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  1. Well done George K if that turns out to be true. Then we can finally move past this

  2. There are lots of BSC tokens that are dead (i.e., no buys/sells, no active reddit pages or other social media, etc). Safemoon is still around, and if it stays around until the next bull run, then a rising tide will lift SafeMoon too. If it can actually produce a blockchain and CEX (big if), then it could be a good run for holders. Or not, but most of us are just waiting patiently to see if it pulls it off.

  3. It's certainly a strange situation. Most leagues are excited about their forthcoming TV deals. This is the only time I can recall that even the league's sources, including presidents and ADs, are saying the TV deal should be enough to keep the conference together. No other conference talks like that about their own deal. Something is not right when you're talking like that.

  4. Pac12 having trouble consummating a deal? Don't feel bad, it happens to lots of guys.

  5. If it happens, along with an exchange, before the next bull run it could be bliss for all holders. Or, it won't happen and the price stays here or goes down. But I'm willing to patiently wait and see :-)

  6. Whoever has a magnifying glass, can they summarize how the conferences rank? If it shows the P12 in a positive light, I'm sure they will get a very lucrative TV deal as soon as the TV partners see the data.

  7. Interesting and a bit surprising given all the P12 TV drama. Guess we'll see how it shakes out, but seems like the P12 should be fine.

  8. Where's the patent application for Safemoon Orbital Shield?

  9. To be fair, patent applications in the US aren't made public (i.e., published) until 18 months after filing.

  10. If SafeMoon becomes the king of crypto, I will for sure be retiring early :-)

  11. Update: I did it. Followed directions and the shuttle does indeed work and converted wrapped luna from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet to terra station. All told takes about 5 minutes for transfer

  12. I'm in the same boat. Will you please describe the process of how you were able to do this?

  13. I used this from the wluna Reddit page. In 4 hours I’ve earned 200 luna on 1.5 million staked. Worked easy for me

  14. The truth is being in a conference with Oklahoma State would be pretty lit. I just really don’t want to be in a conference with BYU again.

  15. If the B12 decides it already has the Utah market with BYU, the Utes could be left out completely and go back to the MWC

  16. I'm a patent attorney, and patent applications typically take 18 months to publish, and long after that to actually issue.

  17. So you can confirm that, even if they have possibly filed an application, theres no proof of such like ppl here have been claiming today, correct?

  18. Correct. The only way SafeMoon's name would appear on the USPTO website is if they purchased a patent and the assignment was registered.

  19. That's a great point as twitter is a cesspool in general

  20. Twitter is awful. It’s full of the angry ingrate dregs of society.

  21. Utah had a down year last year, and ended up with 4 losses. So not really that impressive to have beaten them in 2021. They even lost to Oregon State, and Oregon State got waxed by Utah State in a bowl game.

  22. Let's not forget, BYU's one win in that span was against a down Utah team. The Utes lost to SDSU, Oregon State, and finished with 4 losses that season.

  23. How are we supposed to get any work done this week? It's like watching tennis, back and forth. I can't count how many times I've hit F5.

  24. Honestly I’m not 100% sure why the discussions never include those two programs, yet always include Colorado, for example.

  25. Re: Utah - do you accept the Big12 overtures? Or wait to see if the Big10 or SEC come calling? Seems like a dicey proposition to tie yourself up quickly.

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