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  1. Usually people don't top or FIM autos , LST is the way

  2. Thought you dropped your popsicle for a second 😄

  3. Trim your colas first an make sure they fit into the buckets , after wash shake the remaining water off an hang dry them with a fan

  4. Tap water should be fine , if you have a water softener I would use drinking water tap instead cause of salts but it shouldn't matter

  5. Pffft no chance. I haven’t done shit in the past few years due to life circumstances. I’m excited to get out of the house and have a little fun

  6. Thought I’d let ya know they were sad when I got home but 24h after feeding them they were happy as can be😆

  7. It weird, but moisture trapped close to the stem its a type of mold. Or bugs/worms can cause this to happen

  8. Depending how dense the bud is , could be an oz a plant an look like 2

  9. Budrot, this is why you need to cover your plants when it rains

  10. Cover when it rains? Its a fungus of some type or mold.

  11. Budrot is a another term used when a marijuana plant starts to mold due to moisture inside the bud close to the stem from the rain .

  12. How? Serious question. My plants are between 7 and 9 feet tall at the peak, and about 10 feet across at their widest. How do I cover 4 plants like that? I'd have to build a tent around them.

  13. Haven't seen anyone say what's good since 2008

  14. Well you might be on to something because that’s when I graduated highschool :) I don’t really bother to pick up new trends unless it speaks to me, I teach 7th graders so I’m on the front lines of whatever the newest fad words are 😂

  15. Haha it brought back all the highschool memories 😄 2011 I graduated

  16. Are you selling it ? Cause other than that I wouldn't worry about THC contents.. if it gets you high it's fine for me 😂

  17. Might be to low of karma to post , not sure though

  18. I got home and she had tipped over.

  19. Man I hate that , I swear I've picked up my plant 5 times one day 😄

  20. Once one tips over they all go inside for me. I can't watch them all day long.

  21. Yep , took me years to stop babysitting plants . I just let them grow

  22. Yup. Chopped up. In 3 garbage bags right now.

  23. Kinda braves to sit there popping nugs off the colas, also I saw you had a cam on a older post..

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