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  1. Yes. My binge foods are sweets, chips, high fat fried foods like fried chicken, and fast food including pizza. I (58f) grew up in a family where the women cooked lots of soul food, and my grandmother and aunts made lots of cakes and pies. They always cooked massive amounts of food and made you take some home. Everyone was encouraged to eat as much as you wanted and then eat some more. I remember getting out of school (1st grade) and going to the candy store next door and buying a paper bag full of candy and bags of chips. I feel so hopeless.

  2. Heavy on the soul food. Weekdays might have been crummy but Sunday was always a full Thanksgiving meal.

  3. Absolutely! Every single Sunday. Carbs, sugar, salt and plenty of oil.

  4. Does this lady know what BED really is? When binging mode is engaged, you don't stop to think what's best, you just act according to impulses. BED doesn't want carrots ffs

  5. The first thing I thought is that this is NOT going to work for me. Once I get the thought in my head of a food I want to binge on, there is NO time to stop and talk with myself. I MUST HAVE the binge food, and ALL of it immediately. I am completely out of control, and I CANNOT stop eating, much less think.

  6. Genuine question, how has assuming that you're addited to sugar and branding sugary foods as addictive helped you on your recovery?

  7. Now I'm looking at myself as someone with an addiction and an eating disorder, rather than just having an eating disorder. A drug addict, or an alcoholic must restrict the drug or liquor. They cannot have it in moderation. I think that is the only way this is going to work for me. If I don't have any in the house, I won't eat sugar. If there is any in the house, God help me. I WILL eat it.

  8. As someone who used to think that and could never have sweets around but now has a snack cupboard full of chocolate, cookies, etc I literally forget are there and eat occasionally, I wish you recovery and hopefully one day you see that moderation is a skill that can be practiced.

  9. I hope so too. Thanks so much and I sincerely wish you the same.

  10. I've got some swaledale that is rough, and some Navaho- Churro. I love scratchy yarns though.

  11. I got some Herdwick wool in a breed sample pack and it's the scratchiest, coarsest wool I've ever touched. It was full of really bristly kemp and the wool itself was super rough. Apparently Herdwick is generally used for carpets rather than clothes because it's so scratchy!

  12. I agree. I have some sitting in my stash. It is definitely scratchy. I love rough, scratchy wool, but that is a little bit too much for me.

  13. Wow, we've lost another one. They have all brought such joy into my life. Very sorry to hear this.

  14. I'm sorry you are going through this. I (58f) had a mother that was a control freak. I can't give any advice because my mother manipulated me so badly, I lived with her in a small apartment that grew up in, along with my 2 children. I only got away from her because she died, and 9 years later, I'm still in the same apartment.

  15. I would elope. Your mother is just getting started. I'm so sorry you are going through this.

  16. We considered it. I would have loved a Disney wedding given the opportunity but my mother said she wouldn’t travel for me, so it had to be local.

  17. I had a very controlling mother so I know what you are going through. You and hubby can always sneak off later and have your wedding.

  18. It's not what you are called, it's what you answer to. I would take it as a compliment. I wouldn't care if they meant it that way or not. I adore Luna because love quirky people. I would haved loved to have her as a friend as she was very loyal and had the others back, and she was kind and thoughtful. Those are excellent qualities.

  19. This made me think of it much better 😍 thank you so much. Luna is amazing and I'm drawn towards people like her generally, so I suppose I'd take it as a compliment

  20. I'm so glad. Luna is awesome, which means you are too.

  21. I was once attacked by dog from that race, from bad breeder, it just run into my property through opened gate and attacked me and my dog. It was running free around the street, so i will always hate that race of dogs no matter if they are resocialised. We just cant predict what triggers agression in this type of dogs.

  22. But this thread is about Honeybunn. Not the dog that attacked you.

  23. Excellent sploot! Extra kisses and treats for this beauty. Thank you so much for rescuing her.

  24. I’ve made soup before, but this was the first time making my own stock. Best soup ever!

  25. That looks so yummy. Please enjoy some for me.

  26. You know, a little taste of that sandwich would be great.

  27. Well, I've had 2 babies, a broken ankle, teeth pulled, an ablation in my heart and a back sprain. I have also had panic disorder, General Anxiety, and agoraphobia most of my (58f) life. For me, anxiety is worse.

  28. I'm sorry but they would have to get kisses ever hour, on the hour.

  29. Went to the Cardiologist as I think my Afib is coming back.

  30. That is one beautiful boy, and the name suits him.

  31. I think it's disgusting for any grown man to party with anyone underage, under any circumstances.

  32. Contact all my family and tell them I love them and have my dogs around me.

  33. Politicians are out for themselves. Their behavior during the height of Covid showed me that they don't give a damn about the American people.

  34. I love scoring a good bargain, I don't care what country it's in. Yayyyy you!

  35. The important thing to know is that this was NOT your fault. He took advantage of you big time. If he thought what he had do e was right, he wouldn't have slithered out of the wi dow lime the snake he was.

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