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  1. I’m guessing they’re referring to Multimode manual transmission

  2. oh boy finally some names I dont know, except for Hellsing, I guess it is sort of edgy, but I didnt wanted to disrespect a classic

  3. Since you mentioned boobs I’ll recommend {Prison School} & {Shimoneta}

  4. {Higurashi} for horror, quite unnerving!

  5. -{Kaiji} since you watched One Outs and Tomodachi Game.

  6. I strongly agree as long as you have no problem dying a little on the inside whenever you think about it

  7. Depends really. If we’re talking about the third movie… :(

  8. Was going to read this after catching up to Grand Blue. Great news await!

  9. The scream sounds like something Zach would do

  10. There is no competition really. He animated and narrated the whole hisoka chrollo fight. I just feel bad for people who don’t speak spanish to watch his videos, if you know spanish, give him a try.

  11. The effort he puts into his videos is insane, every time he comes with a new video it’s a treat to your senses.

  12. I gave some of the dub a listen and I don't think there's not a better example of my thoughts than this particular scene, because as it stands, I don't have much of a problem with characters' voices even if they sound a bit off after hearing their original version. They got Andou to sound somewhat alike, Kaiji's voice is a bit deeper in this version. In the scene where all the ones who lost their stars the dub does a good job of making it sound like multiple people are talking while the original uses an echo effect to represent their collective thought. You can tell how the narrator straight up tries to fit so many words in a sentence and how the original knows just how intense a sentence must be, he's more composed and raises his voice in pivotal moments not making it feel like a witty remark/quip every goddamn second. The "to fall, to be ruined" could've worked if not stretched out: rruieeend- *exhales*

  13. The curious thing about the Twitter announcement was that Takimoto mentioned that he's planning to at least make it up to a

  14. I'm no anime purist by any means but anyone new getting into the series because of the dub won't experience the absolutely great commentary made by Kaiji's narrator. Producers probably looked at Kaguya-sama and thought "Hey, quirky narrators are the thing now!" or maybe it was Tonegawa's narrator but there it works as it's a comedy show.

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