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  1. I had a dream a few nights before a recent surgery where I was hanging out with Daniel and talking about music and such. Good brain, comforting me when I need it.

  2. A couple nights before I saw them live I had a dream that for some reason I escorted Daniel to a show and we went through a bunch of wild shit on the way. Ended up getting him there right as they were supposed to be on and he played the show with mud all over his suit.

  3. Exactly. It’s a great class to play if you want to watch Netflix/ football in the background.

  4. Every expansion is boring in PvE for both Mage and Hunter. PvP on the other hand.....

  5. just saw this on twitter. very cool! interesting to see what they choose to rehearse for a tour in case they want to spice things up. i’m guessing that they’d consider rehearsing others if they’re directly asked about specific songs (like how they rehearsed and played …Threesome more recently even though it’s not included in that list)

  6. I was in the crowd in El Paso for that first (in 14 years) threesome play. Crowd lost their shit.

  7. Had one of these exact ones and I miss it all of the time. Those interior lights bring back memories. Enjoy her!

  8. Try leveling a shaman/Hunter, wotlk mail gear looks like shit

  9. Hi all! Just picked up this Scx24 yesterday. I absolutely love it. Definitely stayed up way too late building this little course with some scraps I had laying around. I’m planning on getting some brass upgrades in the near future. Any recommendations on other upgrades?

  10. Beadlock wheels, new tires (Goodyear and BFGoodrich from RC4WD both kick butt), new steering servo especially if you do the new wheels. Steering links. Scale accessories, check out Scale by Chris for a bunch of fun 3D printed stuff that’s cool to attach like fire extinguishers, gas tanks, and containers.

  11. It’s usually 2am reset time where I’m at and it’s currently 1:30 so I think we are good. Only thing that I’m concerned about is if we only get the 10f tonight and have to wait another week for the wide body.

  12. It's just their plan to get youngens to buy more shark cards, ready for the new cars.

  13. More shark cards and more milking of people that pay for the monthly membership thing

  14. I was worried about getting those comments but I honestly don't care what those people have to say cause I love this car a lot and it's made me love Jeeps so who knows I may get a wrangler in the future

  15. Renegade daily with a Wrangler fun car would be a pretty sweet combo. Much better mileage in the Rene and still not having to worry about bad weather or rough roads.

  16. I would stop once the dlc ends. Otherwise I would just post GTA Vs Real type content

  17. I'll concur on that. Was in sales for 5 years and we were some tricky ass people. You'll be amazed on what they can pack in the price of the over all amount while thinking you're getting a good deal through a monthly payment.

  18. How soon can you refi a not-ideal loan like this? Never done it myself. Only car loan I ever had was for a $4k Jeep. Paid it off quick.

  19. To each their own. My point was that mech keyboards CAN be very expensive.

  20. Never heard of a $40 mech keyboard. Capitalism I guess. People want that clicky clicky.

  21. Then you come out and you find a shitty car parked next to you, while there are shitload of spots free around where you parked. 😡🤬

  22. I saw someone say they selfishly park their car next to nice cars cause they know that person in the nice car won’t ding theirs

  23. Didn’t know fighter jet gray was a color that sounds awesome

  24. Better than my dad, poor guy. Ordered a CT5 V blackwing in November, still hasn’t even been “acknowledged” by the manufacturer lol. It even had to change year models cus the delay was so bad. Our dealer just says they can’t do anything about it when we ask. I mean true they can’t build it but goddamn it’s been nearly a year and the status hasn’t even changed

  25. Is the next model year more expensive at least did he save that money there

  26. Any real benefit to the Milwaukee battery instead of rc lipo packs?

  27. I'm wondering if you can swap out the batteries ezpz like a power tool. If so then you're saving lots of time.

  28. Did this on my orc shaman when classic first dropped. Even saved a little video where I swapped into each piece from my leather set after hitting 40. Had ravager instead of the sword shield.

  29. If you owned Steve or Nancy they're still on the icons, but if you're new or didn't buy them, they're the default icons

  30. Oh I was confused cause I randomly got the whole stranger things DLC upon logging in a long time ago so my icons didn’t change. Didn’t buy the DLC though so I never put 2 and 2 together as to why my icons were still them.

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