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  1. Love me some telehandler failures, never seen this one yet. Bearings let go in the planetary or axle shaft broke loose?

  2. NASCAR allowing Denny Hamlin to drive below the double yellow line at a plate track and gave him the win.

  3. Games from the 80s-90s are the block and square games I’m talking about more so. Because nascar heat had smooth graphics

  4. Heat 1 sure did not have smooth with the view distance. Stands & fences rapidly just appearing as you fly around the track was unbearable.

  5. Measure length & thread pitch of one of the good bolts and buy a match.

  6. Fords need to stop internally combusting

  7. This is why I think people are missing the boat when they suggest that he'll take a one year "kick the can down the road" deal from Gibbs. That's a checkers move and that man is playing chess.

  8. Kyle wants to hold (not just tie) the record of most consecutive seasons with a win. No way he even considers taking a year off.

  9. 10 years ago, shops seemed to be full of top notch technicians. Now it's literally anyone with a pulse and anything complicated has to come to me.

  10. Oh I really wish there was footage of him saying this. Top tier one liner from KFB.

  11. Forget Resin/Pj1, I think all road courses should have some oil put down :P.

  12. I was so pissed when Hamlin won. Him and Kyle Busch this Spring 🤬

  13. Phoenix this year was the first live race I've been to where KFB didn't win, so we can trade frustrations but it was cool to see a good drivers first win.

  14. I'm not a fan of Kyle Busch it was mostly the manner he won in. Sat through two delays and both cars took each other and he comes Kyle Busch sneaking through like I've seen him win enough at Bristol.

  15. It was likely the only NASCAR dirt race of his career. So you should be safe to go back next spring.

  16. It took them how long to roll out the Gen7? and I'm suppose to believe we'll have multiple races with multiple manufacturers in less than a year?

  17. It is the Gen 7 just with different power source.

  18. are you saying they are using an electric motor to drive the transaxle? Or are they using wheel mounted motors? Where will the batteries be placed and what will need to be moved to accommodate them?

  19. I hope his next NASCAR stint goes better than his last

  20. His last was still quite impressive for never running an oval before. Even in a lower series he was racing against guys that compete almost every weekend.

  21. Sure, but he's barely ever driven a stock car in his life. Might be q good idea to get a little seat time before he's thrown to the wolves.

  22. He's run a couple oval races in the truck & nationwide series, But this Gen7 car is much closer to a GT3 car than the traditional NASCAR stock car.

  23. They're not actually fun to drive. They're extremely extremely difficult to even get within 1-2 seconds of the real drivers.

  24. I think several drivers have said that the tub itself isn't the problem; the front and rear clips are. The clips, especially the rear clip, are so stiff that they don't absorb as much crash energy as the previous generation clips would do.

  25. Kurts Pocono crash made the impact "look" minor from just seeing how the car looked afterwards.

  26. Is anyone else not able to get into the nascar fantasy app?

  27. It likely crashed from everyone trying to swap out the 18 simultaneously.

  28. I think the 18 would have survived that hit with the Gen6 after knocking out some fenders.

  29. Canadian, my small rural school pretty much had a curse. Less than 500 students.

  30. NR2003 with my seat/wheel/pedals. I have a PS5 but my old non-gaming laptop runs NR2003 with modern mods smoothly.

  31. I'm almost certain no, the game was made before any of the creation club content and Bethesda was more interested in making a buck than adding depth to the world.

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