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  1. Dan Price. He’s actually facing backlash now but for years he’s skated on a very good PR team selling him as the “responsible CEO” who cares about his employees and cut his pay to raise theirs. Has parlayed it into books, tv appearances and other positive press. In reality he created it all to manage his image after his ex wife did a literal TEDx talk about how bad and abusive he is and his whole persona since has been continuing to be abusive but hiding behind a positive image

  2. Why does the chart for 2008 start in the middle. Who chose the starting and end points?

  3. who even gives a flying fuck about what she does / thinks, she wrote some good books, those books made good movies and thats it. no need to listen to anything she is saying.

  4. I’d like to see something less interpretive / more direct / transliterated

  5. We had E back when I was in school in the late 90's and 2000's.... and it meant excellent.

  6. This is one of the few videos to really get to me. Her crying is just gut wrenching.

  7. I started the second episode and I just really wasn't into it. The Peter Jackson trilogy just set too high a bar for me.

  8. This one is definitely a platform or, and also it's different from other platform orbs. These are quite rare.

  9. Yeah its definitely rare, as I've never seen this particular type before. There was another orb in the room for the platforms to get to the other side, and that one acted and looked normal. I shot at this one, and I didn't see anything, but maybe I missed it. Thanks

  10. I found this room today and took a video of it. I didn't realize how it works. It will keep "breathing" until you cross the platforms, then it stops and won't restart.

  11. I have been worrying about this for days now. I just submitted my Eqip for a Top Secret Clearance and had omitted my drug use on a prior SF86 two years ago. I was applying for border patrol and one of the recruiters I spoke to over the phone said everyone lied about their drug usage. I didn't know that OPM kept all old submissions until I started this new application for a clearance.

  12. I was on deployment, so I wasn't around for the training. It's just looks bad to be dinq for the whole year.

  13. I dont understand, they game's previous story lines were fine for a "modern day audience", what are they going to update exactly?

  14. I think I like this. 20 years ago the NSA was was the weird stepchild of US Intel that most of the public didn’t know much about. Now they have a whole different public profile. Likewise the “threats” that made sense in 2002 don’t automatically make sense in 2023-24.

  15. Anyone that thinks this was on purpose has zero brain cells. Distracted driving? Yes more than likely, but not murder. Don't be stupid.

  16. No, almost nobody really thinks that. However, People like to think angels look like that possibly though. No real reason, but it just sort of fits the image in a lot of people's mind.

  17. What is this supposed to show and why the hell is this in the stocks sub?

  18. How about investigating the radicalizing of viewers of Fox News and other traitorous right wing media instead. The gamers are a much, much smaller problem.

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