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  1. No surprise because he will escape anyways even if this vid s rounding social media

  2. From the context I think it is some Telugu YT channel's review.

  3. Karthi is a well known hero in Telugu states, all his dubs are hits here. I feel he is more popular here than in TN and I never knew he was brother of Suriya in my childhood.

  4. Aayirathil oruvan was his 2nd movie and he became well known in Telugu because of that movie.

  5. There is no point abusing the people, they should have confronted the politicians or people who had appointed them. Just imagine a tamil doctor entering UPSC service posted in somewhere in Hindi heartland not knowing the language.

  6. No need to think about UPSC level. My dad worked in Kolkata, Agra, Assam when he was working in a nationalized bank. All in the 80s. He was put in customer having jobs in bank. He was not abused (because at the end people had some respect towards bank officers), but he felt helpless.

  7. Both parties are doing it for commission . Even annamalai may be having some business in mind

  8. Annexation and genocide are different things than invasion. This false equivalence is unhelpful.

  9. How about abetting a genocide? Is that something which should be a criteria to remove a country from UNSC?

  10. Certainly though you can see that it’s a danger and hygiene risk your not wearing shoes in a school building. If you cut your foot and got an infection would not the school be responsible? At least that is how it is here in the US.

  11. Not giving advice. Discussing why or why not hijab should be banned from schools. You like to conflate things that aren’t alike. Walking barefoot and stepping on something sharp is not the same as catching a cold. One thing is entirely preventable with a rule about footwear. The other is not.

  12. You want things that are alike. One caste will say, my caste kids need some "identification" on their wrist (in the form of a thread), to show we are superior. Another caste will need an identification like a towel in certain color to show off their caste. Students who were previously just Kids start grouping.

  13. I've never understood this joke. What was that Cam misheard at first?

  14. US initiates Nuclear peace treaty with Iran, allowing other countries to trade with Iran.

  15. I have never heard that about the hindu, more like RepublicTV and TimesNow are like fox news

  16. Imagine Republic TV but leaning the other way. That's The Hindu since the last decade or so.

  17. Ah.. Robbing foreigners.. Britain's favourite pass time since the 16th century..

  18. love your confidence da. but I see this Ai thing not as a competition, but as a new category to art types

  19. Is this manufacturing plant a part of Mahindra Cit?. In Google maps it shows as Anjur, but looks pretty close to Mahindra City.

  20. And with that India is more progressive in a material aspect than most of the United States

  21. Well India has Govt paid health insurance for low income families, India has very strict gun control laws, way lower carbon footprint per capita, Every Indian citizen has equal voting rights (meaning no voter suppression), the state and national voter constituency (voting district) boundaries are created and election themselves are conducted by constitutionally empowered autonomous body called Election commission of India (so no gerrymandering, no politician deciding boundaries or trying to supercede results).

  22. But abortion is not encouraged in Hinduism either. And I'm very sure most pundits would call it a paap as well.

  23. Adhan already sollitaenae Sanghi nu. Adha vida asingamana vaarthai kadal la yae illayam

  24. Appo nee poittu vera yaarachum vara sollu… Vera design la solraen

  25. Lot of things were happening, there could have been one.. who knows?

  26. Reading about Kovalai gives me nostalgia. MCity and Paranur was my 2nd home for years. I used to take take train all the way to chengalpet and back while leaving home in evening, just to stand near the door and look at the amazing views on the lake side (plus to get a seat before the train reaches Paranur).

  27. Geographic location - Ports play a huge deal in development. Govt initiative - importance to education right from the beginning Also smooth transition between parties during election boosts confidence from investors.

  28. Damn.. I thought I was early and was about to comment ports.

  29. When will the God hit the bell for Modi? He's staying too long.

  30. Maybe when they find a Good replacement for him & transition the Govt to him/her.

  31. Others ruin by corruption, these BJP guys ruin by spreading hate, at the same time you can't say BJP is an uncorrupted party.

  32. Can you explain that to me like I’m 10? 😅 Unfortunately the friend is coming in by next month

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