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  2. Go back to East vs West, winner gets home ice advantage in playoff finals. Easy, watch everyone actually try.

  3. My phone is on 16.3 and I can’t get them to show up either

  4. If they’re playing on iPads you’ll need to setup a bedrock server or a Java server running Geyser with floodgate. (The latter is usually recommended for cross play)

  5. I'm using the meross bulbs just because of their price and they've actually been rock solid for me so far.

  6. You can't tell me that the ranked mode is working as intended and the player base just simply doesn't understand it. That's a bullshit response.

  7. Fucking good. Logged on to play tonight. 4 games in a row with a dominating tracer getting 40-50+ elims per game, and our team getting barely 5. Logged off after that. This current patch is a nightmare.

  8. Cineplex sometimes is open in the afternoon.

  9. No, players don't go on LTIR unless the replacement(s) put a team over the cap. The Flames are under the cap by about 1.25m.


  11. We've been on fire this season? That's news to me

  12. The AI only has knowledge of 2021 and prior so it thinks its 2021 not 2022

  13. The other day I was playing rein and I made a bad charge and got immediately killed. Whoops, my bad. But hey, shit happens and you make a mistake or a bad play. But the rest of my team proceeded to flame me in chat for throwing the entire match when in fact they were the ones who were now throwing by sitting in spawn talking in the chat for the rest of the game. One guy even added me after the match to send me private messages calling me a shitstain of a human being and that I deserved the loss. All because I made one bad charge at the beginning of the game. Like holy shit this is ludicrous behaviour.

  14. I haven't joined team chat in many seasons and I have a pretty good winning record. The ping system helps a lot to not be in voice.

  15. Yea counter picking is important but it also sucks the life out of the game sometimes. When I play pharaoh and I get a few good kills in the first team fight and then I immediately see an Ashe and McCree come out of enemy spawn, a part of me dies. Like I just want to play a hero that is fun for me and now I’m going to get flamed if I don’t switch.

  16. It's part of the Alternate Captain Badge. If you look closely you can see the 2nd shoulder banner reads "Alternate"

  17. I’m not going to defend the officiating because it’s awful. But there was no penalty to be called there.

  18. It’s not about a penalty, it’s about blowing the play dead to protect a goaltender.

  19. Ah gotcha. Well I disagree there also. Can’t just blow a play down if they don’t have possession in the zone like that. Shit will turn into soccer real quick if they allow that.

  20. The rulebook says that the only case that a play doesnt get whistled down in this scenario is that if theres an immediate scoring opportunity. That puck got passed around multiple times and several seconds before it hit the back of the net. Play should have been dead according to the rulebook.

  21. Geyser is working on trying to create a conversion layer for custom textures but don't hold your breathe it works/comes in a reasonable time

  22. Bastion, and if that doesn’t work, a mercy pocket bastion.

  23. I don't usually complain about stuff like this cuz whatever, ads exist, it is what it is. But holy crap these ads are bad. They made me motion sick and I sit in front of a screen all day long!

  24. I got this on day 2 last week without even knowing that there were challenges until day 3

  25. The most frustrating thing about playing in the lower ranks is asking for healing, standing right behind them, then beside them, then in front of them, and still not getting healed. This happens to me allll the time.

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