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  1. When you just spend 5 minutes playing with so many different possibilities you realize how insane it is that we usually land in such generic territory. Most of the patterns and textures they have on that site are from real club kits and adidas designs, so its even more frustrating that we settle when other teams don't.

  2. I don’t know. For the most part generic tends to look timeless (see: Brazil or Argentina). It takes a very good non generic jersey to age well. Ie: Croatia or Waldo vs 94 US jerseys. The US kits don’t age well. They look exactly like the new hotness. And then disappear forever.

  3. One reason I like the Waldos is I can’t think of any other national team that wears hoops. It’s a chance to have a kit design that’s really ours. Also makes all the sense in the world with our flag.

  4. There was an article from The Athletic that was a review of Leeds and a more in-depth look at the lead up and final months of Biesla. Aaronson was very much wanted by Biesla and Leeds heirarchy based on their reporting. Biesla is kind of strange with player transfers, and Aaronson is a player he wanted on his team.

  5. Yeah I think Leeds identified him a while ago based on a long term plan to keep this style of play as the club’s identity. Not every player is a good fit for something like that but by all accounts Brendan is so maybe they valued him more than other teams in Europe and were willing to pay for him accordingly.

  6. Smart play. The premier league will always be there.

  7. Players are not faster. Passing is not faster. Nothing is faster. Tactically, they are just farther ahead so it makes the game feel more difficult. please show me the evidence that passing mph and running mph are just so much faster than MLS? This is just a thing people like to say.

  8. He’s not referring to speed of players or velocity on the passes. He means speed of play. You don’t have time on the ball in big European leagues because there’s less open space and defenders close down on you faster (and are better positioned to defend you aggressively as soon as you have the ball).

  9. Seems like the path is a win plus at least one burnley loss in 2 games. Precarious still but such a huge goal.

  10. He was excellent today. Wish he could’ve taken home the cup but it still can’t be overstated how great it feels to have an American play such a major role in so many massive games each year.

  11. If I had to bet 100 chips on who will be Zimmerman’s partner in Qatar, I’d put 50 on Long, 40 on Richards and 5 each on CCV and Brooks.

  12. Ooh if we’re taking this back to 2012 why not go: R1: Stephon Gilmore R2: Bobby Wagner R3: Russel Wilson.

  13. Out of curiosity I wanted to see how people graded drafts from the past. I googled Seahawks 2012 and bleacher report gave them an F for drafting Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson in that order lol.

  14. Our defense was so much better when he embraced that Buffalo nickel role. I’d pay him a little extra to come back and elevate this D. He’s still a playmaker.

  15. This is exactly what I'm thinking right now. I understand if they were the best player available, but I don't think that was the case with either guy. What the hell are they doing? We drafted a back up DT and 3rd string RB today....

  16. Mathis is a starting DT. He’s a second round pick who had 9 sacks as an interior lineman. He’ll play a ton this year where Ioannidis did the last few years. And next year Payne will be gone and he’ll be our starter.

  17. At this point I’ve put most of my eggs in the Jesús basket. Not because of his own scoring rate (which is pretty inconsistent through his career) but because he does consistently create scoring chances for his team.

  18. Cool to see a young American staying in MLS until they dominate, then going to Europe (presumably).

  19. He’s always been far too casual. I really don’t get why he still is so casual. He keeps making such odd mistakes and yet he still plays as slow as a snail. It’s like he never learns.

  20. Totally agree. To me it’s almost like he thinks if he LOOKS casual and nonchalant it’s the same as actually being confident and good on the ball. I want my keeper twitchy and hyper focused/intense at all times honestly.

  21. It may be the same, I can’t find/confirm which it was before but was left hammy this time. I thought it was right before.

  22. I think the modern demands of professional football at the biggest clubs (upwards of 50 fixtures, 10+ months per year, consistently playing twice per week, covid compressing schedules, plus FIFA windows) is extremely tough on all athletes’ bodies but particularly a body that’s under 21 years old. Very young players are not only at a physical disadvantage but are also not yet experts in recovery, knowing how to listen to their bodies, pace themselves etc. the way older players in their prime are.

  23. If our big 5 (McKennie, Puli, Gio, Adams, Dest) are healthy I think we’re in good position to advance. Our midfield is extremely athletic, fast and physical and can boss games against the 2 teams in our group other than England. I also think this is a truly different mentality where these guys won’t be intimidated or show too much respect to anyone. They go toe to toe against these guys every week or train with them everyday. No reason any of those 5 I’ve listed shouldn’t be ready to compete with the worlds best as they currently do that for a living.

  24. Yeah it’s such a drag, especially being in group B we play on the first day of the tournament. I didn’t realize till today that every European player will have a game on Nov 13 and our first World Cup game is Nov 21. It’ll basically be the cadence of our qualifying windows.

  25. I’m being nice lmfao Dan James would make smoke our fullbacks. If i was harsh I’d be downvoted

  26. Look at it from their perspective too. If you’re wales you’re looking at pulisic, Reyna, Dest and McKennie on the other side of the field. Aside from Bale, they don’t have guys playing at Chelsea Barca Juve level clubs. Should be an awesome game and I doubt Wales would take us lightly.

  27. Every group is pretty evenly matched. There aren’t any super easy groups or obvious group of death. I think our group is somewhere in the middle. All in all I’m happy. We can get out of this group and none of our players will be scared of any of these opponents. Should be a fun experience and if we do get out of the group, at worst we’d play the Netherlands who I think we can play with.

  28. Jeez Canada is gonna be so dangerous in that 4th spot. I think their style of play could be really successful in a tournament.

  29. Ice. Don’t drink ice. Or coffee. Or salad or fruit washed with water.

  30. Lol at Long starting over Robinson. You know there is no shot in hell of that happening

  31. I dunno, Miles is on a yellow and Berhalter loves Long, even invited him to camps to be around the team while recovering…he also had the starting spot before he got hurt. Just a guess about rotation, but I would be happy to see Miles start personally.

  32. I will bet you absolutely anything this is not the lineup.

  33. I thought Miles was suspended due to yellows? No?

  34. No he’s on a yellow. If he gets one against Panama he’d miss CR.

  35. The first yellow card on Robinson was very soft, more of a dive than a penalty!

  36. The one where he got megged and extended his arm into Raul Jiminez’ throat to stop him from going in on goal? That was 100% a yellow card in any game even in the 9th minute.

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