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  1. You would have to prove what exactly they are doing first, to convince anyone with a semblance of intelligence.

  2. Cloud seeding isn't even like a secret thing anymore. If you don't know what it is then go read the many reputable sources on it..

  3. Does Ireland even have 200000 cows? When i was there i was convinced sheep were their only animals lol

  4. He’s a US Senator. And he’s a lot smarter than you.

  5. It's like syndrome you know? When everyone's super, no one will be.

  6. For some reason there are way more 5 star ratings within the past 4 days than the previous days this year combined

  7. Always been a huge fan of Disney/Pixar animations, but after watching Across the Spider-Verse I’m mindblown by what an animated film could achieve both in terms of art style and storytelling. CGI was revolutionary when Toy Story came out but it’s become stale, and when you don’t have particularly good stories to go along with that…

  8. I am very happy to hear that because I'm begrudgingly taking my son on Tuesday to see Spiderman and was worried i was going to be bored out of my mind. It's his first movie so we'd have fun either way, but I've lost faith in superhero stuff because a lot of it seems reduced to a formula, aka cash grab.

  9. Sounds like something a poor class traitor would say and you are definitely too poor to be vomiting capitalist propaganda

  10. Go take a personal finance class. They're often free. Google Dave Ramsey and you'll find one within 2 miles of where you live. I don't care for the guy or his religion, but it's not impossible to live a nice life my friend.

  11. I can't figure out what is wrong with Elon. Most Tesla customers are liberal and it seems like he is trying to make all of that stuff toxic outside of hard core conservatives.

  12. They are literally the only thing that gets scrubbed the whole shower experience..

  13. For sale? They're really good for v/t pally (foh smite hybrid). If you're interested in trading lmk

  14. Does the fixed Druid IAS changes make this viable ? Seems sweet. Nice find !!

  15. Ya, some good posturing and complaining should do something about it, Gretchen.. all the article says is she's talking about it and saying red team bad.. the states with the most immigration are basically all red. Going to have to be a little more poignant and creative than that..

  16. My granddad fought his way up Omaha beach. Death Santis and his ideology can go get screwed. Don't let Nazi scum be.

  17. Very thankful for your grandfather for sure. Fuck any nazi 100%. I am just saying i don't understand what this has to do with DeSantis. He literally said that the nazi morons outside his speech would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they did anything.

  18. Nobody is suggesting 6 year old kids work in coal mines lol. Your child can be 35 years old... y'all are funny man.

  19. I wish my wife would play more. It's not because of lack of interest but more about watching our kids. Nothing is hotter than watching your girl pipe a drive down the fairway in a cute golf skirt.

  20. I played last week on a really packed course. The Jackass behind me kept hitting right up on us. On the 9th hole he starts screaming "that's my fucking ball! Don't hit my ball!" I turned around and yelled back "oh, the one with my initials on it? Maybe if you didn't hit till we cleared i wouldn't be able to hit your ball"

  21. How else does banning gay marriage increase the population? If you ban gay marriage and gay people stay gay, how does the population increase? Are straight people supposed to get super turned on because gay people can't get married?

  22. I'm not taking a stance here (on anything said previously), but an unanswered question deserves a response.

  23. People USED to move more conservative when they aged due to having homes and kids. Millennials and Gen Z aren’t seeing that. Hence not moving more conservative. That have less to conserve

  24. True but that's why i added that 'moving goal posts' remark. Conservatism of the past is not the same as today. It's all relative. An 18 year old in 30 years won't be fighting the same progress an 18 year old today is. Look how powerful nostalgia is in marketing, it is a tool used by politician as well.

  25. Frankly, I think it depends on what happens to an older person in their later years that determines whether they become conservative or not.

  26. I agree with your 100%. Americans tend to move upward in quintiles of wealth and (maybe not currently but historically) start families. That's why i said that. I think i was speaking more historically and you are (correctly) diagnosing it more situationally. We will have to wait and see what happens as gen z/ millennial/ etc reach their mid years and how the progress en masse.

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