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Elizabeth Warren is visibly furious. This is the energy every single Democrat should be bringing to fight to protect Roe

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  1. Hi, another honest adult here. I've got 3 children, no degree, and still do manual labor, but I don't have to work full time anymore. You don't save for "the future" like when you hit some mistery number you get to cash in. I assume you're young from your post, so I'll assume you have a lot of good years left in your life. Save so you can create passive income of some sort so you don't have to work as hard. I know this is not the sub for this kind of talk necessarily, but you can make life really easy for yourself by being smart for a couple years while you're young. If you don't think there's an end of time coming, you can save for your end game. If you do, create passive income and work part time or just treat yourself whenever you want. Do whatever you want with your life, but don't get sucked into a mentality that leaves you stranded just in case you're wrong.

  2. Appreciate, I’m doing this, currently, with my team. It just seems hopeless when gas, food and taxes and rent increase at a whim, and if you study history’s patterns, this is just something big countries do to bail out on their national debt cuz the higher ups don’t kno how to budget.

  3. There's a lot to study in history, and just because an adult is honest about something bad doesn't mean people aren't honest when something is good (often embellished lol). If you die tomorrow you die tomorrow, there's nothing you can do. So for today, just make tomorrow better than today if you can just in case. Keep your head held high and enjoy every day.

  4. The luxury of being a stay at home mom actually feeding your baby the real thing.

  5. Remote work has done wonders for this. Source: My wife has had 3 kids during Covid.

  6. I won't go into my wife's body on the internet, but yes. Just less because of remote work. You seem not to understand procreation from your comments though so we'll end it there.

  7. They work and are free tho so its still good right

  8. Nope, not hitting the spot for me. Keep trying?

  9. These guys over there?! Rich assholes who don't care about you and just want more money and power for themselves! But come join us. Sure our motives are exactly the same but we have a blue flag instead of a red one!

  10. Nope, I appreciate the effort though. You keep coming at me like I’m a republican, I assure you being a black man in the United States they sure as hell don’t represent me either atm. Both parties are full of shit 👍

  11. Please don't read it like that, I'm just being silly. I just hate the "most important vote in your life" bullshit that the person before you was spouting, you know how many times I've heard that in my life? The formula is: exaggerate and crop down stories to the point you can scare people, then convince people they need you to protect them from said big scary problem. What happened to politicians trying to push a plan to make things objectively better? It's all so regressive..

  12. Gamble circlets and coronets for a chance at a 2/20/2os or griffs

  13. You're asking the government, they've never been the ones with the answer.

  14. i dont see us beating dolphins or eagles (it could happen), washington is a toss up imo. we are not beating the bills, no. i could see us losing both green bay games

  15. Ya no way we're beating the dolphins (obviously any given Sunday, but will be heavily favored for them). Tyreek and waddle gonna be blowing shit up all year

  16. thats what im sayin man idk why people think dolphins is a guaranteed win or sum

  17. Count that and the bills easy L's. Add one more for sake of being conservative. 9 win season on year two of a rebuild is promising stuff.

  18. An exchange of dictators? Please explain how dictators will be exchanged. With voting? Think, McFly.

  19. I just mean in the sense of drastic swings from one term to another. Where you essentially live in 2 different sets of rules based on who's in power. Go check out executive orders given by presidents in the last 100 years. It's madness.

  20. No, in literal terms I mean: the single most powerful person in your country that decides to undo previous laws and replace them with laws that they like, without any sense of checks and balances because they don't use the legislative body to pass executive orders.

  21. Someone joined then left and whispered me and said he was lagging but he wanted to buy it. Another person joined the game and was standing right next to me. The first guy asked me to link the tals armor but I guess you can’t link through whisper so I told him that. Then he said shift click is in game link and ctrl click is whisper link… second guy was in on it waiting to pick it up.

  22. One of these things you have to have, one of these things it's helpful to have.

  23. congratulations. You found HC. You’ll likely never go back.

  24. Correct. After nearly 20 years of hardcore play I can confirm, you're more likely to quit for a year after a rough death than go back to soft core.

  25. And what does it say about the whole process when we have a justice on the court who was appointed purely by sabotage of the political process by a GOP controlled senate to kick the appointment over to a president who lost the popular vote by 3M?

  26. You should be thrilled to know that abortion will be decided by states then.

  27. Too bad most of the state legislatures are gerrymandered to hell with a significant number of state legislatures being controlled by the minority party.

  28. So we should have state supreme courts defer to local governments. Government is always worse the higher up you go. Locally people are more similar and share more views. State moreso than federally.

  29. I botted for over 6 years straight burned up graphics cards and overheated them. Finally in 2008 they banned everyone at the same time. Lost many sets of keys. What makes you think this won't happen again?

  30. Cause the next day the new breed of bots started grinding. After so many years of botting d2 as a kid myself it seems certain they'll exist.

  31. It's been 84 years since I've seen a good, apolitical post here. Thank you.

  32. That we all understand what the end game is, stop acting dumb.

  33. This is actually the start game. States had the right to determine the legality way better the feds got it through essentially supreme court legislation. If anything this is in fact less fascist, since states controlling the laws instead of the feds means individuals will be able to have more power on the laws in their area. Want to control the 'end game'? Put the power closer to your home so you can actually have power over your representatives. I'm not against abortion by the way, but Reddit has become buzzword theatre instead of people actually understanding how the legal system works.

  34. I wish I lived in a world where I could just decide what words meant on a whim.

  35. Elizabeth, do what should have been done decades ago and put it on the ballot so the people can vote. The whole point of the opinion is the court shouldn’t be making policy. That is your job. The vast majority of Americans are sick and tried of congress and senate inaction for the past 20+ years. Is it really hard to put it on the November ballot?

  36. It took me way too long to find a comment with a shred of intelligence. Thank you.

  37. Something that rung true with me that I think merits repeating:

  38. You have a new baby and you're level 60? Fuck me. I have a 9 week old and the best I have is living vicariously through this subreddit and thread.

  39. I've got 3 kids under 3 and I just got to 65 in hcl. 2 things: be strict with sleeping schedules after they turn 6 months old, they can sleep through the night without eating they just don't want to: sacrifice your own sleep for video games. 4 hours is plenty of sleep, don't listen to all the hype paid for by big mattress.

  40. I'm very excited with the draft (I wanted hutch and a trade for deebo, but Jameson and hutch is real nice assuming he heals up and pans out) but being a starter on this team is not a high bar. There's a million needs, you basically have to start everyone you draft.

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