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  1. I really don’t know how Hilaria pulled this off. She did an interview for a Spanish magazine in English? It would make no sense for her to masquerade as Spanish and then do an interview for Vanity Fair Spain in English. I also know there’s no way Hilaria could pull off an interview in Spanish? Maybe they sent her the questions and she wrote her responses?!

  2. Honestly, I'm exhausted of sub members whining about "politics." Alec has always been a self-proclaimed political figure. Everything is political: Water, Air, Birth Control, Education, Legal System, Everything! People only seem to get their panties in a bunch when it's anything about GQP or trvmp

  3. Good question. I think that she wouldn’t move to Spain because she’s even more of a nobody there than here. No pap walks in Spain. But come to think of it have they ever even traveled to Spain together?

  4. I also think Hilaria is agoraphobic. She lives in NYC and goes absolutely nowhere beyond the hairdresser, her friend’s restaurant, and the park. I don’t think she’s left a 300 mile radius in almost a decade.

  5. My theory is that because she had Uber achievers for parents who retired in Spain, they have always had a love of Spanish culture and therefore hired a Spanish nannie that raised Hillary and spoke Spanish to her at an early age. That’s why she speaks Spanish so we’ll & why she has so many mental issues… her parents didn’t raise her, they were too into their own careers.

  6. Why are these white woman so desperate to be WOC?! I could understand believing you have some Native ancestry, but to go all out and make movies and serve on boards under the auspices of being 1/2 Native is completely bonkers. Also, why is it always women? Are white men out here doing this too?

  7. Dudes do it, too. So many fake "pretendians" out there. I know about one firsthand who started a business out of it. The story about her ancestors getting land grants in Alabama in the Cherokee Land Lottery is a very common one. Through a game of ancestral telephone--or genuine griftiness--so many white people think they are "part Cherokee" because of those stories, when it's actually proof of the opposite.

  8. Wow! Very interesting points. All the women who have masqueraded as POC were visibly mixed at best. It’s troubling that those promoted to represent minority groups have the closest proximity to whiteness. Rachel Dolezal for example clearly had significant European ancestry, so even if she did have Black roots as she had claimed, it wouldn’t have been much. That’s my whole issues with Hilaria. Latin media embraced her as a Spaniard when most (not all) Hispanic people are visible POC. The fact is Hilaria “looks” like most of the people in Latin Media, because Latin Media loves to promote white and white-passing Latinos. I think some of these minority organization have to also question why they’re so apt to elevate white-passing (who are really just secretely white) while leaving the unambiguously black and brown leaders behind.

  9. This book should be titled “How to Spiritually Bypass Your Eating Disorder Without Ever Doing the Hard Work of Recovery”

  10. Eating disorders are the most deadly mental health disorders. Hilaria has given very dangerous health advice on her platform, and none of it includes seeking professional help.She claims to have suicidal thoughts. She claims Alec has PTSD. She claims Alec has OCD. Not once has Hilaria even discussed seeking professional for these serious mental health issues.

  11. not sure if you know who Brittany dawn is or if I'm even allowed to mention her here, but she sold herself as a fitness guru who'd overcome her eating disorders and wanted to help others do the same. she's being sued by the whole state of Texas now because of the untold damage she's done to those suffering from eating disorders. it pisses me off so much.

  12. Wow 😮 Thanks for sharing. I think influencer culture can be dangerous, especially in cases like Brittany Dawn. There are trained, qualified professionals who undergo years of studying and research to appropriately and safely help people with EDs. Unless someone is licensed and trained, they should not be selling recovery tips.

  13. Wow. So because, before the days of easy DNA tests, people had the audacity to believe their family members… they’re somehow awful people? Yikes, dude.

  14. I think the point is that if your Native ancestry is so distant that you cannot trace it, as a white person, you probably shouldn’t claim it. Elizabeth Warren by all measures is a white woman. She grew up with white parents with no connection to her alleged Native roots. So even if she believed she had Native ancestry, she knew she was not a person of color, she was not from a marginalized racial group, and she did not have the life experiences of a Native American.

  15. I didn’t think it was doxxing. Everyone involved willfully and publicly shared that information. You just made a connection.

  16. "I don’t mean to be racist when I put that accent on, by the way. My wife is from China.”

  17. Strange that he sees Europeans as sophisticated. There are trashy people on all continents.

  18. Agreed. That’s why they went around stealing everyone else’s culture.

  19. I don’t believe they stole other people’s culture as much as they brought their own and made trades for items they didn’t have on the continent. I’ve Never heard a Spaniard claim the coffee beans to be Spanish.

