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  1. I got my dermals done 2 days ago. It went easy. But are they uneven? This is an unflattering pic but I feel like they’re uneven.

  2. Acrually, it is. The kid is too young for that. He should work and learn with 3D objects, not swiping the screen. "Games" lol, are you serious? Books and building kits, not a tablet. But at the end, it's your child.

  3. And I just said, screen time is limited. He does have books and is very social. He is fine.

  4. I give your an advice. Your kid would never learn to help you with chores by watching YouTube and play "games" (playing Plants and Zombies is not any helpful for the kid, tapping 2D screen is food for what?). The sooner you engage him/her with tasks he/she could manage, the better. My 3 yo son helps me with unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes, he could manage filling the washing machine and pouring washing liquid etc. He is very willing to help me in the garden as well. Accessing any screen time is counterproductive and you will regret it later. Not to say that people who work in tech understand it better and nearly non of them is allowing their children to spend any time with tablets. There are studies, that cca 1-2 hours a day with display without any guidance, for kids between 6 and 12 years, could lower their IQ by 30 points. I don't how about you, but I'm not taking any chances.

  5. I have a 3 year old son, so I try to go to bed around 7-7:30 AM so I can wake up around 3 PM and be with him. Lucky me, my mom is retired and babysits him until I’m awake. So, we agreed it’s better for me to just sleep during the morning/bit of afternoon.

  6. We lived down the corner from Ted Bundy's apt in SLC on 2nd ave.....

  7. I grew up right next to Jerry Brudos house as a kid! I also was fascinated by serial killers too lol.

  8. Brudos was a creeper. 😮 Btw, Sam Little "adopted" me as his granddaughter so I may not be the one to gauge horror limits 😏

  9. I’m going to need the details on all of this lol, did you know him personally?

  10. Definitely a zero. Hopefully by next year I can get to that size. Gonna wait 8 months after this stretch before I go to a 2.

  11. Tunnelling and slugging have been very bad lately.

  12. Jujutsu kaisen I would say fits the horror part and action

  13. Have you tried a steady work out schedule. I notice when I exercise I have more energy and it makes it easier to fall asleep.

  14. So you cheated on your ex, started talking to a new girl and now your ex pulled her?

  15. I had to stop stalking my exes profiles too, it’s so hard not to! But I realized stalking makes it worse, especially seeing he’s adding girls and getting on tinder 1 day after the breakup. so I blocked him and deleted Facebook.

  16. Drink water, hangout with friends, make some more friends, have conversations. Don’t check up on them.

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