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  1. Egg boi used to be a normal human but was actually a disgusting one that everyone hated so he was outcast by society and was always starving. Eventually when they started throwing bodies down a pit he was hiding in and we was gonna die he someone got visited by I think the Godhand or an apostle and was able to activate a behelit. Instead of sacrificing a person like most people do he made himself into a bigger behelit that has the power to completely change the world. Since all behelits need sacrifices the sacrifice is going to be the people currently at the tower and the surrounding camp.

  2. Thanks Pal . Can you recommend me a podcast or something which explains Berserk Vol wise ?

  3. Yahan dalde hum bol denge teri taraf se

  4. Anxious People by Fredrick Backman it is light hearted and emotional but a must read .

  5. BTW why are you asking me only abt this just curious ??

  6. And abt becoming friends i don't want to sound kind of rude , but sorry i am not a heavy reddit user ( like i install reddit for a week or two and then leave it for months .) I have kinda ghosted my previous internet friends and i don't want to do this again . You can still msg me if you want to talk but after 5th nov i am going to uninstall reddit again . Nice talking to you .

  7. I have crossed a month i guess . I don't count days as , i am not putting a target , it is permanent for me.

  8. Sita Ramam , Silent Voice , Your name . Last 2 are anime

  9. I don't talk to her now , i was her puppet or a filler friend you can say , i was just there to listen to her problems like her friend did this to her etc etc , I realized that i was her puppet when she asked me "would you beat your friend for me ?? " I confessed my feelings for her and then told her not to msg me again .

  10. If you are comfortable can you share your story ??

  11. Kyu bhai kuch context dedo ?? takir bahot zyada downvote na hogav

  12. are bc wasn't expecting downvotes T_T to hua kya ki we had a lil fight

  13. Bu idhar kisi ki girlfriend is really an exception aur upar app ne saamne se ghost kara toh bahot sare bhadkenge

  14. Even not taking into account the emotional elements of it, Penetrative sex is infinitely better than a flesh light or a hand.

  15. Hats off brother( i really took my cap off ) Thanks for thus fellow reddit

  16. It seems like a interesting idea but which character would you write about after the ch ends or how much of the character's motivation will you show?

  17. You got it right . Like after the ch ends i will give a slight backstory not fully revealing everything but just a glimpse . Revealing only enough that the readers can get interested and understand the situation and after that i explain the readers some of the events as why they happened or if introduced a new plot device so what it is ? Etc etc

  18. I'm not sure if there's a language barrier issue or something else, but I don't understand what you're trying to say. This post is very difficult to read. Are you trying to suggest that each chapter ends with a summary and answers to questions?

  19. First of all I am genuinely Sorry for my hard post it is because my first Language is not english and yes you got that right but not summary . Like for Example my character named X killed Charcter Y . So at the end of the Chapter i will give a brief info of Charcter X and some Q/A like why couldn't Y defend himself . Why did X killed Y ? Etc

  20. Why do you want to do that rather than letting the answers unfold in subsequent chapters? I personally would not be interested in reading something that just dumps that info at the end of each chapter. It takes the reader out of the flow of the story and leaves nothing to make them want to continue reading.

  21. Thanks for your response . I will not do it Edit : I will not do the Q/A thing

  22. What do you think abt dying alone and lonely ?

  23. Bhai mere sath bhi aisa hi hua tha although uska saamne se msg aaya tha . Phir dheere dheere baat chali , uske aur mere interests dono bahot same ( Movies mainly ) iss tarah ek month chala aur ek din usne mujhe achanak se kaha ke kya mai uske kehne pe mere dost marunga ( serious mazak mai nahi ) maine usse confess kiya aur kaha ke please ab se msg mat karna . Woh toh move on kar gai par mai abhi bhi guilt ye pata nahi kisme hu uski yaad aati hau bahot par uske saath mai rehte toh bahot toxic relationship hojati . Itne lambe story time ke baad mai conclusion bahot zyada feelings attach mat karna limit mai rakhna khud ko aur hosh mai rehne

  24. Enjoy it don't post it , just savour the taste and moment

  25. Not my SO but me. I often ask her to flex her biceps and let me feel them as I get close to climax.

  26. Obviously it won't be respected as a Job but if that person is treated very discriminative way like not allowed entry in restaurants , public places the it is bad you can't expect to just show your body to everyone with money and get respect like a normal person Edit : it is my personal opinion not forcing it on anyone we can agree to disagree

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