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  1. The one with the round lights? I found that "cute"

  2. Reminds me of when all the humans became fat lazy fucks in Wall-E

  3. Looks like a hobo camp in an abandoned building

  4. Also the town is pronounced Redding

  5. Yippie kayak other buckets

  6. Microbiologists (and in fact all biologists) are just cells studying other cells

  7. Heard this before as "Andy's mom's two favorite toys probably has the same names as his"

  8. There was a sentient pair of legs connected to a fishing rod, so it's definitely not the head that makes them alive.

  9. That was a "hooker" lmao

  10. The Morbmeister looks adorable here

  11. thanks! I do these comics daily at @chmplncreative on twitter and instagram if you wanna see more!

  12. Internet Explorer (good riddance)

  13. Edge still exists and is just as shit.

  14. Edge, as in Microsoft Edge, is shit.

  15. Call a doctor, she just-

  16. Is hotdog the opposite of cool cat?

  17. Unocal really never jumped on an opportunity to pay someone to change numbers huh

  18. I think Spire has some of the same folk from FRR (or something like that)

  19. Some of the same stickers too probably

  20. Lmao when I was a little kid I thought all dudes with long hair and/or earrings are gay

  21. "Loli" belongs in no sane person's vocabulary

  22. Her daughter should be named "Next Wednesday", whose daughter should be named "Wednesday After Next"

  23. "It" is also a really stupid name

  24. Racecar backwards is racecar

  25. You can also leave it as a crucifix, for when you want to tell the morbphobes to begone

  26. Dude they really missed the R in REPUBLIC OF MORBIUS

  27. Ah my young morbawan. It is a reference to the Mobius Chair. It is a reference from the time Dr. Michael Morbius (doctor btw) transcended space, time and universes and morbed into the DC Universe and got control of the Mobius Chair.

  28. Forgive me master, I'm only on my 3,834th rewatch as we speak

  29. The 300 were Spartans smh

  30. Time cmee(?) Slime Dinner

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