public opinion. The last polling I saw there was a slight majority in favor of stricter gun laws. Even if this tragedy bumped it up to 75%, it still probably wouldn’t matter. The issue is structural and geographical.

  13. If only there was a way for the Democrats to get the message out about the Republican's actions?

  14. Don’t get me wrong, I see the dems as feckless and incompetent when it comes to messaging. That being said, the conservative media establishment has it’s audience mainlining rage daily and completely convinced that everything that has ever gone wrong in their lives is the fault of the democrats and anyone not in their tribe. They are pretty locked in.

  15. My neighbor claims it's Bill Gates' plot to push his "science milk." She cannot elaborate further.

  16. I recently found out that my mother in law, an educated professional believes that the formula shortage might be a false flag perpetrated by the democrats. Her details as to what end were non-existent. It’s just because. Not sure how this board would combat the real problem—a receptive audience that refuses to engage in critical thinking.

  17. I suppose this throws a wrench in the GQP's persecution of big tech.

  18. Ellison is a piece of shit, so this is completely in character.

  19. No fucking shit. What gave that away? The record levels of debt? High inflation? Three decades of the rich squeezing every cent possible out of the bottom 99%?

  20. Conservatives prefer their kids to be stupid and deferential

  21. Democrats aren’t hated by everyone. That being said, the republicans elected a guy who thinks China is shooting hurricanes at us with a hurricane gun and wanted to retaliate. So I’m sure the people who voted for him are dumb enough to keep doing the same idiotic thing over and over.

  22. And here I thought early voting was all fraudulent. At least that's what the MAGAs said.

  23. For the props, it’s because of injuries and uncertainty in the starting lineup. Take the 76ers, if Embiid sits then the books want a higher line on players like Maxey and Harden since they will likely get more opportunity.

  24. Guys I cannot stress enough. Fucking live bet. You can get so much better odds than pregame, just have to have discipline and fight the fomo if it becomes a blow out

  25. This is the way. It also allows you to middle the spread or the total which is easily the best risk vs reward play in sportsbetting imo. It just takes discipline to pull off.

  26. The GOP definitely aren’t sending their best people.

  27. Roberts is now Alito’s bitch and he’s powerless to change that.

  28. The scariest part is these laws will not be sustainable under a democratic system. They are wildly unpopular. There will be political blowback for this. Of course, that doesn’t matter if the plan is to get rid of democracy.

  29. Myguyknowsaguy, Vettedbets, top Tier picks. I follow a few more but these 3 give consistent winners. Top Tier picks does a pay service but they also give free picks that hit a lot. The other 2 just post picks without any subscription service.

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