  20. her tenses are off. she basically says “I was living in Spain when I was little” it’s awkward.

  21. Agreed. Her tenses are off and I know exactly why. When learning Spanish as a second language, English speaking students are taught that the imperfect tense is used to express actions in the past with no specific time frame, intermittent actions , or habitual actions. Hilaria is intentionally being nebulous and is trying to say “I used to live in Spain when I was younger” just like someone would say “I used to play with dolls when I was younger.”

  22. So then...the tenses are okay to fit the truth of her not staying for long periods of time? (And we all know she didn’t “live” there)

  23. Nah, it’s definitely off. She’s trying to be vague and it just doesn’t work in Spanish. It’s like saying “I was living in Spain when I was little.” It just sounds weird.

  24. I think it is good to have a break, though, for all involved. I've started to envision her coming back and making content as a grandmother for Ireland's baby and trying to get credit for looking so young for being a grandmother. Once a narcissist, always a narcissist. She'll be back. And it's just a few years from when the oldest can post to SM independently. That's what I think will be interesting. Will C go the route of the Kardashians? Or do we think that she'll try to keep to herself? I'm sure this hellscape of a sub will be active again -- and probably not much longer. She's incorrigible.

  25. I don’t think Ireland and Hilaria have any type of relationship for Hilaria to exploit. Hilaria wasn’t even at Ireland’s baby shower, but Hillary Diff, the actress that dropped two Hilaria disses, sure was.

  26. If Hilaria thinks that going radio silent will make us go away, she’s absolutely right.

  27. I mean, one can only hope. 3 cancelled podcasts in two years. 0 sponsors. An average of 7 comments per post. 0 red carpets. 0 friends. 0 parties. 47,000 pepinos.

  28. Imagine being a grown a** woman and thinking that your only value is your looks. Sad.

  29. Other side of the coin, if a woman was having fertility issues and could only give birth via surrogate, I could see the Moon Bump being used so they could have some of the pregnancy experience.

  30. I’m about to get downvoted. Women (and their partners) have struggled with infertility and miscarriages for centuries. 20% of all pregnancies result in a miscarriage. It sucks. It’s also pretty common.

  31. Take care, McNasty. I hope everything works out. Well wishes to you and your fam. We’ll be here for you when you get back!

  32. The NYT needs to do a redaction and correct that misinformation. Interesting that Hilaria mentions where she was allegedly raised. No such information was provided about Alec. Also, if you care so much about your parents’ privacy, why mention where they live?

  33. It’s hard to know what Hilaria really looks like because she’s had so much work done. The kids definitely look like Alec though.

  34. Can you please explain to me why it’s okay to identify as different genders but not different ethnicities? And I don’t mean that in a snarky way, I’m genuinely curious. Maybe Dolezal feels like she should have been born African American? I don’t really understand why people hate her, she’s literally doing all she can to make the world a better place for African Americans (unlike Hillary who is just grifting to make women feel worse about themselves). I get that Dolezal took space that could have gone to a true African American, but like… there is plenty of room for everyone to do their thing to help improve society. And if people say she took jobs from African Americans, my argument is… should we have jobs reserved for certain ethnicities? Isn’t that racist? Shouldn’t they go to whoever is most qualified? Not trying to start anything as I know this is a hot-button subject. And maybe my line of thinking is racist, I don’t know. But I never go the Dolezal hate.

  35. I’ll attempt to genuinely answer your question from my point of view. I don’t really understand transgenderism because it’s not my personal experience. However, what I do see is that transgendered people endure a lot of discrimination, violence and even murder. Most of the transgender people I’ve known are just regular people trying to exist and live a decent life without being harmed.

  36. At least she advocates for real black women even though she wears a wig.

  37. Except she doesn’t. Centering herself in a picture and making this event all about her is not advocating for Black women. She is not an elected official. She’s a (photo) op.

  38. This is why I think Alec was in on this the entire time. Both he and Hillary are 100% white Americans and they’re both desperate to disassociate themselves from their white, colonial roots. Maybe it’s out of guilt or maybe they just want to appear more cultured and unique than other Americans.

  39. Such a loser! Also, isn’t he just barely Irish?

  40. I’m pretty sure 70% of Americans have some Irish in them. I know someone who is 100% Puerto Rican and did a DNA test… and even they had traces of Irish blood.

  41. How is this not Brown face? I’ve never seen 30 Rock but it seems like Alec has always had a thing for mocking Hispanics and doing fake accents. It’s his schtick. And he used having a S̶p̶a̶n̶i̶s̶h̶ as a justification for his racism.

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